We got tired of dealing with what doesn’t work in global staffing—so we fixed it.

After 20 years in global staffing, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

So we thought, why not just connect everyone in one, easy-to-use talent solution?

One solution that not only makes it easier to find the people you need but also saves money doing it.

Oh, and it must be a pleasant experience for everyone. That’s not too much to ask, right? We didn’t think so.


We brought together some of the best minds in staffing to dream up an ideal system. These are people who know, first-hand, the frustrations and shortcomings of traditional hiring.

Then we hired some of the most talented developers to build a total talent solution.

That’s how High5 was created. And we made it for you.

The High5 Leadership Team

Ben Thakur


Kara Kaplan-High5 CEO

Kara Kaplan

Chief Executive Officer

Ed Coleman High5

Ed Coleman

Chief Revenue Officer


Billy Atkins

Chief Technology Officer

Faizan Syed

VP, Delivery


Paul Petersen

Global Head of Direct Sourcing

Ann Thakur

Global Director, Strategic Accounts

Martha Hubbard

Director of Marketing

Martha Hubbard

Director of Marketing

Martha Hubbard

Director of Marketing

Ritesh Srivastava

VP, Engineering

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