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FAQs for Professionals

What is the purpose of a talent community?

Companies no longer have to cast a wide net to find the right individual. Most positions are no longer advertised on Monster, CareerBuilder, etc., now that traditional hiring methods are inefficient, expensive, and outdated. That is where talent communities come in. Organizations use talent communities to identify people interested in working for them that have the right skillset. These days, it's all about talent, not job fit.

Talent communities allow hiring managers to communicate with talent groups that want to explore career opportunities and find tech jobs. A talent community enables the strongest and brightest individuals to receive notification of opportunities from brands and organizations they like.

Building a private talent network can also give organizations fast and easy access to high-quality talent that would otherwise be difficult to identify or engage.

In addition to connecting individuals with businesses searching for similar talent and skill sets, talent communities allow job seekers to cultivate their skills and connect with recruiters that have inside knowledge of companies and industries.

Should I join a talent community?

You can discover more about businesses and industries by becoming a member of a talent community. If you want to find tech jobs, talent communities can connect candidates with companies they may be interested in working for. This is also a fantastic method that can help you make connections before joining the company. Talent communities allow you to research companies, industries, and roles beyond what you might learn on a webpage.

This information can empower you to make well-informed decisions regarding your future career.

Below are a few other benefits you can experience when joining a talent network:

  • Connecting with businesses that interest you
  • Exploring what jobs are available in your industry
  • Gaining insights into working in a particular company or a specific position
  • Becoming the first to know about job openings
  • Become part of a sourcing pool, one of the first methods often used to find job candidates
  • Mastering skills that can help you become qualified for positions at top-rated companies
  • Picking the brains of recruiters who are most familiar with the industry and specific organizations

How can High5 help me find a job?

Finding a job can be challenging, especially if you don't know where to start. The average time it generally takes someone to find a tech job ranges from 3 months to 1 year, but it can take much longer for others. When you join High5’s talent community, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to find tech jobs, and you can be part of an exclusive talent pool handpicked by recruiters and company hiring managers.

High5 can give you the proper introduction to companies you are interested in, and our on-demand training can help you stay sharp and develop highly sought-after developer skills. Our AI-powered technology creates your High5 profile in our talent network and connects you to opportunities in seconds.

What does it mean to join a talent community?

Talent communities are online groups of qualified individuals who may be interested in working for particular companies. In a talent community, people who are curious about a company but aren't quite ready to apply may nevertheless show their interest by uploading their résumé and leaving their contact information. As a result, a company can keep track of interested individuals and contact them again during future talent acquisition efforts.

When someone becomes part of a company's talent network, they also become a part of the talent pool. The company will be able to contact them about openings, have recruiters and other contacts get in touch with them, and send them additional information about the business.

In talent communities, you may find:

  • - Candidates who have shown an interest in working for a company
  • - People who have applied to positions in the past
  • - Referrals
  • - People who aren't actively looking for work but would be interested in hearing about openings at a company
What is the best way to network for a job?

The best way to network for a job is by being proactive. First, identify your target companies. Are you looking for a job in tech? Or maybe consulting? Consider what industries and companies you'd like to work for.

Next, build relationships with people who work at those companies. Stay in touch with recruiters! Recruiters are always looking for talent, so if you're not actively searching for a job but would like to hear about opportunities when they come up, make sure your contact information is up-to-date so that recruiters can find it easily.

This is made even easier by joining a talent community for the company or industry you are interested in. By doing so, you will be part of the company’s talent pool and the first to know about new job openings. Recruiters will first turn to the talent community to hire new people during talent acquisition.

As an adjunct to sending out job notifications, businesses often use talent communities to invite prospective employees to network and recruitment events. These are great opportunities to network with both the company's employees and other experts in your field. The more individuals you have in your professional network, the greater the likelihood that someone will be able to help you or introduce you to a new opportunity.

Is it worth joining talent networks?

Yes, it is worth it, and the reasoning is simple. Companies benefit from talent communities because it makes talent acquisition easier and ensures a reliable pool of qualified candidates to consider for relevant new roles. Candidates also benefit from talent networks because they can leverage their business relationships for top-of-mind consideration for employment opportunities.

The more you engage with a company’s talent network, the more you can learn about its values and culture. It's easy to get caught up in trying to get hired without pausing to think about whether or not you'd be happy working for the company in question.

By being a part of the company's talent network, you can learn more about the inner workings of the business and what it's like to work there.

Contact High5 today and let us build your talent community.

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We want you to find a job that makes you happy. That’s why we encourage you to talk directly with our recruiters. Pick their brains about a company’s culture, advancement opportunities, how to find tech jobs, anything. We promise we’ll be candid and share everything we know so that you can make the best job decision for you.

High5 is work, liberated.

Leading companies look for talent on High5

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High5 is work, liberated.

Leading companies look for talent on High5

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