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In 2021, Amazon Web Services (AWS) grew into one of Amazon’s most robust revenue-generating streams. This inspired many organizations to see the value of AWS and how it could benefit their company if they were to hire an AWS developer. An AWS engineer refers to an expert who works with software applications within the AWS cloud platform.

Advantages of Hiring an AWS Developer

There’s a wide range of AWS services that depend on writing code, data storage, and content delivery. As a result, there are several ways this skill can be leveraged to benefit companies such as:

Optimizing Processes
An AWS developer with extensive knowledge and experience can help businesses optimize processes and make the most out of AWS services.

AWS developers know how to operate databases for different web applications and they can help organizations figure out the best database service for their specific application.

By hiring an AWS developer, organizations can deploy web applications and receive growth-driven suggestions. They also make it easier for businesses to update their cloud storage to the latest version.

AWS engineers are aware of the mechanics and changing dynamics of AWS security IAM (Identity and Access Management). With the help of an AWS developer, organizations can fix common bugs that stem from AWS.

FAQs About Hiring AWS Developers

What does an AWS developer do?

The role of an AWS developer revolves around building and integrating AWS-specific computer data and systems. On the other hand, the responsibilities differ from one AWS developer to another and depend on the organization’s priorities.
For the most part, an AWS engineer:

  • Ensures continuous knowledge management
  • Forms a thorough understanding of existing application infrastructure and offer suitable suggestions
  • Develops cost-effective and efficient migration strategies
  • Helps organizations migrate to AWS
  • Executes AWS service-based planning strategies
  • Helps organizations set up a dedicated monitoring stack
  • Documents and define the best practices of infrastructure maintenance
  • Migrates infrastructure with low downtime

How much would it cost to hire an AWS developer?

The cost of hiring an AWS engineer boils down to the task you want to complete. Apart from the nature of the project, additional factors you may have to consider is their origin country and their experience. On average, the hourly rate of an AWS developer can range from $65 to $71 in the U.S. But if the project is too complex, the hourly rate can go up and may require a gifted developer with more experience

How can High5 help me hire an AWS developer?

Unlike the traditional recruitment process, the High5 platform uses modern technology to help companies find the most talented and suitable AWS developers. Plus, there is no need for businesses to spend thousands of dollars on outdated recruitment practices. Once our specialists note your business objectives, budget, and requirements, they carefully screen and vet qualified candidates, so we can match you with the best cloud engineer who would optimize your business processes. When it comes to AWS services, specificity can make all the difference.

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