5 Simple Secrets To Recruiting High Quality Talent

How do you go about recruiting high quality talent that will provide those missing skills and help propel the company towards higher growth? Here are 5 ways to build the type of work environment that will attract the best and brightest talent in the marketplace.

Recruitment is a never ending cycle. As your company grows, your need for high quality talent also rises. To ensure the company reaches its growth targets, you need the right people with the right skills to build a brand, a culture, and a product that can deliver on those expectations. With new targets and high projections, new people with talent that can fill the skills gaps are necessary to move towards those high growth targets.


So how do you go about recruiting high quality talent that will provide those missing skills and help propel the company towards higher growth? Here are x ways to build the type of work environment that will attract the best and brightest talent in the marketplace. When talented professionals see what makes your company stand out, you’ll have a much easier time recruiting high quality talent to fulfill your company’s objectives.

Create a positive workplace culture

There’s an old saying that culture is king, and there is a lot of merit to that saying. The right culture can give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors. You’ll have an environment that not only attracts skilled professionals, but retains them for long periods of time.


That’s one of the secrets to a successful recruitment strategy: employee retention. By creating a culture that makes workers happy and motivated to come to the office (physically or virtually), you can retain exceptional talent that can help develop great products, great salesmanship, and great customer service that further enhances the growth of your overall business.


Not to mention that higher employee retention reduces turnover and allows your recruitment staff to become laser focused on talent acquisition. Rather than cast a wide net hoping to fill as many roles as possible, you can develop targeted strategies for recruiting high quality talent to fill very specific and unique skills gaps. This is how you build your employee roster with surgical precision in order to achieve even higher levels of greatness.

Use the right sources to find exceptional talent

Finding and recruiting high quality talent for your business is a taxing task for your talent acquisition team. Recruiters spend, on average, up to one third of their work week searching for candidates to fill one specific role. This eats up a lot of time that limits your company’s ability to grow and scale.


Rather than continue with an antiquated talent acquisition strategy, modernize the process using talent cloud services to streamline the hiring process. Talent cloud services plug you into a network of experienced talent professionals who have a wide breadth and depth of skills that can bolster the capabilities of your existing team. You can use the AI and advanced search capabilities of talent cloud platforms to find the most capable candidates and filter out the ones that don’t hit the mark.


Talent cloud services like High5 can help your recruitment team save upwards of 70 percent of their own time on recruitment. All of that time and energy can be reinvested into different tasks that will further enable the growth of the company to achieve the big picture vision for the brand.

Customize your interview and screening processes

Far too often, companies adopt a one-size fits all approach to their talent interview processes. Recruiters will read from a standard script of questions, creating an almost robotic interview process that fails to pinpoint the key differentiators of what makes a particular talent candidate so exceptional.


Encourage your recruiters to ask more open-ended questions that invite real conversation and dialogue with the prospective candidate. Encourage talent to open up about their successes, their failures, the lessons they’ve learned, and what they feel they can bring to the table at your company. Give candidates a platform to tell their stories so that you can make an informed decision on who is best suited to add real value to your business.


Using platforms like High5, much of this work can be completed by our subject matter experts. We have a network of 18,000 subject matter experts who know what personal questions to ask trusted talented candidates in order to paint a better picture of their candidacy. This will help filter down to the most qualified talent so that your recruiters can focus on making the right selections rather than spend too much of their own time vetting and qualifying candidates.

Make a fast offer to the right candidates

 If you’ve been recruiting high quality talent candidates and found someone who can truly elevate your company’s standing, why wait to make an offer? If a candidate is truly that exceptional, they’re likely pursuing opportunities with multiple companies beyond your own.


Rather than risk losing high quality talent, make an offer as soon as you’ve qualified the candidate. Don’t sit on making an offer and risk losing that talent to another company. If the candidate checks off all the boxes for your company’s needs, demonstrate your interest as soon as possible with an intriguing offer.


Don’t feel disappointed if the candidate doesn’t agree to the offer right away. Recruiters say it’s perfectly reasonable for candidates to take up to 72 hours to consider an offer before responding in kind. Just make sure you don’t take several weeks to make the offer. Otherwise, candidates may no longer need that 72 hours; they may have already agreed to another company’s offer, causing you to miss out.

Keep in touch with talent you don’t hire

This might seem counterintuitive, but it makes sense for your overall growth strategy. When recruiting high quality talent, you’ll likely come upon several candidates who have the skills and experience to add real value to your company.


Unfortunately, you only have one open position to fill, which means you can’t bring them all onboard…yet. The time may come when you need to add another talented professional to your team, and maintaining contact with those you didn’t hire for a previous role can streamline that entire process.


With platforms like High5, you can create what’s known as talent clouds to support your existing community of candidates. You can treat these talent clouds as personalized communities, sharing updates on new product releases, company culture highlights, visions for the future of the brand, and so much more. Encourage the candidates you didn’t hire to stay in touch and become a part of a network so that you can bring any one of them onboard should the need arise to do so. It makes hiring at scale faster and easier, which further grows your brand.


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