Hire a DevOps Engineer

As a result of many organizations’ increasing need for swift application delivery and exceptional quality, the demand for DevOps engineers continues to increase. DevOps developers build, test, and maintain the tools and infrastructure needed to speed up the release of a software product. Today, these skills have become essential to achieving long-term success.


Benefits of Hiring a DevOps Engineer

Making the decision to hire a DevOps engineer can improve complex processes and increase the productivity of an organization’s software and IT teams. It can also help companies cut down unnecessary expenses and standardize software delivery processes. DevOps engineers can scale and duplicate a wide range of IT processes faster, which makes companies more reliable in their software development processes.

But most businesses hire a DevOps engineer to reduce their high software and IT maintenance costs. With DevOps, companies don’t feel the need for the traditional intervention of an engineer. They can also help companies resolve complex scripting and coding issues that solve more problems down the line.

From deployment to integration, DevOps developers play an integral role in the success of a company’s software development and delivery. After hiring a DevOps engineer, companies typically rely on the developer to evolve and master more advanced skills over time.

FAQs About Hiring DevOps Engineers

Where can I find DevOps engineers?

You can find many talented DevOps developers through freelancing platforms. Or you can also go through a more conventional hiring process that centers around experienced DevOps in the job market. But the most cost-effective and efficient solution would be to get a perfect DevOps engineer match through the High5 platform.

Why should our company use High5 to hire a DevOps engineer?

High5 utilizes a perfect matching mechanism that bridges the gap between companies and talented candidates. The High5 platform is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It stands out by its ability to help companies hire DevOps engineers that cater to their specific needs.

The good news is that companies no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on old school recruitment practices every other month. High5's modern match and hire approach works in favor of companies as well as candidates.

High5 thrives on the philosophy that there is a "right" DevOps candidate for the "right" company. Specialists at High5 also screen and vet candidates to help companies make a swift transition. If you want to hire the most compatible DevOps engineers, the High5 platform is ideal for helping you pinpoint a suitable match.

What skills does a DevOps engineer need?

No matter how talented a DevOps engineer is, you want his or her technical proficiency to complement their communication skills. Experienced cloud engineers possess extensive knowledge of different programming languages.

The most talented DevOps developers have impressive problem-solving capabilities and strong attention to detail. Today, they also need to be familiar with agile principles. A DevOps engineer codes, which means they review the code development, ensure proper control tools, and take care of code merging.

DevOps developers also possess skills that can help when it comes to the consistent integration of tools to ensure build status. DevOps engineers have the knowledge required to determine the performance of test results and ensure infrastructure management and configuration. On top of that, they keep tabs on application performance and user experience.

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