Talent Pool Recruitment: How to Hire Talented Candidates

Discover what talent pool recruitment means and learn how to hire talented candidates when advertising open positions in the company.

A talent pool is good for companies to engage and retain talented candidates. Recruiters may search through the talent pool when gathering possible candidates for open positions. Talent pool recruitment is proactive. Learning how to recruit people from said talent pool is important for hiring the right talent. If you want to learn about the talent pool recruitment process, keep reading to find helpful ways to hire candidates in talent pools.

What is talent pool recruitment?

Talent pool recruitment is the process of interviewing and hiring candidates from the talent pool. You can search the talent pool database for suitable applications that contain relevant talent and skills. The idea of talent pool recruitment is to find candidates that feel confident to accept open roles in the company. These keen candidates usually develop their skills when waiting for jobs in the talent pool. 

Why is talent pool recruitment important?

A strong talent pool is important for a strong talent pool recruitment strategy, and recruiting high-performing and high-potential candidates – candidates who have been trained and developed to handle greater roles in the organization. Here are some examples of why talent pool recruitment is important for the hiring process:

  • No Need For Extra Training:  Candidates in the talent pool have already developed their skills and knowledge through High5’s free online classes. When looking to hire these candidates, you can put them straight into an open position without prior training or coaching lessons.
  • Candidates Already Feel Prepared: Candidates have already read about the company’s culture and understand the main job requirements. They can get straight into completing job responsibilities with team members they might have already met. 
  • Job Postings Aren’t Required: Since you have the relevant talent in a single location, you don’t have to use job sites to find more talent. This saves you time during the hiring process and ensures you hire candidates that are trustworthy and eager to find a role in the company. 
  • You Have a Range of Talent to Choose From: Talent pools contain diverse talent that are suitable for open roles. Since you’re already familiar with the candidates, you can quickly locate the ones that stand out most and have skills that match the job description. 

4 steps to follow when recruiting from the talent pool

Hiring candidates from the talent pool ensures they don’t face rejection when waiting for open roles. Candidates can feel empowered if they get moved into a talent pool, rather than wonder about their unsuccessful application. High5 will make sure you nurture these relationships during the recruitment process. Below are four steps you can follow when hiring candidates from the talent pool: 

  • Review the applicant tracking system

The applicant tracking system will show you the top ranked candidates for each position. This is a quick way to review the most suitable skills and job experiences. Applicant tracking systems usually have keyword filters that allow you to look for particular skills and qualifications. For example, if the new job requires programming knowledge, you might type ‘coding skills’ into the system. This should show you candidates who have a proven record of using those skills, or previous employment that required coding techniques.

Once you have found relevant candidates, you can move them into a separate group for interviewing. The ATS will have candidate pools that show potential employees. You can use this candidate pool for the shortlisting process when you begin to interview them about their skills and experiences.

  • Start interviewing the candidates

You can now interview the candidates separately, either on a video call or in a physical meeting. Video calls might be more helpful if you’re interviewing global candidates for remote work. Interviews are important for understanding their motivation and experience for the role. During each interview, you can ask candidates about their skills and how they developed them. Their answers will tell you more about their career development. The interviewing process is also good for evaluating their personality and if they would fit in with the company’s culture.

  • Choose the best candidate 

After interviewing the candidates, you can choose someone that best fits the open position. Take the extra time to think about your decision and how that candidate will perform in the job. You can consider these following questions when choosing a suitable candidate: 

  • – Do they have relevant experience in previous jobs?
  • – Do they have in-demand soft and hard skills?
  • – Would they get along with current employees?
  • – Are they aware of the company’s mission? 
  • – Have they already had training? 
  • – Are they able to take on more responsibilities?

These questions should help you identify the right candidate. At High5, we offer the other candidates new opportunities that match their skills. This will retain their engagement and encourage them to try other jobs that better suit their experiences.

  • Move other candidates back to the talent pool

Moving unsuccessful candidates back into the talent pool ensures they are still up for consideration in other roles. The applicant tracking system will help you transfer candidates from candidate pools into the current talent pool. Just make sure to update the system after hiring the successful candidate. 

Candidates don’t like to feel disheartened after the interviewing process, so make sure you interact with them regularly and send them job updates every week. This is why recruiters at High5 will offer guidance to improve their chances for future opportunities. Some candidates prefer to hear feedback from professionals if they’ve not been accepted for the role. You could also upload daily social media posts to keep those candidates engaged with your company.


What is a talent pool? 

A talent pool is a database of engaged candidates who are interested in working for a specific company. These candidates have shown the skills and desire to apply for open positions. Recruiters will use talent pools to locate candidates that have the right skills and work experience.

Is being in a talent pool good?

Talent pools are a great way for employers to build professional relationships with potential employees. Candidates in these talent pools can use the time to develop their skills and learn more about the company they’re interested in. These candidates also have more of a chance at getting job interviews.

What is a talent pool interview?

A talent pool interview is a formal meeting between a candidate and employer. These interviews will help employers gain a better understanding of their work experience and skills. Recruiters usually choose candidates that should have an interview for the open position.


Hiring candidates from talent pools ensures you’re recruiting the right talent for your company. You can use High5 to improve your hiring experience when interacting with different talents. For example, we can engage talent so they seek you rather than you seeking them. Also take the time to get to know the candidates, as these interactions should tell you more about their skills and long-term goals

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