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JavaScript engineers play a vital role in web functionality and they can provide support through different tools and browsers. They are masters in JavaScript. But JavaScript engineers also roll out front-end logic and define visual parameters in order to make sure a web application behaves in a specific manner.

Top Required Skills of JavaScript Developer

A JavaScript developer’s responsibilities usually consist of taking care of front-end tasks and offering support to back-end developers. Furthermore, JavaScript developers also provide support to front-end engineers that specialize in styling and markup. If your organization makes the decision to hire a JavaScript developer, it would be able to gain extensive knowledge of back-end and front-end development. Some of several qualifications and skills required to perform the duties of a JavaScript developer include: Experience with Vue, Angular, or React.

  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML experience to build versatile and dynamic web applications or websites
  • Thorough understanding of native JavaScript such as ES5 and ES6
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of various web markups like CSS3 and HTML5
  • Proficiency with Bootstrap frameworks and jQuery
  • Knowledge of browser implications and compatibility

FAQs About Hiring JavaScript Developers

How can High5 help me hire a JavaScript developer?

At High5, we cut down the barriers of the traditional hiring process and make it easier for businesses to hire a talented JavaScript engineer. Our platform takes into account your business needs and then looks for suitable matches of candidates that would appeal to you.

It is an effective way to cut costs on the traditional hiring process and save time at the same time. High5 also goes through an extensive vetting process that makes it even easier for companies to hire ideal matches. The job marketplace is changing and you need to change with it. So, hire a JavaScript developer that can make a difference for your firm and offers extensive front-end and back-end knowledge.

Are JavaScript developers in demand?

It may sound old-fashioned, but the fact of the matter is that JavaScript developers are in high demand. A recent extensive report by DevSkiller highlights that more than 70 percent of firms now prefer to hire talented JavaScript developers.

Another report by HackerRank points out that the demand for JavaScript developers is at an all-time high in the market. On top of all, the same report also affirms that more than 40% of Gen Z developers specialize in JavaScript.

How much does a JavaScript developer cost?

The cost to hire a JavaScript engineer depends on the company size and experience of the developer. On average, a JavaScript developer earns an annual salary of $98,000 per year.

The average standard rate to hire a JavaScript developer ranges from $61 to $80 per hour. But hourly rates of back-end and front-end developers can vary from country to country. In retrospect, a higher level of engagement means higher hourly rates.

If you want to match with the most compatible and talented JavaScript developer or other full stack developer, reach out to High5.

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