HIgh5 Global Recruiting

Innovative Global Talent Delivery

High5 is a one-of-a-kind digital marketplace supported and powered by a talent delivery team of over 1400 independent recruiters.

Here's What We Know

Recruiters need instant access to qualified roles with industry-leading companies. You also need seamless communication, a technology to manage your pipeline efficiently, and experts to vet your talent.

With High5, you'll have the ability to monetize the talent you have today on the jobs you'll find with us.

Instant Analytics

The High5 dashboard was created with you in mind. It delivers all of the data you need to analyze your talent pool and make educated decisions in an instant.

Our AI-driven platform and unique algorithms help you maximize profit margins and earning potential, and your talent pool gets maximum exposure.

Agile Infrastructure

High5 gives you all the resources of a big staffing agency without working for a big staffing agency.

We know what you need because we’re recruiters just like you. Our global talent delivery model has been perfected through 20 years in the industry supporting global Fortune 500 companies.

Our Experts Are Your Experts

High5’s digital marketplace gives you instant access to 18,000 industry experts in over 1,000 skill sets. They’ll interview, score, rank, and give you recommendations based on a given role.

High5’s experts know exactly what to look for because they’ve worked in similar roles themselves.

Every interview they perform will be recorded and you’ll receive a copy of it to use when submitting talent for future roles.

Invest In Yourself. We Are.

Our Learning Management System is available to both you and your talent. Use it to brush up on HR law, leadership development, screening tips, industry insight, and tutorials to get the most out of your job, and your pipeline.

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