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React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook that is used to build dynamic user interfaces. It comes with its own virtual DOM and has its own view component. Perhaps you have an existing project that could benefit from the addition of cutting-edge React code. This article will help you understand why so many companies hire React JS developers and why you should, too. 

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Benefits of Hiring a React JS Developer

Custom Components

React JS custom components are a great way to reuse code and make your application more maintainable. They’re powerful because they allow React JS developers to customize and add new features to a site without building them from scratch.


When designing a complicated, high-load program, you must establish the app’s structure early, as it affects performance. DOM is tree-based, meaning a simple change at a higher layer might affect an application’s UI. The virtual DOM feature helps with this by allowing React JS developers to test all modifications to evaluate risks with each change. This improves speed and the user experience.

Increased Productivity

Frequent updates can be a pain when a website or app’s logic is complicated, as a single change might influence other parts. However, React software engineers can use the reusability feature to save time. This feature allows developers to add basic components, such as buttons, text fields, and checkboxes to wrapper components, which are subsequently relocated to the root component.

Useful Development Tools

React and Chrome dev tools are included in the React JS framework. These React tools help developers discover child and parent components, observe component hierarchies, and inspect the components’ current state and properties. Hiring a React developer can help take advantage of these tools and make the most out of them.

FAQs About Hiring React Developers

Are React JS developers in demand?

Although it’s a relatively new technology, React JS is already widely adopted and has become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. This is because it's designed to work well with many different backends and can be used for everything from simple UI components to complex native apps. For this reason, companies are looking to hire React JS developers who know the framework well and can efficiently apply it to websites and applications.

How do I hire a React JS developer?

Before you choose a React developer for your web app development needs, consider their industry experience, talent, and technical competence. To reap all the benefits of the framework, you need to work with a dependable and skilled React software engineer.

How will High5 help me find and hire a good React JS developer?

Hiring a React developer based on their skills and experience may be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the framework. High5 makes it easy by pre-vetting developers and only recommending experienced, top-talent developers for the job.

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Guide to Hiring a React JS Developer

React is a JavaScript (JS) library for creating interactive user interfaces. It is used for building user interfaces that can also be dynamic and responsive. It keeps the DOM (Document Object Model) tree small and focuses on how components respond to user interactions. React doesn’t replace your existing UI framework or another JavaScript library—it works alongside them as a complementary technology. There are many reasons why developers love React JS and there are many reasons why companies want to hire a React developer. Keep reading to learn more about this framework and what it takes to hire a React JS developer.

What is React JS?

React is a JavaScript library that helps you build user interfaces. React developers use it to create dynamic, interactive web pages. ReactJS was created by Facebook in 2013 and has since been adopted by many developers for its simplicity and support for mobile and desktop browsers.

It uses a virtual DOM (a representation of the browser’s DOM) to render the UI. The virtual DOM also gives the React software engineer unobstructed access to all of the DOM elements, which means he or she can track changes in them throughout the entire app lifecycle. This is an essential feature because it allows your React software engineer to react quickly if the UI has any issues. It also makes writing tests for the code even more accessible since the developer can use mocks instead of (or in addition to) real DOM elements in the tests.

React is most commonly used for building web applications, but developers can also use it for building desktop and serverless applications. The beauty of React is that it lets developers create modern web apps with minimal code. By declaratively defining the UI, developers can focus on business logic without worrying about rendering or styling. React JS developers can also use libraries like Redux to manage states and handle side effects.

Popular React JS Use Cases


As mentioned earlier, Facebook built ReactJS, so it’s natural for the app to use it. ReactJS is used by Facebook, but only in part. Their website is made with the script React, which is mixed in with the application code.


Dropbox migrated to ReactJS just as React was growing in popularity. Dropbox efficiently uses the framework’s many resources, which contributes to the success of this cloud-based storage and online backup service.

The New York Times

The New York Times, the world’s most prominent newspaper, also uses React Native. The NYTs upgraded their content to give it a stunning appearance using React.

Benefits of Hiring a React JS Developer

Quick Rendering

Web apps and webpages are becoming more content-focused. This means they must constantly manage user interactions and show dynamic data. React can effectively render interfaces using DOM. In addition, React JS developers can use the virtual DOM. The user-side virtual DOM can produce new objects so quickly that a human eye could miss them. In addition, it helps web app developers to compose code using multi-components rather than blocks with multiple dependencies.


The framework is simple for React JS developers. One benefit is one-way-data binding. It saves developers from writing customized code to parent components when updating inherited structures. React’s isomorphic nature lets developers reuse code on the client and the server. Thus, it prevents the development team from duplicating functions.


SEO is crucial to the presence of an online business. Backend rendering in React JS websites decreases load time, improving SEO. High speed and performance also boost SEO performance.


Facebook still supports React JS. Over 1,000 contributors update the library daily. Free articles and videos from React software engineers also help strengthen the community. React has trustworthy and up-to-date technology thanks to community and business backing. You can have peace of mind knowing that if you hire a React developer, they will always be able to find the information they need for any project.

Essential Skills to Look for in a React Developer

HTML/CSS: Every project will likely need a user interface, so you should hire a React developer skilled in HTML and CSS.

JavaScript+ES6: Understanding this JS framework requires a good grasp of JavaScript. A React JS developer should be familiar with variables and scoping, arrays and objects, array methods, functions and arrow functions, DOM manipulation and event handling, higher-order functions and callback functions, and more.

GIT: Git is necessary for storing projects on GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. Developers should know how to add, commit, push, and pull. In addition, they should be familiar with combining/branching and merge-conflict resolution.

Redux: Redux is not a framework but an approach to data. Many developers have been burned by React’s asynchronous state changes. Redux has a state management library created for this and for scalability.

Responsibilities of a React JS Developer

Here are just a few responsibilities of a React JS developer:

  • Brainstorming interface ideas and applications with the development team
  • Reviewing app needs and interfaces
  • Web-user interaction identification
  • Developing and implementing React UI components
  • Using JavaScript to follow React JS processes
  • Interface software troubleshooting and code debugging
  • Developing and implementing UI front-end architecture
  • Front-end performance monitoring
  • Changing and updating applications

Final Words on Hiring a ReactJS Developer

React JS is a new technology and a relatively new player in the world of web development. However, the demand for hiring a React JS developer is growing quickly. You can hire a React JS developer for any type of project, although you should ensure that you know the exact skill set and experience you are looking for before you hire a React JS developer to ensure the success of the project.

If you want to find the most qualified React software engineer for your project, consider working with High5. We work with top-tier React JS developers and will only recommend developers that are a great fit based on your company’s needs. If you want to hire a React developer or other talented team members, contact High5 today.

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