What Are The Advantages of Online Web Recruitment

Explore the top five advantages of online web recruitment to connect your company with the best of the best professionals.

The internet has streamlined and simplified how we search for information, connect with friends or loved ones, purchase items for the home, and even how we recruit new employees. Online web recruitment has supplanted traditional hiring methods like job boards or staffing firms as the optimal strategy to build out effective teams so that companies can achieve exceptional results.

Online web recruitment helps talent managers tap into talent pools of experienced professionals and fill openings on teams with speed and efficiency. It also makes it easier for independent professionals to connect with companies in need of coders for hire and people with other skills. Speed and convenience aren’t just for the companies looking to hire; those benefits extend to independent professionals interested in taking on new challenges.

Speed, convenience, and efficiency are excellent benefits for both the hiring organizations and the developers eager to put their skills to good use. In this article, we’re going to look at five of the most beneficial reasons to invest in online web recruitment and build a talent acquisition strategy that connects your company with the best of the best professionals.

Greater volume of potential candidates

Just like with anything in life, it’s always helpful to have more options. To borrow another cliche, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Having access to a talent community of professionals increases your chances of finding the perfect candidate who can elevate the performance of your team to new heights.

Using online web recruitment software, you can build that talent pool of professionals and always have potential candidates to expand the capabilities of your team whenever the need arises. This allows you to:

  • Fill more openings
  • Recruit at faster rates
  • Bring exceptional people onboard your team
  • Increase the skill set of your developers
  • Always have people on reserve for future needs

Break down geographic barriers

The COVID-19 global pandemic forced remote work to become a stark reality for most companies. But don’t expect office space to fill up again with full time staff as the world moves on from the pandemic.

According to research, 70% of workers will continue to work remotely for at least five days a month by 2025. In some industries, expect that number to be higher as well as the number of days spent out of office in any given month.

It makes sense that companies are becoming more comfortable with remote workforces. The pandemic forced people to work remotely, but productivity across most industries remained stable and, in some cases, even improved as people operated away from the office environment.

Why is this all important? If you’re looking to hire the most talented professionals for your company, why limit yourself to the local community? Thousands of talented people offer their skills to companies from the comfort of their own homes, and they’re capable of delivering amazing results for those same teams. If you’re looking for the best, online web recruitment helps you connect with the best, regardless of geographic proximity.

Increase communication and keep candidates engaged

Engagement is the key to keeping independent professionals in your company’s orbit. People who feel like they belong to a community are more likely to want to commit more of their time and energy towards supporting that community.

Online web recruitment platforms, like High5, allow you to build direct relationships with your entire talent pool of candidates. Similar to how marketing and sales teams segment customers by new, existing, or lapsed clients, you can use built-in filters to organize your talent pool into different types of candidates. You can even organize them by their history working with your company or their potential to work for you in the future.

This allows you to build targeted communication strategies to engage with candidates based on their level of involvement with your company. High5 also provides teams of talent specialists to help manage the day to day aspect of managing these communities so that your internal talent team can focus on delivering big picture results for the company. Using these specialists, you can arrange and deploy communication channels like:

  • Live chats
  • AI chatbots
  • Personalized emails 
  • Company newsletters
  • Polls for past workers
  • Surveys to measure interest from new candidates

Help your internal talent recruiters manage their time

Online web recruitment software is a tool to help optimize your recruitment process. Used effectively, platforms like High5 should help save your team time, energy, and resources while still delivering exceptional talent to help fuel growth for the company.

Direct sourcing platforms like High5 are built to save your recruitment team time. Your staff can avoid the manual process of searching one-on-one for candidates on traditional job boards, across social media, or through high-priced recruitment agencies. 

Simplify the entire recruitment process by inputting your search parameters into the platform, and the machine learning technology will send you lists of the most qualified candidates to add into your talent pool. This work is fully automated, allowing your in-house team to dedicate more of their own time and resources towards more strategic business goals.

Reduce turnover and increase candidate satisfaction

By using advanced search parameters within High5, you’ll increase the quality of candidates who connect with your organization. People who have the right skills and the right attitudes to align with your company’s values and expectations will be a better fit to help achieve the desired results for growth and advancement for the organization.

It also means you should hire more people who are fascinated by the company, excited about the culture, and determined to help the business achieve its goals. Happy and qualified candidates will fit in with the company culture and deliver exceptional results for your products

Happiness and pride in the work are also key indicators of employee longevity and overall satisfaction among teammates. Happy and productive teams are far more likely to stick together for the long haul and reduce company turnover. Additionally, if a particular professional is working freelance or on contract, you could offer to extend a more permanent position once the job is complete. If the timing is not right, you can continue to engage with that particular expert within your talent pool and bring them back to work for you when a new task needs completion.

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