High5 vs. other talent solutions

High5 is the only total talent solution connecting employers, recruiters, and talent in one seamless, people-centered network.

See the advantages of hiring high quality talent through High5 compared to online talent platforms and traditional hiring.

Traditional Staffing
Online platforms
Traditional staffing Online platforms
Time to present
From receiving a req to presenting candidates
<3 days 1 - 2 weeks < 1 week
Time to fill
From receiving a req to engaging talent
<1 week 8+ weeks 1 week
Cost per engagement 15% - 25% 30% - 55% 20% - 30%
Monthly service fee No Yes Yes
Quality guaranteed Yes No Varies
Global coverage Yes No Yes
Expert vetting Yes Minimal No
Global payroll/EOR services Yes No Varies
Diversity hiring Yes No No
Diversity and inclusion reporting Yes No No
Supplies all forms of work
Full time, part time, contract-to-hire, SOW, remote, onsite, freelance, etc.
Yes No No

Talent Platforms FAQs

Candidate sourcing has become increasingly complex, and many businesses lack the resources to keep up. This is especially true as technology advances and more niche skill sets are needed for individual projects. It’s often challenging for companies to independently find a person with a particular skill set, and, when they do find someone that fits their needs, it can be risky to hire them without having references or verifying their skills.

That’s where online talent platforms can help: Online talent platforms are essentially websites designed to connect people looking for work with businesses looking for candidates possessing particular skill sets. They vary widely in terms of their purpose, but they all share the goal of making it easier for employers to find and hire great talent.

Here’s how an online talent platform can help businesses with candidate sourcing:

– It assists businesses in finding and engaging with qualified candidates by displaying job listings to qualified candidates in search of work.
– It allows businesses to evaluate candidate qualifications by using ratings, testimonials, and verifying skills.
– It empowers businesses to scout new talent by connecting them with potential candidates who are actively looking for work.

In short, online talent platforms make candidate sourcing easier for businesses. Here are a few ways that companies can benefit from online talent platforms:

Access to More Talented Candidates
It’s not easy to find and hire excellent people; sometimes, it feels like you’re trusting a complete stranger with your company’s future. Online talent platforms can streamline this process by connecting you with individuals who are verified professionals in their field.

Precise Hiring Efforts
Online talent platforms can tailor opportunities to the specific skill sets of employers and candidates using AI and other cutting-edge technologies. As a result, employers can adopt more precise hiring and training strategies, while job seekers can access more job opportunities.

Lower Hiring Costs
SHRM reports an average cost of $4,700 per hire. Considering how often companies hire new employees, these costs can stack up quickly. Online talent platforms offer one space where firms can advertise open positions and their corresponding requirements, conduct interviews, and hire staff, thus reducing hiring costs.

It Reduces Time to Hire
Because jobs and applicants are centrally located, online talent platforms allow greater flexibility and time savings. Online talent platforms streamline the hiring process, from posting jobs to reviewing applications to hiring talent, by providing a pool of qualified applicants.

When it comes to candidate sourcing, you tell us what skills you’re looking for at High5, and we’ll connect you with people who have them. To quickly acquire and collect talent through our digitalized, global supply chain, our online talent platform utilizes a combination of our AI-powered technology and our own skills and experience in the industry. Within three days, we will provide a list of our top recommendations, all of which have been pre-vetted by one of our subject-matter experts. Reach out to High5 today to start adding talented people to your team.

See the difference for yourself.

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