About Us

High5 is the result of 20 years in global staffing

We’ve seen the evolution of staffing, the rise of MSP/VMS partners to manage contingent labor, and the growth of gig and freelance talent platforms.

We’ve seen what’s worked and what hasn’t, and created a platform to improve access to talent, mitigate risks, improve processes, and drive savings with today’s workforce in mind.

High5 is a dynamic work enablement platform built to keep up with the demands for innovative talent strategies, tech-savvy organizations, and a talent marketplace that expects more from work.

The result is a flexible solution that delivers on the needs of employers, independent recruiters, and talent to find and get work done quickly.

Leadership Team:

Ben Thakur

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Merritt

Chief Revenue Officer

Matt Pietsch

Chief Strategy Officer

Ritesh Srivastava

Chief Technical Officer

Faizan Syed

VP, Delivery

Frank Sands

VP, Strategic Initiatives

Ann Thakur

Global Director, Strategic Accounts

Paul Petersen

Global Head of Direct Sourcing

Pooja Maggon

Global Head of Human Resources

Martha Hubbard

Director of Marketing

Core Values:


High5 offers access to a 24x7 global recruitment team powered by a 20+ year global staffing organization. We know where the industry needs to go and we're invested in getting there.


We strive for transparency in every part of our process -- from interviews, to analytics, to every single interaction we have with our customers. Our unbiased platform delivers quality talent unlike ever before.


Talent is diverse. Talent needs are diverse. Only diverse, equitable and inclusive talent solutions will solve the diversity of talent challenges. We are and will always be committed to diversity because it’s the right thing to do and the only way we all win.

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