Hire a Spark Engineer

Apache Spark is a famous open-source framework that processes data at a large scale. It can take years of experience to integrate and ensure that Apache Spark meets a business’ specific needs and requirements. Today, organizations can hire a developer that’s a Spark engineer to establish a mature codebase and horizontal scalability for extensive data processing.

Benefits of Hiring a Spark Engineer

Robust Spark Core Engine
An experienced Spark developer uses a variety of Spark features like running SQL-related queries through BI visualizations. They can also process and stream data in real-time.

Fast Data Processing Speed
Spark developers help companies process data much faster. For big data processing, they understand that Spark uses built-in memory computing that makes it much faster than tools like Hadoop.

Easy to Use and Implement
Without Spark expertise, organizations would not be able to use and implement operations. Spark developers understand how to use APIs in order to process huge datasets.

Ensure Compatibility with Tools
Professional and experienced Spark engineers alike understand how to roll out compatible and compliant solutions using different tools. They can run Spark on open source frameworks such as Meos or Hadoop in the cloud with complicated data.

More Business Opportunities
A Spark developer can implement Spark to pave the way for more business opportunities.

FAQs About Hiring Spark Engineers

What does a Spark engineer do?

The role of a Spark engineer primarily entails converting and cleaning valuable data. However, Spark engineers are typically responsible for other common tasks such as:

  • Creating applications through Scala, Python, and Java
  • Developing Spark tasks for data aggregation and transformation
  • Writing Scala style documents with each code
  • Designing specific processing pipelines of data
  • Conducting unit tests to ensure Spark transformations
  • Reviewing code and use-case to ensure that it is up to standards
  • Ensuring the technical analysis quality and solves relevant issues
  • Collecting user requirements and transferring them into robust technical tasks
  • Designing unit testing, coding, and similar SDLC tasks

What are the requirements for a Spark engineer?

An experienced Spark engineer will have the knowledge required to develop high-speed and robust data pipelines, achieve optimal performance for streaming and batch data, and leverage their unique skills to facilitate the perfect user experience. Spark developers typically possess:

  • Practical knowledge of distributed systems to make partitioning, CAP theorem, consensus, and replication
  • Ability to write executable code for Services, Spark components, and Analytics
  • In-depth knowledge of standard programming languages such as Python, Scala, and Java
  • Extensive knowledge of technologies such as Storm, Kafka, Zookeeper, and Hadoop

Why should our company use High5 to hire a Spark engineer?

The High5 platform matches organizations with the most suitable and talented Spark engineers in the marketplace. High5 initiates a simpler, efficient, and effective approach that makes it easier for companies to find and hire a Spark engineer.

No more traditional hiring costs for small and medium-sized businesses. Instead, SMBs can now opt for the most cost-effective, dedicated, and result-oriented hiring process. It is a perfect way to find Spark engineers that meet your criteria. Plus, you will receive carefully vetted and screened Spark engineers for a smoother and swifter transition. To find the most compatible and talented Spark engineers or other big data developers, reach out to High5.

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