What Is Cloud Based Talent Management in Recruitment?

Discover what cloud based talent management is and learn how to manage talent clouds when hiring for new roles in your company.

Talent clouds can be found on shared networks between companies and third party providers. Different employers can access the talent cloud using cloud computing resources, like joint servers and databases. At High5, we encourage you to use our global talent supply chain that helps you to hire professionals for your company. 

Our platform is convenient for hiring candidates that want full time, part time, freelance, contract and project-based roles. Of course, you will find these candidates in the trusted talent cloud

Managing these talent clouds is important for engaging candidates within them and encouraging them to apply for open positions. Fear not, though, because this guide will show you how to effectively manage talent clouds. Just keep reading to find a cloud based talent management definition, the importance of managing these candidates and a step-by-step guide for your management needs!

What is cloud based talent management?

Cloud based talent management refers to the identification and development of candidates in the shared talent cloud. Managing these candidates is a good way to understand their level of interest in a company. 

Recruiters and employers will often use talent management systems to retain current employees and encourage talented candidates to develop their skills. A cloud based talent management system can also tell you more about the professional skills, work experience and educational background of each candidate in the group. 

  • – Why is cloud based talent management important?

Managing candidates in a cloud based talent management system is important for aligning their expectations with your company. You need to understand their preferences, especially when it comes to developing new skills for the open positions. Here at High5, we ensure that you avoid skill gaps when hiring people from our talent clouds. Here are some other reasons why cloud based talent management is important: 

  • – Gives Candidates Motivation: The more you engage with candidates, the more likely they’ll feel motivated to apply for roles in your company. You can manage your professional relationships with them and arrange meetings to understand their skills and experiences better.
  • – Retains Top Talent: A well-structured management creates more retention within the talent cloud. Candidates usually feel appreciated when you work harder to retain their engagement. At High5, recruiters keep your candidates engaged through social media posts.
  • – Constant Coverage of Roles: Cloud based talent management ensures the candidates have developed skills that can help them fulfill critical roles. Current employees won’t need extra workloads if new candidates are filling important positions with tasks suited to their talent.
  • – Attracts More Global Talent: Managing the talent cloud will strengthen your recruitment branding. Potential candidates from around the world will most likely join talent clouds that have a strong hiring system. High5 is keen on connecting professionals, recruiters and employers in one seamless network that has management systems in place.

3 steps for managing your talent cloud

A strong talent cloud management system will ensure you identify top performers in the talent cloud. Partnering with a third party provider, like High5, is a good way of building a structured management system. We can introduce you to cloud developers who will maintain, support and manage your cloud computing network. Just keep reading to find out how you can manage your talent cloud effectively: 

1. Use the vendor management system

The vendor management system is a type of cloud-based software platform that streamlines your ability to engage with, recruit and manage external talent. This talent might be independent contractors and other contract providers. Companies that want to hire global talent should have a well-structured VMS that can beat traditional hiring methods. At High5, we help you build connections with VMS experts who can manage your software. Hiring these experts will ensure you have a smooth-running management.

2. Monitor skills and experience in the talent cloud

Your talent cloud should be filled with candidates who have the relevant skills and work experience for open positions. If you don’t regularly check this network of candidates, you might lose focus of your company’s mission and who you want to hire for the company. You can use High5 to keep their skills relevant by offering them our free online classes. These skill development classes are great for global talent clouds that comprise candidates who prefer to work from home. 

3. Send personalized messages through networking apps

A cloud computing network can help you access resources, such as networking and company-branded apps. These applications will help you send personalized messages to candidates who have applied for open roles or are new to the talent cloud. You might send questions about their skills or engage more with their long-term career goals. If you prefer social media, you can contact candidates through LinkedIn or Twitter. This interaction should help you sort candidates into ‘strong’ and ‘more development’ groups. 

High5 offers candidates the chance to schedule their own interview on the app and stay updated with company news. This is good for engaging talent candidates in the talent cloud. The more updates they receive, the more likely they’ll stick with your company.


What does talent management software do?

Talent management software can help HR to manage the recruitment, development and performance of candidates and employees. This is important for monitoring skills gaps in the company. Larger companies tend to use talent management systems to track potential employees in big talent pools.

What is the first step of the talent management process?

The first step is to identify company objectives and skill gaps that need to be filled by new talent. Understanding your mission is important for selecting candidates that align with your goals. If you miss this step, you might hire people that aren’t right for your company’s values.

Who is responsible for talent management?

Employers, recruiters and HR are responsible for talent management. They each play a part in creating talent development strategies that help candidates to grow their skills. Without the right management system, talent pools wouldn’t get the attention it needs to expand into a thriving community.


Overall, cloud based talent management is important for developing and retaining candidates in the talent cloud. You can use our network at High5 to rapidly source and manage candidates from the digitized global supply chain. Online networks are the new trend in hiring relevant and talented candidates!

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