How To Hire Tech Roles Online (All You Need To Know)

Discover five ways to enhance how you hire tech roles online, utilizing the best recruitment strategies to find high-quality, suitable candidates for your company.

Filling tech roles can be a challenge, especially if you are not technically inclined yourself. Tech-savvy individuals possess a specialized set of skills that allows them to transform how a business operates, optimize its online communication, and secure any sensitive data it contains. Due to the high demand for tech roles across industries, finding the right talent in such a competitive field and how to hire tech roles can prove difficult for recruiters.

Implementing an innovative recruitment strategy that targets your ideal tech candidates will help you find and hire high-quality candidates that fit your brand. To combat this struggle, we have compiled our five top tips to help you successfully hire tech roles.

1.    Promote your company effectively

To engage and hire tech candidates, you must first establish your brand as a reputable and professional company. The best candidates will have a variety of companies looking to hire them, so you need to build the image of your company as an inspiring place to work. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that your company’s website is cohesive and up-to-date.

Your website should mention any achievements and awards you have received as well as what your brand does and why it is unique. It is highly likely that tech employees will search for your company online, so make sure your social media pages and official website are attractive and interesting in order to capture a candidate’s attention.

Be sure to emphasize the best features of your company in your job advertisement. The job advertisement can showcase the company culture, for instance, to show prospective employees how you value a safe and comfortable working environment that fosters professional growth. As company culture frequently contributes to job satisfaction, this is often an attractive asset to candidates.

2.    Consider passive candidates

A passive candidate is one who is currently employed, whereas an active candidate is one who is currently looking for a job. By excluding passive candidates from your recruitment strategy, you are severely restricting your search for a skilled and experienced tech worker.

Instead, make use of social recruiting by searching for both passive and active candidates online. On platforms such as LinkedIn, you can find an individual’s skills and experience levels, after which you can contact them via messages.

Rather than simply advertising your job to passive candidates, it may be better to build up a positive rapport first. Inquire about the interests of suitable candidates in technology, how they feel about their current jobs, and what they hope to achieve in the future. Based on their ambitions, you can then tailor how you market the job to them.

When using social recruiting strategies, you’ll need to market your company and available position as well, as the job must look attractive enough to appeal to someone who is already employed. Explain to passive candidates why the position would be a good fit for them, as well as how the job would support them in their professional and personal ambitions.

3.    Decide if the position can be remote

One of the best things about tech roles is that they can often be performed remotely. Whenever you are trying to fill a position requiring tech software, think about whether the job can be done remotely. Your recruitment search can be opened up to a global audience with remote working, giving you greater access to a broader talent pool.

At High5, our talent pools consist of professionals from around the world, who are available on a part-time, freelance or full-time basis. If you allow remote job performance, you give your company the opportunity to hire tech candidates that best fits the job position and values of your company.

4.    Build and use a talent pool

Recruiting for technical positions can be difficult, so once you collect the details of prospective candidates, keep them on file in case there is a future opening for a tech role. When you use a talent pool, you eliminate the need to search for candidates and you don’t have to wait for suitable candidates to apply.

Discovering new talent is also possible through third-party talent pools. With High5, we have a global talent pool of highly skilled candidates who have been vetted by experts in their field. Therefore, you can have the confidence that you are screening high-quality tech candidates using the High5 talent pool. A talent pool can help your company become more productive by finding a suitable and experienced candidate.

5.    Gain help from a tech expert

If you are not familiar with the tech industry, it can be difficult to know when you have found an excellent candidate. Getting assistance from a tech expert on how to hire tech, whether a friend or colleague, can help you identify the key skills you should look for in applicants. This will help you select a candidate that is well suited to the position in which you are hiring.

The requirements, certifications, and qualifications for tech positions also vary greatly, so a thorough review of the resume of a potential candidate can help you find the best candidate for the job. Therefore, having a professional in the tech industry contribute their expert opinion, can help you hire tech roles and select the most appropriate candidates for a more streamlined and efficient recruitment process.

Recruiters can use High5 to gain expert recommendations on how to hire tech roles and find the top candidates within the industry through skill tests and interviews. We give recruiters access to only the best candidates within the talent pool, as every candidate has been expertly vetted. Our tech experts are able to give recommendations and provide their professional opinions to help you select candidates suited to your specific job listing.

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