How to Use a Talent Management Tool and Build Your Workforce

High5 will be an integral talent management tool in your overall talent management plan.

Building a team of professional developers is paramount to success for any tech company. Software and digital products can transform businesses, enabling companies to excel with new solutions and generate scalable and repeatable growth for their businesses. Developing those products requires the right team, and finding the right team requires your brand to make the right hiring decisions.

Sometimes, the right decision for companies is to hire locally sourced talent who works in-house. In other cases, the best decision for a brand is to conduct a global search for coders for hire using talent management tools, like High5. Using a platform like High5, you can expand your talent recruitment strategy to a global level and connect with only the most skilled and qualified developers who can provide real monetary value for your company, without any geographic limitations.

High5 will be an integral tool in your talent management plan, so it will benefit you to have a better understanding of the different solutions available through the platform. This guide will give you a brief overview of our three tiers of service available to help you make the best decision for your brand.

All About High5 Talent Clouds

Traditional methods of finding and acquiring professional talent are no longer scalable, which is why we’ve developed a new method to attract qualified coders for hire. High5 Talent Clouds is blazing a trail in the future of talent acquisition.

High5 Talent Clouds utilize world-class AI software and subject matter experts who are skilled at accelerating talent acquisition programs to produce extremely efficient results. We combine advanced technologies that include natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and blockchain to ensure the entire hiring experience is streamlined from beginning to end.

We can build your private talent clouds, and with that, we’ll take care of your known talent, capture your existing 1099s, and ensure your interns, retirees, and top performers are engaged (and stay that way) until their next project. If you’d rather we build you a pool of vetted, quality, hard to find talent, we can do that too.

The best part of High5 Talent Clouds is the experience and dedication provided by our team of experts. We’re here to make your job hiring qualified developers, well-versed in Full-Stack, Cloud, Big Data, Cyber Security, or any kind of talent, as smooth and seamless as possible. All we need from you are the details of your hiring strategy, and we’ll make use of our talent management tool to connect you with the right people and deliver optimal results.

Filling Your Talent Pools with High5 Vetted Talent

If you opt into High5 Vetted Talent, you’re gaining access to a broader, larger pool of quality talent. The search parameters truly become global with more advanced filters that allow you to target the types of coders for hire who provide the skills currently missing from your existing development team.

One of our proudest accomplishments with High5 Vetted Talent is how we’ve decreased time-to-fill for new hires by up to 15%. We have objective third-party interviewers on the platform who provide an independent assessment of potential candidates.

This helps filter out developers whose skills and experience are out of sequence with what you need. Only the most qualified coders for hire are passed on for an interview, ensuring your in-house talent managers are not overwhelmed with unqualified candidates. We’ll also share details about your company culture, work flexibility, and commitment to diversity, showcasing your desire to align with talent management best practices.

Our talent management tool can also be used to find workers for all types of positions. Be it full-time, part-time, contract, contract-to-hire, freelance, and more; High5 Vetted Talent is perfectly suited to help you connect, vet, and hire quality development talent and scale your company’s deliverables to new levels.

It All Comes Together in the High5 Marketplace

High5’s digital marketplace is a talent acquisition platform that connects you to experienced coders for hire. Our talent delivery team of over 1400 recruiters help screen, vet, and utilize our subject matter experts to streamline the interview process for your team. We filter through the potential candidates until we find the top talent who’s best qualified for the needs of your brand, thereby delivering quality every time.

One of the main benefits of the High5 Marketplace is our ability to integrate with learning management systems. These programs can automate things like training, onboarding, continuing education, and other rich forms of content that give talent managers opportunities for new certifications and experiences. Talent can quickly up-skill, get certified on new technologies, and take training courses to stay competitive in the market.

We also provide 24/7 service so that the work to qualify and recruit potential candidates is continuously ongoing. Our service even extends to things like simplified invoicing, payment processing, and records management; it’s a one-stop talent management tool shop!

Are You Ready For The High5 Experience?

Our team of industry leaders are ready to help your talent management program become the best it can be. Register with High5, your transformative talent management tool and make your next new hire the best decision you ever made.

Let’s Go!

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