Global Talent Pool: What It Is And How To Use One

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Learn what a global talent pool is in recruitment and discover ways you can utilize global talent pools when hiring flexible employees.

Recruiters often find employees through global talent pools, which comprise candidates from a multitude of geographic regions and different cultural backgrounds. Often times, global talent pools include employees who are accustomed to working from home due to the ever increasing flexible remote work models that exist in today’s world of work. Most importantly, access to a global talent pool reduces hiring time during the recruitment process.

Collaborating with a professional candidate sourcing platform like High5 is effective for locating talented candidates all over the world. You can gain access to High5’s global marketplace that allows you to engage with highly skilled candidates. Finding candidates with in-demand skills can be challenging, but working with High5 to assess global candidates will encourage you to find strong talent.

We’ve put together a guide that helps you understand global talent pools and shows you how to use our sourcing platform when reviewing and screening global candidates.

What is a global talent pool?

A global talent pool is a candidate database that shows candidates who have worked or applied to work for your company in the past. Candidates that have the relevant skills and experience may also be in this global talent pool. 

These candidates live all over the world and can apply for jobs in different countries. For example, someone living in the UK might apply for a social media manager role based in the US. Jobs that have flexible working arrangements often attract candidates from a global talent pool.

The creation of a global talent pool is to decrease the hiring time and find candidates that match the job specifications. At High5, we ensure your hiring team spends 70% less time hiring and more time interviewing talent. 

This reduction will help you ‌locate the best candidates for your open position. We believe the industry needs to become more agile and flexible for recruiting people all over the world, and so we deliver a platform that encourages you to expand your talent pool into a global one.

How to use a global talent pool

Global talent pools should have a range of candidates with different skills and experiences. At High5, we give you access to 18,000 subject matter experts that cover over 1,000 skill sets. This will help you find sourced candidates from all over the world who have in demand skills and industry knowledge. 

Partnering with us will provide you with candidates who are determined to fill open positions in your company, whether that’s remote working for global candidates or local office jobs. 

Taking the right steps when sourcing and screening candidates can help you expand your global talent pool. Here are a few steps you can follow when using the global talent pool: 

Review your applicant tracking system

An application tracking system is a software application that manages your recruitment process. This tracking system acts like a gateway between recruiters and employers. Some employers can approach you with requests for specific candidates. For example, if they’re looking to interview someone for a remote graphic designer role, you might use the ATS to find resumes with highlighted design skills and creative design experiences. The ATS will scan through all the resumes from candidates in the global talent pool. 

A sourcing platform like High5 will pre-screen candidates and populate them back into your ATS. This saves you time from having to locate candidates on global job board sites and review their resume manually. You can regularly check the tracking system to review new candidates and determine their suitability for open positions and jobs that require remote working. If you don’t have enough global talent, you can work with High5 to extend your job openings to more countries.

Engage with candidates in the talent pool 

Creating a website or active career page will help you engage with candidates. Some candidates might prefer to see career pages that advertise new job openings and provide application portals. You can also add chat boxes to the website or enquiry links that allow candidates to send you questions. Here at High5, we personalize your messages to ensure they’re relevant for welcoming new candidates and answering queries. This personalization also contributes to the 17 minute average response time from candidates! 

At High5, we also ensure you keep talent engaged through social media posts. For example, you might upload posts that highlight job openings or personal coaching opportunities. Candidates will most likely see those posts and request more information on the open position. Regularly engaging with your global talent pool will help you retain candidates and understand their job preferences and goals.

Organize your global talent pool 

You can organize the talent pool into segmented groups. One group might show local candidates and another group might comprise global candidates looking for remote work. This organization will help you find skills from different cultural backgrounds. For example, if you’re hiring for a social media manager role, you might search for candidates that have technical skills and access to computer applications. Having a list that separates global from local will help you fill open positions faster. 

High5 will assess these candidates on their technical skills and provide you with ratings based on their suitability for roles. If you have ten of the best ranked candidates, you might organize those candidates into a separate list. You can refer to that list after new job openings to determine if their skills match the job requirements. Organizing global talent pools into segments is very important for establishing strengths and weaknesses among candidates. 


A global talent pool is great for hiring employees spanning a range of locations. You can offer flexible working arrangements to employees who prefer remote work. Be sure to reach global candidates by posting on social media or creating websites that target a wide range of countries.


Why is a global talent pool important?

Global talent pools are important for locating strong talent among candidates, without being limited geographically, and while being able to offer the benefits of working remotely. Your goal is tobe able to search a global talent pool to find candidates suitable for all job openings in your company. Of course, High5 will help you expand your talent pool by using AI systems to rapidly source talent through global supply chains

Is a global talent pool effective?

A global talent pool can be very effective for gathering a range of talent from different locations. You can review the candidates on applicant tracking systems without having to find new candidates on job board sites. Consider building a talent pool with High5 to attract new and diverse talent. 

How do you maintain a global talent pool?

The best way to maintain a global talent pool is to regularly engage with candidates. Consider interacting with them on social media posts or active career pages. At High5, we offer free online classes for candidates to strengthen their skills. This engagement will encourage candidates to stay in your global talent pool.

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