The Ultimate Secret To Hiring Executive Talent On Demand

What is the ultimate secret to hiring executive talent on demand? Flexibility, transparency, and the right technology are the not so hidden keys.

Talented leadership is what defines successful organizations. Great leaders inspire other professionals to invest their time and energy into a company vision and work as hard as they can to build a bright future for a promising business.


While great leadership is vital for the future of any business, finding an alignment between the vision of the company and the capabilities of talented executives is not always an easy task. Sometimes, it takes a long time for a business to hire the right leadership and execute the next phase of the corporate vision. This is a growing reality as more and more workers choose to become independent professionals. Over 35 percent of the American labor force is considered freelance, meaning a growing number of workers choose to offer their services on demand.


As a result, many companies seek to hire executive talent on demand. How is this approach different from other talent leadership recruitment strategies, and what does it mean for how businesses will expand their executive rosters in the future? Let’s look into that.

What is executive talent on demand?


When defining executive talent on demand, there are two ways to interpret the phrase. Using these two interpretations, you can successfully apply the hiring philosophy to the strategic growth of your business.

Geographic benefits of hiring executive talent on demand


In one instance, executive talent on demand refers to a hybrid work model that your company can incorporate. One of the challenges of recruiting leadership for VP or C-level positions is that, traditionally, recruiters have had a geographic restriction on how they source candidates.


That’s no longer the case thanks to the hybrid work model, which allows talent at all levels to work from remote locations. As a result, recruitment can expand far beyond the geographic restrictions of the home office location to connect with the best executive talent on demand, wherever they may be based on the planet.


There are also many benefits appreciated by the executive talent on demand. Each professional can save money on travel and eliminate the stress of commuting to and from an office each day. These are some of the biggest perks that executive talent on demand look for as they seek to bring their leadership skills and experience to a new booming business.

Talent pools always have promising executive talent on demand candidates


The second way to expand your executive talent on demand hiring strategy is through the use of talent pools. Modern companies use talent pools to build out global communities of professional talent, capitalizing on opportunities to hire the best candidates from any location in the world.


Talent pool recruitment is one of the best ways to hire executive talent on demand. By bringing trained leaders into the orbit of your company culture, your recruitment team can bring a new leader onboard whenever the need arises. You don’t even have to post any specific job openings; you can interact one on one with optimal candidates to fill any open positions.

Business benefits of hiring executive talent on demand


Hiring executive talent on demand provides many business benefits to the company. In addition to the potential of filling jobs 4x faster than through traditional hiring methods, you can source from a network of fully trained and capable candidates to expand your leadership roster with the best possible talent. By incorporating talent sourcing technology into your hiring strategy, you’ll fulfill a number of fundamental business objectives.


Hire the perfect person with 70 percent less work. Use the High5 platform to build out your fully vetted talent pool so that you can filter openings to a restricted set of qualified professionals. On average, High5 empowers companies to select two perfect candidates for interviews in order to make a hiring decision with one of them. This all but eliminates time spent sourcing, vetting, and interviewing less qualified candidates.


Reduce onboarding time, money, and labor costs. Using talent pools, you can give every professional in the community an overview of your company’s vision, mission, and culture. You can also share details about new product releases, feature updates, and success stories describing how the company benefits clients. With this approach, any executive talent on demand hired by the company is already aware of the fundamentals of how the company operates. As a result, onboarding packages can be smoother, slicker, and more efficient.


Skills-first approach is more innovative and productive. Many leaders miss out on opportunities for one flawed reason: they’ve built their reputations on proven experience rather than theoretical credentials. In a Harvard Business School research paper entitled, “Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent,” this was cited as a main reason why many skilled professionals struggle to acquire the title of leader. Using High5’s approach to connecting with executive talent on demand, a person’s capabilities are deemed far more valuable than any degree. This allows you to potentially hire some of the most underutilized professionals in the industry.

Summary: hire executive talent on demand and scale


Leadership is essential to a company’s growth and success. Some of the most capable leaders are ones who have earned their leadership qualities through years of hard work, dedication, and experience. They may not actively promote themselves as such but, with the right talent sourcing platform, you can find those hidden gems in a global talent pool to help your company take a further step forward into a new operational strategy.


Don’t miss out on hiring executive talent on demand who can add their years of leadership experience to your company’s vision. Using High5’s trusted talent solutions, you can guarantee quality matches to connect with some of the greatest executive professionals in the world. Our matching algorithm and expert vetting process is fully transparent to keep you informed on the ins and outs of who is best to hire at the right time. You’ll also improve the candidate satisfaction rate and help reduce churn or turnover across your organization.

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