Hire Workforce Management Professionals: Streamlined Approach to Quality Hiring

Companies count on High5 to find the workforce management professionals they need to hire and oversee external workforces, manage their software platforms, and provide ongoing support for application, infrastructure, network, and security requirements.


Find In-Demand Workforce Management Professionals, On Demand

Vendor Management System, Managed Service Provider, and Contingent Workforce Management Experts

Vendor Management System (VMS) Experts

A VMS streamlines a company’s ability to recruit, engage with, and manage their external workforces.

CWM Data Analytics Expert
Integration Consultants
Program Analysts
Program Managers/Directors
Services Procurement Experts (SOW)
Solution Architects/Solution Design Engineers
Talent Cloud Experts
VMS Config Engineers
VMS Contracts Managers
VMS Implementation Consultant
VMS Implementation Project Managers
VMS Operations Leaders
VMS Operations VP/Director
VMS Sales Director
VMS Sales Engineer
VMS Sales Manager
VMS Strategic Advisors

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Experts

MSP experts administer, service, and provide ongoing support for application, infrastructure, network, and security requirements.

CWM Data Analytics Expert
Integration Consultants
MSP Contract Managers
MSP Implementation Consultant
MSP Implementation Project Managers
MSP Operations Leaders
MSP Operations VP/Director
MSP Program Coordinator
MSP Sales Director
MSP Sales Engineer
MSP Sales Manager
MSP Strategic Advisors
MSP Technology Expert
Program Analysts
Program Managers/Directors
Services Procurement Experts (SOW)
Solution Architects/Solution Design Engineers
Talent Cloud Experts

Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) Experts

CWM experts hire and manage external workers, with demand for these professionals continuing to accelerate.

Change Management Consultants
Contracts Managers
CWM Data Analytics Expert
CWM Procurement Expert
CWM Procurement Manager/Director
CWM Strategic Advisors
In-house CWM Program Coordinator
Integration Experts
Program Analysts
Program Managers/Directors
Services Procurement Experts (SOW)
Talent Cloud Experts

Going Beyond Traditional Models with Workforce Management Professionals

When looking to hire workforce management professionals, High5 offers access to talent with a wide range of experience and skill sets, job titles and roles. Elements of the global talent supply chain include companies that hire professionals; recruiters who streamline the hiring process by finding the best matches in talent; and the technology professionals themselves. There’s another component, though: workforce management professionals who provide crucial services.

The High5 platform allows companies like yours to have convenient access to top workforce management professionals, adding them to your team through an arrangement that best fits your needs, whether as an independent contractor/freelance writer, contract/contract to hire worker, SOW or project based professional, or a part time or full time employee.

Need help assessing your specific needs?

Your project may require a mix of skills, and we can help with that. Let’s get this conversation started.

Vendor Management System (VMS) Experts

A type of cloud-based software platform—a VMS—streamlines a company’s ability to recruit, engage with, and manage their external workforces, such as independent contractors and other contract service providers. As companies globally are continuing to expand their external workforces, having a well managed VMS is more important now than ever before.

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Managed Service Provider (MSP) Experts

An MSP expert administers, services, and provides ongoing support for application, infrastructure, network, and security requirements for companies via hosting in their own data centers or through third party ones. Some experts focus solely on their own technology options while others offer services for technologies from other providers.

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Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) Experts

Companies around the world today are relying on contingent workforces, including freelance workers, independent contractors, contract labor, temporary staff, those contracted with under a statement of work (SOW), and similar arrangements. CWM experts are also needed to hire, manage, and coordinate workflows for and among these workers.

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FAQs About Workforce Hiring

At High5, we cultivate, thoroughly vet, and support the workforce experts who use our platform to gain high visibility and find meaningful work that fits their unique experiences and skill sets. We also ensure that we have quality recruiters and premier tech talent so that our platform is an all in one center for corporate hiring needs.

Contrast that to traditional platforms that use a “build it and they will come” type of approach (that strategy just doesn’t work in today’s ultra-competitive business world)—or to traditional staffing companies that move more slowly (when you need workforce management professionals, you need them, ASAP). We provide everyone on our platform the resources and opportunities they need to connect on our platform and be successful.

