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Hire a Python Developer

The recent boom and popularity of Python has managed to increase the demand for talented Python developers. Python is one of the most utilized programming languages in the IT sector, so it’s clear to see why companies are looking to hire more experienced developers for their organization today.

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Benefits of Hiring a Python Developer

  • Hiring a Python developer can open doors to a more supportive Python community for businesses.
  • Python developers can inspire other employees at your organization to learn about the programming language. This is because it is currently one of the easiest programming languages to learn.
  • Hiring a Python developer can speed up your IT operations and your data analysis processes. A combination of the two can also help your organization achieve greater productivity and improved workflow efficiency.
  • Since Python developers can understand complex applications, they typically have the ability to resolve complex issues.
  • Hiring a Python developer can enable your organization to have more control and authority over your business processes.
  • Since Python is an object-based programming language, experienced Python designers often tend to have a strong and resourceful library at hand. This allows organizations to cut down the length of code and better optimize the development process altogether.

FAQs About Hiring Python Developers

Where can I find a Python developer?

In order to find an experienced Python developer, you can opt for the services of an independent recruitment agency that offers hiring services at a high cost. In addition, you can also look for freelancing platforms to hire a python developer. Since there’s an array of developers to choose from, the quest to find the most compatible and talented individual can become overwhelming. It is research and a systematic approach, like what we offer at High5, that can match your organization with the best python developer candidates.

Why should our company use High5 to hire a Python developer?

For starters, Python designers specialize in a wide range of skills. You can find Python developers with advanced to basic developer skills. Plus, they can also perform duties meant for data scientists, data analysts, and software engineers.
At High5, we can help businesses find the perfect Python designer for their organization’s unique needs. You can expect carefully screened and vetted candidates with an extensive understanding of the market. In a competitive job marketplace, your company doesn’t have to waste its valuable resources and time on expensive hiring efforts. Instead, opt for a dedicated platform like High5 that can help you connect with talented and professional Python developers today.

What skills does a Python developer need?

The quintessential skills every Python developer should have include:

  • Understanding of Web Frameworks
  • Core Python expertise
  • Understanding of Data Science
  • Understanding of Relational Object Mappers
  • Focus on deep learning
  • Theoretical and Practice understanding of AI and ML
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of various architecture processes
  • Design skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills

Python's flexibility means that Python designers can use it for many purposes. Of course, knowing the Python language is obviously required. But what else should you look for in a Python engineer?

You will want to hire a Python designer with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, they need to have experience with Python frameworks. Django and Flask are two well-known examples of such frameworks. Selecting the appropriate framework for your project is crucial because each one offers different capabilities.

Database knowledge is also helpful for Python programmers. MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL are just a few examples of well-known databases used in Python programs. Also, a solid knowledge of Linux or Unix is required to effectively use many of the most widely-used Python frameworks and modules.

Programming with Python may have far-reaching effects on individuals and corporations. Therefore, Python designers must be meticulous and exact in everything they do. As a result, they must be detail-oriented with the code they write. Python designers also need good research skills to be able to read other people's code and figure out how it works so they can update it or fix any bugs that arise.

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What is a Python developer?

Though many tech jobs use Python extensively, companies typically hire a Python developer because they understand the language at a higher level and can use it to accomplish any number of tasks, including data collection and analytics, database creation, web development, design, scripting, and automation.

Python developers are utilized by many large organizations like Intel, IBM, NASA, Pixar, Netflix, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, and Spotify. In addition, Python is one of Google's four primary languages and the primary language used to develop YouTube.

The rising data science community's embrace of AI and ML has boosted Python’s appeal. You can hire a Python developer to do anything from developing a website to creating a database to working closely with data collection and analytics to deliver answers and insight.

What is the difference between a Python developer and Java developer?

The two most widely used languages for computer programming are Java and Python. Java is the faster language, while Python is less complicated and easier to pick up. Each language has been around for a while, doesn't rely on any certain platform, and has a sizable, engaged community. That's about the only thing they have in common. Python developers and Java developers both use powerful programming languages, but they are best suited for distinct tasks.

The day-to-day tasks of a Python developer might include working with data collection and analytics to deliver insights to top-level decision-makers. You could also hire a Python developer for database creation, web development and design, scripting, and automation.

Meanwhile, Java developers are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining Java programs. It's not uncommon for more experienced Java developers to devote more time to designing and overseeing a Java-based project than actually coding.

