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With the advent of the IT revolution, cloud computing has become the center of attention.

Cloud-based software solutions are affordable, easily accessible, and they continue to drive efficiency in enterprises all around the world. In layman’s terms, cloud computing technology can simplify business operations by enabling integration and synchronization of data at a massive scale. Interestingly, cloud engineers have managed to revolutionize the healthcare and financial sector.


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As more data accumulates, more companies now plan to invest in big data and hire the most talented big data developers.

According to Entrepreneur, businesses that hire big data developers enjoy 10% more profit margins.

Google affirms that the demand for big data developers will reach its peak in 2021.

The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that U.S. companies may need 1.5 million more big data jobs.

Benefits of Hiring a Cloud Engineer

Scope of Cloud Computing for Cloud Engineers

It is no longer a secret that a cloud engineer is one of the most exciting and respected professions in the IT sector. It is the reason most companies now want to hire talented cloud architects with experience who are passionate about what they do and are willing to drive change in your IT organization. A wide range of job opportunities are available in user support, analysis, management, and development. For instance, the role of a cloud developer is crucial in the cybersecurity world. And since a cloud server’s safety is (almost) always at risk, there is an urgent need for secure cloud environments.

Diverse Roles and Responsibilities of Cloud Engineers

From cloud architect to cloud developer to cloud systems engineer, it helps to understand the distinct roles and responsibilities. With more skills come more roles and greater responsibilities. For instance, you’ll notice that some candidates can deploy and as well as operate complex cloud solutions, while some might be just able to control the data analysis of cloud solutions. Most businesses make the mistake of generalizing cloud engineers. Cloud computing is an endless realm and involves maintenance, support, and management of many cloud solutions. Not to mention some cloud developers focus specifically on planning and designing.

Who Should Hire a Cloud Engineer

As a business owner, you need to have some understanding of how cloud platforms work. For example, Google’s Cloud Platform offers cloud computing services. Skilled and experienced cloud engineers can also integrate their business applications with data storage and analytics. In addition, cloud engineers can take care of machine learning tasks and artificial intelligence tasks on various platforms. Whether you’re a small startup business owner or CEO of a big corporation, recognizing the full potential and vision is always the priority. This is where cloud developers help businesses combine their operations and improve capabilities.

The Role of a Big Data Developer

Often, a big data developer is synonymous with a big data architect or a big data engineer. A big data architect is responsible for creating technical systems and tools that help businesses integrate data analytics into crucial organizational solutions. Over the years, the role of a big data developer continues to evolve.

Still, the major responsibilities of a big data architect include coding, testing, designing, and tracking applications to help businesses achieve their goals. Currently, big data developers work in a wide range of fields, such as biotech, advertising, media, finance, and healthcare.

At its core, the role of a big data architect is to work side-by-side with a team of data science specialists, programmers, and developers. Mainly, they undertake the programming or coding of Hadoop applications.

Big data architects review an ocean of data each day through programming languages such as C++ and Java. CIO.com states that almost 40% of companies prefer applicants with big data skills. It is the reason there is a high demand for big data developers in the competitive job marketplace.

However, not every role may require specialization. So, take into account what your organization needs the most right now. As long as you follow a strategic hiring process and conduct basic tests, you can save a lot of recruiting time in the process to hire skilled big data architects.

FAQs About Hiring Cloud Engineers

High5 connects recruiters and employers with experienced developers, including cloud engineers, and we continue to feature the best and brightest cloud developers in a highly saturated job market. In addition, we have an extensive network of candidates vetted by 18,000+ experts.

From entertainment, eCommerce, wellness, logistics, or finance, most industries now need talented cloud engineers to provide cost-efficient and effective cloud development services as per industry standards. Your focus of attention should be to choose a skilled cloud engineer who can bring value to your business.

High5 follows a streamlined process to help companies find the most suitable cloud architects. Naturally, you don’t just want “any” cloud developer – you need a cloud engineer with specific skills that cater to your budget and business needs. You can expect detailed reporting, continuous support, transparency, and confidentiality from High5.

A cloud engineer needs to be aware of basic computing and HTML knowledge. Furthermore, cloud architects also understand financial terminologies and business concepts. Surprisingly, many cloud developers are also aware of online marketing tactics.

But the essential cloud engineer skills revolve around data analysis and security parameters. For instance, data architects specialize in data mining and dealing with ERP systems. Similarly, cloud developers have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of network security such as protocols, authorization, and encryptions.

Professional cloud developers also take care of projects before deadlines and exercise technical proficiency to complete cloud-specific tasks. On the other hand, you can hire freelance and contract cloud architects who possess the same skills. If you have a limited annual budget, you can still hire a contract or freelance cloud engineer.

High5 is aware of the urgency and competitive drive of organizations to hire the most talented cloud engineers. It is the main reason High5 ensures a straightforward process for businesses to hire cloud engineers. You can leave it to High5 to source, screen, and vet suitable candidates. High5’s total talent solution assures that organizations find vetted cloud developers and ensure flawless cloud operations.

The cloud is a new way of doing business that has rapidly become the new normal. And, as with any new and exciting paradigm shift, there are many factors to consider before diving in headfirst. The most important one? Finding someone who can help you get your project up and running quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Cloud engineers (also known as cloud developers) are people who can do just that.

Cloud developers are skilled in the design and implementation of cloud computing technologies. They can be employed by both startups and established firms since they play an important role in modernizing IT infrastructure and reducing costs while still improving performance.

