Building a Winning Direct Sourcing Program: A Case Study

How this medical manufacturing company built a direct-sourcing strategy so proactive, jobs fill 35 days faster and they save 20% per hire

As head of workforce solutions, Paul implemented a managed staffing program (MSP) to attract allied healthcare talent. But the MSP wasn’t working.

Rejection rates remained high, jobs still took too long to fill, and retention rates hovered around 25%. Part of the problem is that the entire process is reactive, as talent sourcing doesn’t begin until job reqs are submitted. 

So, Paul created a direct-sourcing (DS) program that’s so proactive, the business now secures talent better, faster, and cheaper. 

Download the full case study to see:

"This is no longer an ad-hoc program that fills roles within a single function. The DS program enabled the business to build organizational agility to launch direct-sourcing in new countries and new verticals."

-Paul, head of workforce solutions for a global medical equipment manufacturer

Get all their strategies and tips for building a winning DS program

Download the full case study

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