Guide to Hiring a Python Developer

Python is a flexible and well-known programming language recognized for its efficiency and performance. With Python, you can build anything from a simple website to a complex web application. According to Stack Overflow, Python is rising in the ranks of popularity. It’s no surprise that with such a versatile language, the demand for Python developers is high. A strong Python programmer can help you grow your company. He or she can be a key player in developing new features and tools that make your services stand apart.

This article will further explain how you can hire a Python developer for your team.

A Quick 3-Step Process for Hiring a Python Developer

Before going into more detail, it’s important to understand the basic process of hiring a Python developer. Here are three simple steps that can help get you started:

1. Define Your Job Requirements

Python has various uses and it can build many different types of applications and suit several business needs. So, you should start by defining your job requirements and the project at hand. Specifying the task enables organizations to be clear and concise in the job description. When reviewing applications, identifying the task you are trying to recruit a Python programmer for can result in a well-maintained and structured screening process.

2. Interview Your Candidate

Conducting an interview allows organizations to meet and interact with qualified talent. In an interview, you can gain a greater understanding of a candidate’s mindset and openly discuss the job requirements. You can also get a feel for how they communicate and if they may be a good fit for your team.

3. Test Your Candidate

If the interview goes well, the next step would be to test their skills in Python development. A knowledge test allows you to weed out any candidates that don’t have enough Python knowledge for the role and see how long it takes the candidate to complete tasks. With a knowledge test, you can feel confident in the skill set of the candidate that you hire.

If you aren’t comfortable or knowledgeable enough in Python to give a test, consider putting together a panel or assigning someone who is more experienced with the task.

What Skills to Look For in a Python Developer

Want to hire a Python Developer that’s well-versed, knowledgeable of the latest trends, and can advance your company? Then it’s critical to seek out a full stack developer with a diverse skill set. Well-developed skills are what sets an expert Python programmer apart from those who only have a basic grasp of the language. If you would like to hire the most qualified candidate to work for your company, look for these technical and non-technical skills:

Technical Expertise

Python is a vast language. Two versions are commonly used, and each version is not compatible with the other. For this reason, you should recruit a Python designer that is fluent in different versions of Python. To make development easier, faster, and more efficient, the developer should also be well-versed in frameworks, tools, modules, classes, and libraries. All of these elements are required to improve Python’s functionality.

Good Communication Skills

Teamwork is a critical part of developing software of any type. Any developer should be able to work in a team and have the ability to comprehend and communicate thoughts and ideas with many different people.

Ability to Think Critically

With frameworks, the development process can happen efficiently, reducing the amount of time needed for development. Good developers will think ahead and plan out their development process in the most efficient way possible.

Ability to Solve Problems

Anyone who is familiar with software development knows that problems can and probably will be encountered during at least one stage of the process. Therefore, a developer should be prepared to troubleshoot any issues that arise to prevent the project from falling behind schedule.

Interviewing a Python Developer

So, you have a pool of potential candidates that appear to meet the job requirements and possess the skills listed above? Then it’s time to interview them and narrow down your final options.

As mentioned earlier, an interview gives you some insight into a candidate’s communication skills. In addition, it can provide you with the opportunity to ensure that both you and the candidate are on the same page about the position. However, the technical interview, or knowledge test, can offer insight into whether your candidate is truly a Python expert, or just someone that listed Python on their resume.

True Python designers have knowledge that exceeds the technical side of Python. So, it’s important to ask questions that are both application-based and theoretical.

Below are a few theoretical questions you should ask:

  • What are lambda expressions, list comprehensions, and generator expressions?
  • What are the advantages and appropriate uses of each expression listed above?
  • What are the key differences between Python 2 and 3?
  • What are some drawbacks of the Python language?

As for application-based questions, ask your candidate to solve problems using Python code. If you aren’t familiar enough with Python to come up with questions, you can always ask a professional or use a trusted source that can provide some code-snippet questions and answers.

Remember, correctly answering all of the technical questions is not a definitive sign that someone is the best developer. Instead, we recommend using the technical interview as your guide to selecting the best Python programmer for your team.

Wrapping Up: Final Words on Hiring a Python Developer

Python is rising in popularity and according to a 2019 survey, it’s listed as one of the top languages that people want to learn. Naturally, this means the talent pool will continue to grow, but High5 carefully screens and vets qualified talent, allowing your organization to match with the best one. Hiring the right Python Developer can be a daunting task. Luckily, we are here to help. Join High5 and start adding top talent to your team today.

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