The reality is that High5 was specifically created because we recognized that more effective and efficient ways must exist to fulfill hiring needs throughout the global talent supply chain. In other words, our platform was built from the foundation on up with this philosophy being front and center.

Plus, we recognize that not every company has the same VMS, MSP, and CWM requirements. That’s why we spotlight workplace professionals with a wide range of niche specialities in each of these areas, as well as experts with a broader set of skills. That’s also why we make it easy for companies to find these professionals on our platform, whether they work on a freelance/independent contractor basis; on a contract, contract-to-hire, project, or SOW arrangement; or are available for part-time or full-time work.

Finally, we guarantee quality—and we do so with confidence, thanks to our process transparency and careful vetting processes. If you’d like to discuss why High5 is the right place to hire workplace professionals for your company, please contact us for assistance.

When your HR department uses our platform for your company’s hiring needs, this takes pressure off of them because our candidates are already well vetted. Rather than going through stacks of resumes and needing to do all the vetting in-house, the HR team can proceed with confidence as they seamlessly prioritize candidates and make recommendations and choices—with our quality guarantee further enhancing their comfort with and confidence in our hiring platform.

The freed-up HR team can then focus on other corporate priorities, such as retention strategies, diversity initiatives, employment engagement, and so forth.

As an employer, we’ll just need a bit of information. Then, within 48 hours, a High5 team member will contact you to start fulfilling your needs for workforce hiring. If you need to hire experts in vendor management systems, managed service providers, or contingent workforce management, we look forward to working with you.

Comprehensive Guide to Hire Workforce Management Professionals

Once your company has decided that workforce hiring is desired to fulfill on projects and meet goals, it’s important to gain clarity over what skill sets are needed and what gaps exist in the company.

Once clear on those two issues, your company can then determine what gaps are fully-fledged ones; which ones are areas where the current workforce needs to be supplemented; which ones will require long-term workforce management professionals; which ones are transitional needs; and so forth.

If, for example, your company will be hiring (or has recently hired) full stack developers, cloud computing engineers, and/or big data developers, what kind of workforce management professionals—VMS, MSP, and CWM—will also be needed to gap-proof the talent at your company? The High5 platform allows you to cut through the noise and the competition to find exactly the right workforce hires for your company’s unique needs.

Here’s a spotlight on just one of the types of professionals available: integration consultants.

These professionals can specialize in VMS, MSP, or CWM, tasked with creating new company systems or to update and troubleshoot them. They may be initially hired to perform an audit of current company systems and technologies and then recommend new ones to optimize what’s currently available. The integration consultants, as the job title implies, integrate the best of the company’s technology with what can maximize its benefits.

Each integration consultant may offer somewhat different services; for example, some may provide change management services as technologies are being integrated. If you find an integration consultant who is ideal for your company but doesn’t offer change management add-on services, there are quality change management specialists also available on High5.

Next up: a discussion on overseas hiring. Talented workforce experts live all around the globe, which exponentially increases the pool of potential candidates to fulfill your company’s needs. Companies that are dedicated to hiring the best workforce experts available often find exactly who they need in someone who lives in another time zone. With independent workers, a business can’t require a specific work schedule (only that a project’s timelines and deadlines are). So, in those cases, what matters most is their skill sets, ones that fit your needs and budget—and the time zone doesn’t really matter.

When it’s time to hire workforce management professionals, it typically makes sense to cast a broad net and prioritize candidates from there. Start a search too narrowly and you might miss a premier candidate. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say you almost certainly will miss out on opportunities that way.

High5 makes it simple to choose the workforce experts that you need. Simply fill out a profile and a representative from our team will contact you and discuss specifics so that you can get started. After reviewing profiles of workforce management professionals, you can contact them and discuss possibilities.

Questions you may ask yourself before making choices may include:

  • Does this professional have experience in our industry? Do they have the amount and type of VMS, MSP, or CWM experience that’s desired?

