Why Talent Pool Solutions Are Good For Hiring

Learn what talent pool solutions are in recruitment and discover why these solutions are important for locating talented candidates.​

The traditional ways of vetting talent are inefficient and create a messy hiring system. Advertising on different recruitment channels, managing hundreds of suppliers and using different hiring platforms are some examples of outdated solutions. These solutions create disjointed parts that make it difficult to provide high-quality talent to recruiters and employers. That’s why at High5, we use a digitized talent supply chain that powers a global talent network for you to search for relevant talent.

Do you want to learn more about talent pool solutions? Then keep on reading to find out what talent pool solutions mean, why these solutions are important and the benefits of talent pool solutions in recruitment! 

What does talent pool solutions mean?

Talent pool solutions is a strategy that helps recruiters and employers to find talented candidates with strong skills and qualifications. Here at High5, we look at the bigger picture when filling skill gaps and analyzing an organization’s hiring requirements. Not only that, but we combine technology and people to efficiently source and locate talent through our global supply chain. It’s essential to help professionals find high-quality candidates that match the job preferences and show their dedication to the role. 

Why are talent pool solutions important?

Talent sourcing is important for engaging prospective talent and giving candidates the chance to work in full time, part time, contract, freelance and remote jobs. You can find candidates in one place that holds all their personal information and data regarding their skills and experiences. Here are some reasons why talent pool solutions are important for recruitment: 

  • – Easier Access to Qualified Talent: You can review the total talent model to find talented candidates. This system is important for keeping track of these candidates without getting confused or overwhelmed by several other vetting solutions.
  • – You Can Review Diverse Candidates: Talent pool solutions are important for attracting diverse candidates to the talent pool. You can evaluate their different levels of skills and how they might complete tasks independently and as part of a team.
  • – Ensures Candidates Are Assessed: At High5, we have over 18,000 subject matter experts who can cover over 1000 skills. They will assess candidates for their technical skills and rank them based on how well they match the job requirements.
Top 3 benefits of using talent pool solutions

Talent pool solutions are beneficial for employers, recruiters and workforce professionals. Our platform exists to provide you with an efficient way of gathering top-quality talent.  Below you will find the top three benefits of talent pool solutions at High5: 

  1. Reduced costs and time

We use AI-driven technology to reduce the speed and cost of traditional hiring methods. This ensures you don’t have to pay for advertising campaigns that take longer to reach applicants. For example, instead of posting advertisements, you can come to us and request a handful of qualified candidates.

Our technology will also source candidates in the global supply chain and move them into your applicant tracking system. The system will organize your candidates from the most qualified to least. You won’t have to pre-screen these candidates, which is another bonus for saving time during recruitment. 

  1. Pre-vetted talent that is ready for hire

After the candidates have been screened, we match them with one of our subject experts that share similar skills and job experiences. These experts can arrange hour-long video interviews with the candidate to assess their skills and industry knowledge. You will then receive the candidate’s assessment score, which shows their ranking among other candidates in the talent pool. We take the time to nurture these candidates so they’re engaged with your company and feel ready to accept open roles.

You can then have a chance to review the trusted talent that has been carefully vetted. Building trust with these candidates is important for recruitment, as you will feel more comfortable hiring qualified employees. There’s no need to search for talent or reach job websites that encourage candidates to send applications. This would take too long and increase the risk of unqualified talent in the pools.

  1. Access to risk mitigation plans

Risk mitigation plans are strategies that help you prepare for possible threats in your company. You can use our platform to create steps to reduce negative effects during recruitment, such as hiring candidates that aren’t qualified enough. For example, we would make sure to review candidates thoroughly before sending them to your applicant tracking system. This ensures you only receive trusted talent from us.

We will guide you through the aftermaths of negative hiring and reduce harmful long-term effects of losing candidates. At High5, we can also help you locate talent anywhere in the world by offering risk-free talent solutions that prevent you from hiring the wrong people. 


Talent pool solutions is a good strategy for gathering candidates into one system. This gives employers and recruiters the opportunity to search for trusted talent in the community. You can talk to us at High5 to find a talent solution that works best for your company’s hiring needs. Leaving behind traditional hiring methods will help you grow your talent pool and workforce professionals.


What does High5 Trusted Talent mean? 

High5 Trusted Talent means candidates have been verified by subject-matter experts. These candidates are ready to assume responsibilities in your company. At High5, we ensure the candidates are engaged with our brand and feel comfortable taking on greater roles that have higher expectations.

How can I attract diverse candidates?

You can open roles that have different requirements and expectations. This ensures candidates with less experience still have a chance at finding a job in your company. Reviewing the global talent pool will also help you find global candidates wanting remote work opportunities. 

Why is my talent pool important?

Talent pooling encourages diversity among candidates. It stops you from following traditional hiring methods that use too much time and money. You can use talent pools to review qualified candidates and offer interviews to those suitable for open positions in your company.

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