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High5 is the world’s first and only global total talent experience platform. We make products that put talent and recruiters to work and connect employers with high-quality talent for any form of work, anywhere in the world.

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It’s True

We have a celebratory mission to create a win-win-win for employers, recruiters and talent. It’s a High5 for all.

We connect employers globally with high-quality talent enabling them to get the work they need done, done.

We enable recruiters to make more placements. 

We enable talent to find great jobs.

High5’s innovative approach allows us to deliver any candidate, with any skill, on any form of work, anywhere in the world. From full-time to part-time, contract, contract-to-hire, SOW, on-site or remote. From gig-work to big work — it all gets done with High5.

We do this by providing the most comprehensive global total talent experience platform on the market — because we’re defining the market.

Find In-Demand Skills, On-Demand


Hire Developers: Full-time, Contract and Freelance

Companies leverage High5 to hire developers because our unbiased vetting process puts both hiring manager and candidate needs at the center, while decreasing time-to-fill by 15% on average.

High5 Talent Management Solutions

High5 Marketplace

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind digital talent supply chain powered by a global network of over 1400 independent recruiters and 700 full-time High5 talent delivery team-members. 

  • Employers: Access vetted talent globally, reduce time-to-hire, and hire quality talent at a cost lower than traditional staffing.
  • Recruiters: Quickly place candidates from your networks, expand your service capabilities, and grow your business.
  • Talent: Up-level your skills, stand out from the crowd, and find great jobs.

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Talent Management System

High5 Vetted Talent

Hiring managers deserve less noise and a way to connect with quality talent on-demand.

  • Employers: Access in-demand talent on-demand, vetted with fact-based, two-way interviews so you no longer have to do the heavy lifting.
  • Talent: Digital interviews that become an asset to use in your job search.

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High5 Talent Clouds

Responsibly manage ALL of your talent channels and assets globally, and easily deploy and redeploy talent on future opportunities.

  • Employers: Build loyal, private talent communities, keep quality talent engaged, and quickly deploy ALL of your talent globally at a lower cost.
  • Talent: Subscribe to top employers’ private talent communities, benefit from a more personalized recruiting process, and get the jobs you want with the employers you want.

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Get Work Done From Anywhere

We Make Work Easy
Our customers accomplish amazing things, every day. They work to find cures for cancer, build schools, and find ways to improve the world around them. We’re honored to bring them the talent to get the job done.
  • Maureen Welsh
    High5 is a fantastic suite of talent products backed by a world class talent delivery team.

    Maureen Welsh

    Director of Contingent Labor
  • Michael Khadivar
    High5’s talent pooling and engagement and direct sourcing capabilities are some of the best in the industry. These technologies have been very successful in our organization.

    Michael Khadivar

    Global Category Senior Director External Resources Procurement
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