  • What niche specialties does this expert have? How closely do they match your company’s requirements? If any are missing, how crucial are they? (If you find that no one professional has the entire scope of skills and experience needed, this may be a signal that it makes sense to hire at least two professionals.)

  • Does this person have the necessary technical skills? What about soft skills, such as an ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing?

Reach out to the professionals that your company has prioritized. Then, think about these questions:

  • After contacting a workforce expert, how quickly did you hear back? How fully were your questions answered?

  • How comfortable did it feel when interacting with them?

  • How well might this person fit into your corporate culture? People have a range of personalities and working styles, and one that might mesh well with one company may not be the ideal choice for another. There isn’t necessarily any right or wrong here, just compatibility to consider.

After you hire workplace professionals, the next step is to maximize the working relationship for optimal success. Tips to do so include:

  • Clearly state the person’s job responsibilities, including about the systems and applications they’re expected to oversee and workforce to manage, plus goals they’re expected to achieve.

  • Answer any questions the professional may have about the work agreement, whether it’s freelance, contract, SOW, as an employee, or in another structure.

  • Discuss preferred methods of communication and how often you’d like updates from this professional.

  • Provide clear direction about timelines and budgets.

  • When possible, start a workforce management professional on a project that doesn’t have super tight deadlines so that they can adjust to the people and processes. (Or, if you know that you’ll need someone to jump right into a short-deadline project, hire workforce management professionals who are adept at that.)

More About VMS, MSP, and CWM Hiring

Benefits are significant when your company hires the right vendor management system, managed service provider, and contingent workforce management experts. Here are just some of them.

VMS Expertise Benefits

With quality vendor management, companies can select from a larger pool of vendors, which helps the business to get the best products and services at competitive prices. A VMS expert will do a better job of managing contracts and vendor performance, while also developing and enhancing vendor relationships. Conversely, when VMS is not appropriately managed, your company can end up with substandard vendor choices, compliance issues, disorganization, a lack of information about corporate vendors, payment challenges, and more. VMS expertise matters!

MSP Expertise Benefits

MSP professionals proactively monitor IT hardware, application systems, security, and internet connectivity to help ensure that all runs smoothly without interruption or complication. Gone are the days when one computer person could handle the sweeping range of IT issues that can arise within one single business—and that’s why High5 offers such a wide range of MSP expertise in the professionals whose services we offer on our platform. Not having the right levels of MSP knowledge or disaster recovery expertise can lead to business continuity challenges that can be quite costly and damage customer relationships.

CWM Expertise Benefits

To fill in the skills gap, including during highly specialized projects, companies are increasingly turning to external workforce management professionals, people who flexibly bring fresh perspectives to the workplace. CMS professionals organize, coordinate, and manage the workflow of these in-demand workers, maximizing their efforts so that companies like yours can complete projects in a quality way, within budget and on time. Without the skills of experienced CWM professionals, a lack of coordination can stymie processes, even with the best IT talent available.

High5’s Non-Traditional Platform: Features and Benefits

High5 is an all-inclusive workforce hiring platform with optimal flexibility built into the entire system. The system is comprehensive because it contains all of the types of professional talent that a company may need: recruiters, technology talent—and the workforce management professionals who manage systems, processes, human resources and more in effective, efficient, and productive ways. Because we offer desirable and in-demand benefits for each of the components of the talent supply chain, we attract just the right professionals, ones who can connect, collaborate, and contribute to one another’s goals—meeting one another’s needs in meaningful ways.

Workforce Hiring at High5

High5 offers an ultra efficient platform and system that allows companies like yours to hire workplace professionals of choice quickly and easily. Our vetting processes and quality guarantee allow you to proceed with workforce hiring from our all in one platform with confidence.

The streamlined hiring process at High5 allows you to fill workforce gaps, meet project deadlines, and achieve corporate goals.’

To get started on the process to hire workforce management professionals from our platform, we just need a few pieces of information. Then, within 24-48 hours, we’ll contact you to get started. Thank you for choosing High5! We look forward to helping you fulfill your hiring needs.

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