High5 Trusted Talent

We like to say that our rocket scientist interviews your next rocket scientist—and that’s no exaggeration.

Find Talent: Candidates interviewed by subject matter experts

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding highly qualified talent. After pre-screening candidates, we match the top professionals with one of our 18,000 subject matter experts spanning more than 1,000 skills.

High5 experts know exactly what to look for because they’ve worked in similar roles themselves.

A candidate’s technical skills are assessed over an hour-long video interview.

You receive a summary of their assessment, overall score, ranking, and recommendations based on a given role.

Spend 70% less time hiring

Having High5 Trusted Talent means your entire hiring team can spend less time finding, vetting, and interviewing talent because we do the most time-consuming parts of it for you. Which means, you spend up to 70% less time filling each req.

Guaranteed quality matches

High5 candidates are vetted so accurately that we guarantee it. On average, for every two candidates we submit for a job, clients hire one. That’s a 2:1 submit-to-hire rate compared to the 10:1 industry average.

Make unbiased decisions

Our matching algorithm and expert vetting process is intentionally transparent so you know you’re hiring the most qualified person based on their skills and experience.

Improve candidate job satisfaction

Candidates appreciate being vetted by someone who understands their skills and talents. Our expert vetting process results in higher quality matches, which not only ensures the candidate can do a job well, but also that a job matches what the candidate wants.

See how High5 liberates you to hire qualified talent, with less work.

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