Hire for all your talent needs in one total talent solution, one point of contact.

Full-time, SOW, freelance, and everything in between—fill all your roles 4X faster, for any skill, anywhere in the world. Quality matches guaranteed.

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Traditional hiring processes are broken and limited.

But you don’t have to put up with it anymore.

The traditional way of hiring is a messy system full of disparate moving parts. From managing an army of suppliers, hiring on multiple talent platforms, advertising on several channels, then trying to make sense of it all through a talent management solution. It’s a lot of work for you to make it work. But High5 enables you to put an end to all that.

We digitized the talent supply chain and powered it with a robust global talent network for a 24/7 workflow. So you can get all of your workforce needs met faster, through a single solution.

That’s full time part time contact-to-hire temp freelance SOW any form of work for any skill Anywhere

Join the only total talent solution connecting professionals, recruiters, and employers in one seamless, people-centered network


I’m a skilled professional looking for awesome work opportunities.


I’m a recruiter looking for amazing talent and to grow my business.


I’m looking for the ideal people to help our teams get work done.

How High5 Works

High5 is the only total talent solution connecting employers, recruiters, and talent in one seamless, people-centered network.

Tell us what type of talent you need

We use a combination of our AI-powered technology and people power to rapidly source and aggregate talent through our digitized, global supply chain.
  • 1,400+ independent recruiters
  • 700+ High5 recruiters
  • High5 talent marketplace
  • 100s of talent channels
how high5 works

Candidates are vetted by one of our subject matter experts

  • 18,000+ subject matter experts covering over 1000 skills
  • Candidates assessed for their technical skills, ranked, and rated for a given role

Top candidates are delivered to you

Receive a highly qualified shortlist within 3 days

Hire Developers

Companies leverage High5 to hire developers because our unbiased vetting process puts both hiring manager and candidate needs at the center, while decreasing time-to-fill by 15% on average.

Hire Developers


Hire Workforce Professionals

Companies count on High5 for convenient access to top workforce professionals, adding them to your team through an arrangement that best fits your needs.

Hire Workforce Professionals


Hire Recruiters

Companies use High5 to find professional recruiters – an invaluable linchpin in the global talent supply chain – with easy access to corporate and agency recruiters with a wide range of specialties.

Hire Recruiters


High5’s talent pooling and engagement and direct sourcing capabilities are some of the best in the industry. 


These technologies have been very successful in our organization.


Michael Khadivar


4X faster time to hire

By connecting our robust talent marketplace with a global recruiting network that never sleeps, we fill jobs 4X faster and save clients 15-25% on average.

Discover Our Total Talent Solution

Get quality matches, guaranteed

It’s difficult to screen candidates for skills outside of your specialty or skills you may not have hired for before. We take the guesswork out by having one of our 18,000+ subject matter experts assess, rank, and rate the professional’s technical abilities based on the role. Think of it as our rocket scientist interviewing your next rocket scientist.

Learn More About Trusted Talent

100% transparent processes

We strive for transparency in everything we do, from interviews to analytics, to every single interaction with every human. So that professionals can accept jobs with confidence and employers are assured they’re receiving the best people based on their skills and experience.

Hire Qualified Global Talent

FAQs About High5 Total Talent Solutions

Total talent solutions is a method that blends an assortment of talent sources to find candidates with the best skills and qualifications for the role. To put it simply, it looks at the bigger picture and considers talent shortages, in addition to an organization’s unique hiring needs and resources to develop a more effective strategy that can accomplish its goals.

Talent sourcing has evolved into a challenging task that some companies just aren’t equipped to handle. In the past, companies built their own local/domestic talent acquisition machines, while running separate contingent labor sourcing silos. This has given way to a new game called “total talent solutions,” where the winners of engaging prospective talent are now all in on liberating full-time, contract, contract-to-hire, freelance, onsite or remote job opportunities through a total talent model.

Like you, we’ve been witnessing and driving a fundamental shift away from traditional recruiting and staffing. Like you, we also know that when it comes to getting work done, those who go all in on total talent can gain a sustainable advantage over market competitors. Now, you can go all in, too. The High5 total talent experience platform provides you with immediate access to trusted talent on a global scale. Unlike niche talent marketplaces, you can get anything done with High5 —any job, skill, work type, and in virtually any geography. High5 is work, liberated.

Some of the benefits of implementing total talent include:

  • Hiring at scale
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easier access to qualified talent
  • Risk mitigation
  • Process efficiencies
  • Pre-vetted talent that is ready-to-deploy
  • Zero time to fill
  • Solves all of your talent problems

High5 exists because employers deserve a much faster, efficient, and reliable way to find high-quality candidates. Our comparative analysis of suitable candidates can help you to get closer to an ideal candidate and see how they measure up to your organization’s unique needs.

A High5 talent community is a cohort of applicants that possess the expertise an employer can rely upon to help its organization thrive. This active pipeline of candidates enables talent acquisition specialists to fill future positions faster and easier.

These potential candidates will be considered for full-time, or part-time, freelance, and or contract opportunities from the company that match their skills.

High5’s Trusted Talent is a talent pool of qualified candidates that we have continued to nurture, so they are already engaged in our brand and ready to convert.

At High5, employers can access carefully vetted and verified global talent that they can trust. As a result, we can dramatically reduce time to hire, improve the quality of candidates, and provide an experience designed to meet your company’s unique hiring needs and expectations every time.

High5 is the only inclusive convergent market that brings together employers, recruiters, and talent alike. Our values and goals are aligned across all stakeholders and our presence transcends beyond local communities to also reach a global, international audience. With High5, you can get speed, cost, flexibility, capability, and quality without having to sacrifice your own hiring standards. We achieve this by using human intelligence (instead of machine-only) that can deliver “the last mile” for any job, any field of work, and in any geographic location.

Try High5's total talent solution risk-free

Need to staff a call center on the other side of the world? No problem. Looking for a purple squirrel that makes unicorns look common? We’ve got your back.

Choose any skill, for any form of work, located anywhere in the world, and see how High5 delivers.

Experience work, liberated.


High5 is a fantastic suite of talent products backed by a world class talent delivery team.


Maureen Welsh

Director of Contingent Labor
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