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According to a survey by Oxford Economics, 83 percent of executives worldwide say they are increasingly using contingent workers—non-payroll personnel including intermittent and seasonal employees, consultants, freelancers and part-timers. As it continues to gain popularity, you may want to consider how hiring a contingent workforce management expert can drive unprecedented growth for your organization and so much more.


With High5, hire an experienced contingent workforce management expert who has valuable expertise relevant to your industry

  • CWM Procurement Expert
  • CWM Procurement Manager/Director
  • Change Management Consultants
  • CWM Strategic Advisors
  • Contracts Managers
  • Program Managers/Directors
  • CWM Data Analytics Expert
  • Program Analysts
  • Integration Experts
  • Services Procurement Experts (SOW)
  • Talent Cloud Experts
  • Inhouse CWM Program Coordinator

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As more data accumulates, more companies now plan to invest in big data and hire the most talented big data developers.

According to Entrepreneur, businesses that hire big data developers enjoy 10% more profit margins.

Google affirms that the demand for big data developers will reach its peak in 2021.

The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that U.S. companies may need 1.5 million more big data jobs.

Benefits of Hiring CWM Experts

Why Contingent Workforce Management Software is in Demand

  • A rise in talent and staffing shortages
  • An upsurge in artificial intelligence and other technological innovations
  • A more efficient way to connect with top talent
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Top Reasons to Hire a Contingent Workforce Management Expert

  • Reduces time to fill
  • Diversifies an organization’s talent pool
  • Sources highly specialized talent
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The Role of a Big Data Developer

Often, a big data developer is synonymous with a big data architect or a big data engineer. A big data architect is responsible for creating technical systems and tools that help businesses integrate data analytics into crucial organizational solutions. Over the years, the role of a big data developer continues to evolve.

Still, the major responsibilities of a big data architect include coding, testing, designing, and tracking applications to help businesses achieve their goals. Currently, big data developers work in a wide range of fields, such as biotech, advertising, media, finance, and healthcare.

At its core, the role of a big data architect is to work side-by-side with a team of data science specialists, programmers, and developers. Mainly, they undertake the programming or coding of Hadoop applications.

Big data architects review an ocean of data each day through programming languages such as C++ and Java. CIO.com states that almost 40% of companies prefer applicants with big data skills. It is the reason there is a high demand for big data developers in the competitive job marketplace.

However, not every role may require specialization. So, take into account what your organization needs the most right now. As long as you follow a strategic hiring process and conduct basic tests, you can save a lot of recruiting time in the process to hire skilled big data architects.

FAQs About Hiring Contingent Workplace Management Experts

The name of the game is the gig economy and it allows organizations to hire professional workers at an affordable rate. In fact, companies now can hire freelancers and independent contractors with extensive experience just to take care of a single project.

Besides, hiring a contingent workforce is a more flexible arrangement for companies. Unlike hiring a permanent employee, organizations don’t have to work out every single detail prior to contingent workforce recruitment.

Moreover, employing a contingent workforce makes more sense in 2021 because it allows organizations to get access to talented individuals in the marketplace. Furthermore, the planning of a contingent workforce is also more simple and fluid.

Hiring contingent workforce management experts is not as easy as you might think. It takes a breakdown of changing market parameters and trends to make the perfect match. With High5, you have a better chance of hiring the most competent contingent workforce management specialists.

At High5, the focus of attention would be to help your organization put forth some of the most sought-after contingent workforce management experts in the industry. Even if you’re used to the traditional approach of hiring, it is hard to overlook how the modern-day selection process is becoming more systematic and strategic.

The more experienced the contingent workforce management expert you hire, the more benefits you can expect. It’s a new age of recruitment and High5 can help you make a swift transition in a competitive new job marketplace.

Your business needs to take advantage of the digital and IT revolution to make recruitment processes more efficient. High5 cuts down the traditional barriers to hire contingent workforce management experts. Instead, High5 offers a more straightforward process to get the most qualified matches. We also help businesses save additional costs by matching potential candidates “after” a thorough screening and vetting process.

Contingent Workforce Management Expert Hiring Guide

As a business owner, your objective should be to not cross the thin red line between employees and independent contractors. But when the distinction between the two becomes blurry, then it becomes even more essential for companies to hire contingent workforce management experts.

The Role, Purpose, and Importance of Contingent Workforce

It is true – the job marketplace is saturated, but hiring contingent workforce management experts will allow organizations to maximize their ROI without disruption. When it comes to contingent workforce management, organizations cannot afford to make basic mistakes.

Besides, freelancers and independent contractors now make up almost 30% of the total American workforce. The role of contingent workforce management expert is integral for an organization to move forward in the right direction.

In fact, solid management of contingent workforce helps organizations to grow and evolve. The modern contingent workforce stems from the boom of the gig economy. Better management of a contingent workforce allows businesses to achieve more scalability, complete projects faster, create an agile and talented workforce, and get access to top industry talent.