Cloud engineers are also crucial for helping enterprises evaluate the many cloud options and choose the best fit for their business. Once they have evaluated all the available options and determined which one is best suited for the specific needs of that business, they can then move forward with implementing it.

The pandemic has prompted millions of businesses to investigate cloud services in order to achieve cost-effectiveness and business continuity. This has accelerated the transition from hardware-oriented architecture to distant cloud servers. According to a 2022 study, it’s expected that by 2030, we will likely see $1.6 trillion in revenue across the cloud sector, with more than half of that coming from banking, financial services, insurance, IT, telecom, and retail/consumer goods.

As a result, cloud developers are in demand because they are constantly being called upon to build new products, systems, and platforms that take advantage of cloud infrastructure.

To add to these advantages, cloud computing allows organizations to outsource many IT resources, such as servers and storage. This can reduce expenses and IT staff requirements. The role of a cloud engineer is becoming essential and remains highly in demand for organizations looking to stay ahead of the game by moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Finding a candidate that has all the right skills can be challenging. If you recruit someone who doesn’t quite fit the bill, you may need to start the hiring process all over again, which could set your project back and eat into your budget. That’s why pre-vetting candidates is a core strategy at High5. We conduct thorough pre-employment screenings of all prospective cloud engineers to verify their knowledge and skill set.

With over 18,000 subject matter experts encompassing over 1,000 skills, you can rest assured that your candidates from High5 have been thoroughly screened and carefully vetted to ensure that they are top-performing cloud developers.

At High5, candidates are evaluated for technical capabilities, ranked, and then rated for a specific role before they are recommended to you. In other words, we do the hard part so that once you find the right match, you can get started with a top-rated cloud engineer immediately.

Cloud Engineer Hiring Guide

Cloud engineers first came into the spotlight when organizations decided to shift their applications and processes to private, public, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Today, proficient cloud architects can evaluate existing frameworks and transfer entire business functions to a cloud-based solution.

Hiring a Talented Cloud Developer: Cost-Structure

If you run a small or medium-sized business, it’s important to be mindful of the rates. The good news is that you can, in fact, hire a contract or freelance cloud engineer and save money. On the other hand, you can opt for a professional cloud developer to avail more services.

Hiring an experienced and professional cloud architect is the best way to raise the bar of cloud solutions. When it comes to a price point, it boils down to the location, competence, market conditions, and experience. But there are several other factors that can impact the rate to hire a cloud developer.

For instance, if you create your own financial strategy, it would make sense to hire a freelance or contract-for-hire cloud developer. However, if you operate many business operations and outsource several business tasks, it would be more responsible to hire a professional and highly competent cloud architect.

Hiring a Professional or Freelance Cloud Engineer

When it comes down to hiring a professional cloud developer, it’s all about experience. Having a sufficient amount of experience matters and it can ensure a high standard for the organization. The cloud engineer can thwart common doubts and lift the fog of confusion for years to come for the organization.

In most cases, freelance or contract cloud developers are individuals who recently decided to be part of the market. In other instances, they are making the switch from a similar area of interest and offer affordable cloud-based solutions to companies.

An interesting aspect of independent professionals is that a potential candidate can be an experienced and skilled cloud developer who is also highly affordable. That’s because many cloud developers keep their rates low in order to win the loyalty of customers. On average, you can hire the services of a freelance/contract cloud engineer from $30 to $120 per hour.

What Should Be Your Key Consideration When Hiring

As a business owner, it is crucial to understand that you’re hiring a cloud developer rather than a software developer. Often, the confusion between the two befuddles organizations. In comparison, a cloud developer is a more specialized role. But the main aspect of cloud architects is that they work on solely cloud-based solutions and help organizations roll out virtual systems.

Basic Requirements for Cloud Engineers

When it comes to cloud developers, the list of skills can be a long one. As cloud computing evolves, there are constantly new skills on the horizon for cloud developers. Nonetheless, you can limit your scope and focus on the most fundamental requirements first to hire a cloud developer.

Of course, cloud computing solutions wouldn’t be possible without the skills and experience of cloud architects. On the flip side, cloud computing can be quite complex and may require creative ingenuity from cloud architects.

Aside from having extensive knowledge in cloud architecture and a programming background, the ideal candidate should feel responsible for your business. But for the most part, IT organizations should focus on technical areas of the job to hire the best candidates.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the fundamental requirements you should look for in a cloud developer.

Information Security Management

Whether you hire a freelance cloud developer or a professional cloud architect, you’re essentially handing over the responsibilities to ensure the safety of data and customers.

More and more business owners have started to realize that cloud platforms are separate technology and come with unique security hurdles.

So, confirm cloud security certifications from the candidates as a major eligibility factor. In fact, this criterion will ensure that the hired cloud developer knows how to achieve optimal security.

Experience in Programming

The most basic skill every cloud developer needs to have is the ability to build cloud-based computing applications and their coding. Most organizations base their decision to hire a cloud engineer on two factors. Similarly, make sure the cloud developer is proficient in popular programming like Python.

Database Expertise

There is a reason most companies are now shifting towards a data-centric approach. With the specialized assistance and service of cloud developers, you can quantify and analyze complex data sets and generate analytical reports each day.

Cloud developers should also be knowledgeable about data storage options and their processes. Additionally, cloud engineers should be able to offer effective cloud-based solutions in cloud hosting. That means the cloud architect should be aware of the benefits and limitations of SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

You also need to make sure the cloud developers possess an in-depth understanding of various cloud platforms. For instance, take it as a plus point if a cloud developer makes the most out of Google cloud-based tools.

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