How To Attract Tech Talent To Your Brand Using These Simple Tips

Learn how to attract tech talent that is so high quality, your products and/or services, and your business, will grow like never before. Just follow the simple tips below, offered by our High5 Pros!

Tech talent is in high demand and there’s no sign that will slow down anytime soon. It’s not just companies that categorize themselves as being in the tech space that are on the hunt for experienced software developers and engineers. It’s companies in all industries that are going after the best and the brightest talent gurus.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 40% of coders for hire were recruited by non-technological companies. Backend, full stack, and front end developers remain the most popular hires since the pandemic as more companies embrace the art of doing business either partly or entirely online.

As more of the world embraces digital technology, companies require experienced software engineers to help manage those platforms to support their customers. That means you’re not just competing with your fellow tech competitors for the most capable professional talent; you’re competing with everyone.

Here, you will learn how to attract tech talent so high quality your business will grow like never before. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you formulate your hiring strategy for 2022 and beyond.

Flexibility: be as accommodating as possible with working hours

Flexibility is one of those ubiquitous words that’s emerged from the coronavirus pandemic. People working full-time, part-time, contract, and freelance are all demanding the same thing from their employers: flexible work hours and flexible work environments.

Consider following the Japanese lead

The demand for a better work-life balance didn’t begin with COVID-19. In Japan, companies nationwide implemented a 4-day work week in 2019, nearly a full year before the outbreak of the pandemic. Despite concerns about lost working hours from other countries, productivity in Japan increased by 40% as a result of this shift. People were more focused and capable of getting the same amount of work done (if not more so) in less working days in exchange for an extra day to enjoy the weekend.

What began as an experiment in Japan eventually became a trend that more companies adopted to appease their workers and attract even more skilled professionals. This is a list of companies that have embraced 4-day work weeks as a default, making them very attractive destinations for software developers everywhere.

More self-control, higher productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all companies to adopt remote work to protect the health and well-being of employees everywhere. Once again, productivity improved with more flexible work accommodations. A group of 1,000 working professionals were surveyed and asked to self-analyze their own productivity in response to the pandemic. Amazingly, 54% said their productivity per hour had improved by having the ability to work from home and assert more control over their own lives.

Show workers that your company cares

The freedom to make your own hours and eliminate office commutes are intriguing to all kinds of workers, but especially developers and engineers. As long as they have an internet connection, they can work from anywhere. In fact, working from home can actually be more productive for engineers who don’t have to deal with distractions from co-workers and disruptions in the office.

In fact, by supporting remote or flexible work habits, managers and companies demonstrate to employees that they actually care about their well-being. This is a great method for how to attract tech talent to your brand. Flexible work hours and compassionate managers are two of the top perks that skilled developers and engineers look for in a company.

Embrace diversity: by culture, gender, and geography

The best strategies for how to attract tech talent to your brand include major emphasis on diversity and equality – two values championed by workers, employers, brands, and governments across much of the world. Highly skilled professionals are attracted to companies that do more than pay lip service to those ideals; they embrace them through their hiring practices.

Consider this statistic: fewer than 10% of employed software developers are women. In a time when more companies are embracing digital transformation, thereby requiring the skills of experienced developers, why not celebrate diversity by increasing the number of female developers and engineers on your team? You can get a leg up on the competition by tapping into extremely qualified and capable talent that has yet to be put to good use by other brands in the market.

And brands are eager to hire. For example, Amazon went on a hiring spree in the summer of 2020, averaging 2,800 new employees a day. While most hires were warehouse workers and delivery truck drivers, Amazon did hire many software engineers and hardware specialists to power their digital platforms in the second wave of the pandemic.

Places like Amazon have strong brand power that’s attractive to top quality professionals. If you want to hire the best tech talent for your brand, you need to give those skilled workers the incentive they need to choose your company over a brand like Amazon. Diversity, equality, and career coaching are some of the best values you can put forward to win them over, and better your strategies for how to attract tech talent that will elevate your brand exponentially.

Use talent clouds to hire the best tech talent

In order to reach those skilled developers, you need a better way to connect and engage with those professionals. Traditional hiring methods like third-party agencies are not cost efficient, and their processes are very cumbersome. For example, a typical timeline from when a job requirement is posted to when talent is engaged takes up to 8 weeks with a traditional agency. Using a talent cloud like High5, you can drop that down to less than 1 week.

Talent cloud services like High5 allow you to source, vet, qualify, and directly offer opportunities to the most skilled professionals on the market. You can use High5 to build a talent community comprising only the most impressive developers and engineers who can fill the skills gap on your existing team. Plus, you can easily bring on new talent on an as needed basis and offer full-time or contract opportunities depending on the specific needs of your business.

High5 is your one point of contact for how to attract tech talent and hire high quality talent who will make an immediate impact on your brand and business. Using our platform, you can fill your open positions 4 times faster with guaranteed quality candidates brought to those offerings. You can also use our subject matter experts to research, assess, test, rank, and verify technical skills of each candidate so that you know you’re bringing on someone who can add more value to your business.

When speed to hire is such an important factor for brands everywhere, talent cloud solutions are your best option to connect with the best tech talent in the market. Build an engaging community of prospects and invite them to see what makes your company such an impressive place to put their skills, knowledge, and experience to the best possible use.


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