On the other hand, experts concur that the management of an effective contingent workforce can become complicated. Traditionally, management involves departments, procurement teams, and HR. This complex structure leads to inconsistent hiring and scrambled processes.

Not to mention, it wastes precious time and resources of the company. Hiring an efficient and experienced contingent workforce management expert simplifies the control over freelancers and independent contractors.

Management of Contingent Workforce: Best Practices

External Support

As a business owner, if your company doesn’t have enough experience to manage a contingent workforce, it is better to outsource the services of an expert. Hiring a contingent workforce management expert can help you gain access to specialists who can assess and streamline your key management processes. It would allow you to extract the most value from your hired contingent workforce.

You can also count on the support and expertise of the same specialists to ensure your organization doesn’t violate any new government regulations. Furthermore, experts can also help you find more talented individuals within your industry. With the help of contingent workforce management experts, you will have a real shot to make the workplace environment more comfortable and flexible for non-permanent staff.

Utilize Modern and Innovative Technology

Once you have a dedicated and centralized process, you can automate and manage your talented contingent workers. For instance, your external expert will implement a cloud-based vendor management system. It would function as a central access point for the entire contingent workforce.

It is an added visibility that works in favor of your non-permanent workers and independent contractors. This heightened visibility allows you to keep close tabs on time logs, expenses, payments and remunerations, performance reviews, onboarding, and compliance.

Transform Organizational Processes

As a firm, you can’t just expect things to work out on their own. It is crucial to devise a detailed plan in order to bring all your departments on the same page. Your contingent workforce management expert will make sure there are no inconsistencies about the plan among different departments.

The external expert will also make sure multiple departments don’t create their separate management tactics towards a contingent workforce. You can also count on the expertise of a contingent workforce management specialist to create a centralized plan of action. It would prevent dysfunctional approaches that might conflict with the main plan. As a result, you will have more efficient and seamless compliance, workforce analysis, and payment systems.

Make Calculated and Informed Decisions

When you have clear visibility of management processes, it would allow you to make more calculated and informed business decisions. Most organizations are aware of the fact that having a contingent workforce management plan is a cost-effective measure that clears the path to make growth-driven business decisions. The performance visibility is an ecosystem of your contingent workforce that results in greater productivity, improved quality, and high operational efficiencies.

Vendor Neutrality

Before you decide to hire a contingent workforce through an external expert, opt for a vendor-neutral agency. Not too long ago, MSPs used to serve staffing experts. However, it became difficult for companies to figure out whether or not MSPs serve in the best interest of the firm.

It’s a conflict of interest that helped companies realize the need for an external expert to manage a contingent workforce. So make sure the expert you hire follows a vendor-neutral service model to ensure efficient staffing of your company. The vendor-neutral model propels external experts to prioritize fulfilling staffing needs, as per your company’s requirements and budget limitations.

Save Administrative Costs

Contingent workforce management experts roll out efficient processes to schedule, manage, and pay contingent workers. As a result, it can bring down your overall administrative costs in a significant manner. Through a centralized administrative process, contingent workforce management experts can implement unique programs to save more costs without impacting business efficiencies. Time, after all, is money, and the more time you save, the higher the ROI your organization can achieve.

Contingent Workplace Management Expert: What Benefits You Can Expect?

No one understands more than established organizations that it takes more than one perspective to achieve growth. And when you hire a contingent workforce management expert you can expect an unbiased and fresh approach. Most freelancers and independent contractors have different experiences and skills to solve specific problems.

Your external expert will align the increased flexibility of contingent workers as per your business needs. Sure, employers deserve to know about the seasonal ups and downs, but they should also dive into new markets to hire talented gig workers and maintain a competitive edge.

On the surface, it may sound like a fast way to reduce costs, but the same approach can help you scale up business operations. Besides, you can summon a contingent workforce at any moment, offer and receive instant feedback, speed up the market strategy, and ensure completion of work before deadlines approach.

At any given moment, you can also outsource the services of a specialized worker remotely, without spending thousands of dollars on traditional recruitment processes. Another major perk of hiring a contingent workforce management expert is that it can help provide a smooth transition into another workplace environment. You don’t have to disrupt work or pay additional costs due to relocation. Your external expert can ensure the productivity of the contingent workforce throughout the business relocation process.


High5 offers dedicated and professional recruitment services to a wide range of businesses. Despite what industry you belong to – it is high time to take the next big step and manage your contingent workforce. Hiring a contingent workforce management expert is a growth-oriented approach that allows you to run operations at an affordable cost and push for a high revenue stream.

At High5, you can connect to the most talented workforce professionals at an affordable cost structure. Our specialists can help you match with the best contingent workforce management experts in no time.

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