Talent Community Platforms: Definition and Benefits

Discover what talent community platforms are in recruitment and learn about the benefits of using talent community platforms like High5.

Traditional ways of hiring are messy and lead to problems in recruitment. Hiring on multiple talent platforms is one of these problems. The candidate sourcing process gets confusing if you have too many talent communities on platforms that have different values. High5 will help you avoid that confusion by direct-sourcing candidates from a digitized, global supply chain.


Talent community platforms are great for finding strong and reliable candidates. You can use a talent community platform like High5 to fill skill gaps in your company. The more candidates you have in your talent community, the more likely you’ll find someone who matches specific job requirements. Before building a strong community, you need to find a talent platform that suits your hiring preferences.


Of course, finding the right platform is the first step to building a strong talent community. Just keep reading this guide if you want to learn about talent community platforms like High5, the importance of using them in recruitment and how they will benefit your company! 

What are talent community platforms?

A talent community platform is a recruitment website that can help companies grow their talent communities. Platforms allow you to build a robust pipeline for sourcing and evaluating talented candidates. High5 is a talent community platform that can build your employer brand and encourage candidates to seek jobs in your company. You can use our platform to create a talent community suitable for full-time, part-time, freelance or contract opportunities in your company. 

Why are talent community platforms important?

Talent community platforms are important for sourcing candidates quickly. This reduces the usual time of traditional hiring methods. A platform like High5 will pre-screen applicants to ensure they are qualified for your open roles. Here are some other reasons why talent community platforms are important: 


  • More Personal Engagement With Candidates: A talent community platform will help you communicate with candidates about upcoming roles. You can arrange personal meetings to help form strong, professional relationships. High5 ensures your messages are personalized and relevant to candidates, as this can encourage a 17 minute response time

  • Allows You to Proactively Plan: Talent community platforms can aid your planning for future roles. You can tell a platform like High5 that you want candidates with specific in-demand skills. High5 will then use AI technology to identify trending needs in the industry. This matching has the greatest submittal-to-hire conversion rate of any direct-sourcing platform.

  • Gives More Opportunities to Candidates: Talent community platforms can move unsuccessful candidates into your community. This ensures they still have a chance to apply for future roles. If candidates still feel appreciated, they are more likely to stay in your talent community and engage with opportunities that better match their skills and experiences.

  • Easier Access to Qualified Talent: Choosing a talent community platform like High 5 ensures you have one easy access to candidates. High5 has a robust global talent network that joins recruiters, employers and workforce professionals. It’s important to have a platform that stores your applicants in a safe and easy to navigate location. 

Top 4 benefits of talent community platforms like High5

Talent community platforms like High5 exist because employers need a faster and more efficient way to source high-quality applicants. Without platforms like this, you would struggle to create a reliable community that is filled with diverse candidates from global networks. 


At High5, we have comparative analytics that help you find ideal candidates for your company’s needs. Below, you will find the top four benefits of using talent community platforms like High5: 

  1. Offers pre-vetted talent

High5 will pre-screen applicants to ensure they are suitable for your talent community. Our subject matter experts will interview these applicants and discuss their prominent skills. For example, if you’re looking for more technical skills, our experts will assess and rank candidates based on their technical knowledge. You will then receive a highly qualified shortlist of candidates that match your requirements. 

  1. Larger hiring scale 

A talent community platform can help you gather large amounts of candidates. This prevents you from using traditional hiring methods that only give you a handful of talents. Platforms like High5 will continuously search for new candidates and move them into your applicant tracking system. The more candidates you have in the community, the more likely you’ll fill critical roles faster. 

  1. Reduces hiring costs 

Job advertisements and campaigns will always cost more than using a talent community platform. These costs may turn out to be pointless if you don’t find enough candidates. By conversing with High5, you can gain access to a seamless, people-centered network that already has strong talent. You can save money from our hiring methods and use that towards important resources for your company.

  1. Minimizes recruitment risks 

Platforms like High5 can help you mitigate risks during recruitment. One common risk is hiring employees that have lied on their applications. Our sourcing platform will screen these candidates to ensure they’re truthful about their skills and experiences. You don’t have to worry about hiring candidates that slow down your operations or don’t live up the company’s expectations. 


Overall, using a talent community platform like High5 will greatly benefit your recruitment process. You’ll have access to a digitized talent marketplace that has over 18,000 subject matter experts who cover in-demand skills. Schedule a call with us and you’ll be ready to go in no time! 


What is a talent acquisition platform?

A talent acquisition platform is a system that allows you to create a pipeline for sourcing, screening, interviewing and hiring candidates. This system is great for recruiting suitable candidates for your company. Many talent community platforms use this pipeline method to aid your hiring process.

How is AI used in talent acquisition? 

High5 uses AI-driven technology to fill skill gaps in your company. The advanced AI will match and identify candidates for open positions. You can use our talent community platform to find candidates that have in-demand skills or talents that suit your company’s mission. 

What does a talent community do?

A talent community encourages recruiters to create a pipeline of candidates who are interested in your company. These candidates might be passive and won’t feel ready to apply for open roles yet. Talent communities are a great way of building a diverse network full of interesting talent.


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