How To Hire iOS Developers Online

Discover how to identify the best candidates and recruiting methods to optimize how you hire iOS developers online with these five key tips.

If you have an iPhone app idea, you want to find the best iOS developer to see your concept become reality. Further, you may be looking to hire iOS developers online in order to to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. 

You can find great talent quickly and cost effectively by tailoring your hiring process to meet the needs of your unique iOS project. With over 1 billion iPhone users around the world, learning how to best hire iOS developers online is essential to streamlining your creation of apps on Apple products and broadening your customer base for worldwide brand recognition.

The process of finding the right iOS developers to join your team, and even knowing how to approach the recruitment process, can prove challenging in such a competitive field. When you are a hiring manager, it is essential that you are able to attract highly qualified candidates to apply for your job position, identify key skills related to your specific app ideas, and develop strong relationships with the right candidates throughout the recruitment process.

To help you with your hiring process, we have created this guide to help you find and hire iOS developers online:

1. Plan your recruitment process thoroughly

It is essential to plan ahead in order to understand the skills and abilities your iOS team will need. If you already have multiple iOS programmers and need another, consider whether any skill or experience gaps need to be filled. It’s also a good idea to think about any technical features or innovative additions you will need to include in your app, as this may affect the type of skills you’re looking for in candidates. Use this information to narrow down the skills and qualifications you are looking for in candidates, and search for developers with experience in these features to ensure you hire iOS developers online who are well-suited to your mobile app needs. 

A budget and recruitment schedule are just as important as planning the skills and requirements of your ideal iOS developers. You can keep your tasks on track and within budget by setting specific deadlines for the recruitment process, such as the call-back point and dates interviews will take place. The plan should include as much information as possible – from what platforms you’ll utilize to advertise the job, to the target date you would like the successful candidate to start working.

2. Seek out candidates with experience

Whether you’re using direct advertising, employee referrals or a direct social recruitment strategy, try to connect with candidates who show an extensive amount of experience on their resume as soon as possible. Timing is key as the demand for iPhone app developers is high. Therefore, experienced iOS developers have many career opportunities across a wide variety of industries and businesses.

A candidate’s level of experience can be judged in two primary ways: by analyzing their portfolio and by asking about their professional level of experience with iOS, specifically. The level of experience is important to understand to ensure you are hiring the best candidate for the job.

There are 3 levels of iOS app developers to look out for: senior, middle and junior. Senior iOS developers typically have 4+ years of experience in the software development industry. A middle may have sufficient experience in software and mobile development, whereas a junior usually has around two years of guided professional experience.

Although it can be tempting to think that a senior iOS engineer will be the best at iOS development, it’s important to look at their actual iOS app experience, rather than how long they have been in a position. For example, it may make more sense for you to hire a junior iOS developer who regularly works on social media apps if you’re developing an app relating to social media instead of a senior who specializes in travel and navigation apps. High5 has an extensive range of subject matter experts who can help vet candidates to ensure you’re making the right hire, the first time.

3. Value a mix of both technical and soft skills

A talented developer needs a combination of soft and hard skills to not only achieve a high standard of work, but also fit within a company’s ethos or existing software team. In order to hire iOS developers online who can remain with your organization for a long time, you’ll need to ensure they have the right soft skills to communicate effectively and collaborate successfully with other team members. The most important soft skills to look for in iOS developers are organization, problem-solving, creativity and interpersonal skills. Great teamwork and communication can speed up the development of your iOS app and prevent errors caused by possible misunderstandings.

Along with dynamic soft skills, it is good to identify candidates who possess the technical skills required for the functions within your specific app idea. While those technical abilities may vary from project to project, most iOS development projects require a knowledge of programming language, coding, API integration and basic software engineering.

4. Consider freelancers when you need to hire iOS developers online

When you need to hire iOS developers online, considering freelance employees can be game-changing, especially if you are not looking to commit to a long-term engagement. The use of freelancers in mobile app development is extremely common since, for many projects, tasks can be performed remotely. This method can also be more cost-efficient as there won’t be training fees or overhead costs.

Working with remote developers can be extremely beneficial for businesses, but it is important to consider limitations or challenges you might encounter, such as time zone or language differences, that could present difficulties with regular communications and when scheduling meetings. However, with a clear set of deadlines and daily progress reports, you can easily combat these challenges and unlock a global pool of talent.

5. Utilize an existing tech talent pool

Working with a total talent solution such as High5 can give you access to a global pool of talented candidates seeking immediate employment. We ensure your company and our candidates are a great fit, as we fully vet every candidate, as well as provide a summary of their assessment, overall score, ranking, and recommendations for the applicants who best meet your project needs.

By using High5 to hire iOS developers online, you will significantly reduce your time-to-hire rate, which is extremely important for developing your app quickly in a competitive market. On average, it takes our candidates just 17 minutes to respond to inquiries, demonstrating how engaged and enthusiastic our talent pools are. High5 cultivates sustainable talent pools, both public and private, you can dip into and out of at any point during the app development process. So get started with High5 now and elevate your hiring process.

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