Why Talent Cloud Solutions Are Good For Hiring

Learn what talent cloud solutions are for hiring and discover the benefits of talent clouds that comprise diverse and talented candidates.​

Building a group of talented candidates is important for hiring the right people. One way to do this is through cloud computing, which is very popular for developing talent clouds and communities. This method refers to the delivery of computer services that benefit your servers, storage, databases and networking. 

You can use cloud computing to manage the applications and candidates on your company’s database. Cloud computing also allows you to use on-demand resources over the internet! 

Of course, this all sounds very interesting, but it’s important to learn more about talent cloud solutions and how you will benefit from them. At High 5, we ensure you build a talent cloud with prospective talent who are eager to apply for full-time, contract, freelance and remote jobs. Just keep on reading to find out how talent cloud solutions will expand and benefit your talent community. 

What are talent cloud solutions?

Talent cloud solutions refer to the online resources that are shared on a cloud computing network between a company and provider. Companies can simply connect to this internet connection and ingress into the talent cloud community. 

This cloud solution is a great way of storing candidate information on a safe and reliable network without spending thousands on IT infrastructure. Cloud solutions can be affordable, accessible and efficient when communicating with talented candidates on a huge scale. 

Why are talent cloud solutions important? 

Talent cloud solutions are important for engaging talent candidates in a thriving community. You can work with High 5, a third party staffing provider, to build a talent cloud that caters to your brand and retains high-quality talent across a contingent workforce. We can source, screen and vet suitable candidates for you. Here are some reasons why talent cloud solutions are important: 

  • – Higher Conversion Rate: Talent cloud solutions are essential for gathering candidates from your talent cloud. You only need 3 shortlisted candidates from the talent cloud to get a successful hire. When accessing our shared network, you can expect to fill roles 4x faster than usual. 
  • – Faster Responses From Candidates: Cloud computing is great for generating fast response times in company-branded applications. Our recruiters will schedule interviews and keep candidates updated through these apps that help with your hiring process.
  • – Candidates Will Feel Engaged: Effectively managing talent clouds on the network is important for engaging candidates. Their engagement ensures they have a superior candidate experience when applying for open roles and receiving training for skill development.
  • – More Diversity In Your Talent Cloud: Talent cloud solutions are important for reaching candidates across the globe and encouraging them to join your talent community. We give you access to a global supply chain of candidates on the shared cloud network. 

Top 3 benefits of talent cloud solutions

There are many benefits to using talent cloud solutions for recruitment. One of them being secure networks, of course. But it’s not just the secure connections that improve your talent community during recruitment. High 5 provides solutions that connect professionals, recruiters and employers in one seamless, people-centered network. Below, you will find three benefits of using talent cloud solutions:

  1. Cost-effective management systems

Talent cloud solutions can help you integrate candidate data into a single management network for employers, HR managers and recruiters to access. This prevents you from paying extra money for expensive systems that don’t hold enough information. 

A management system can tell you more about the work experience, in-demand skills and professional qualifications that candidates have in the talent cloud. Saving money on traditional management systems is a great way to spend your resources on training lessons or company resources that will actually benefit employees and candidates.

  1. Continuous performance management

Talent cloud solutions have a range of talent management features on the network that can help you monitor candidates. Some of these features are performance reviews, one-on-one meetings and 360-degree feedback. High 5 will ensure you spend time using features on highly qualified candidates.

Performance reviews allow you to monitor candidates who complete physical tasks in training sessions and practical interview tests. One-on-one conversations with these candidates are beneficial for understanding their goals and preferences for open roles in your company. 

If you want feedback from candidates, you can use 360-degree feedback to understand how they perceive your management skills. More interaction with candidates will generate more engagement among talent clouds.

  1. Opportunities for cloud engineers

You can hire cloud engineers to maintain and operate complex cloud systems that require secure testing. Cloud engineers understand that shared networks need plenty of support, maintenance, risk performance tests and management when it comes to talent cloud solutions. Some of these cloud developers can also focus on planning and designing the connection between companies and third party staffing providers.

If you need extra support with talent cloud solutions, you can use High 5 to reach cloud engineers who can take care of machine learning tasks and AI-technology on cloud platforms.


What is the cloud solution?

A cloud solution refers to the shared cloud computing network between a company and provider. Companies can access on-demand services, applications, software, hardware, databases and other resources. This solution is good for having unlimited data storage online. 

What are the three common reasons to use the cloud?

Companies will use cloud solutions for a range of different reasons that depend on their hiring methods. Some of the common reasons are stronger collaboration with third party providers, better engagement with diverse candidates and fast hiring times when interviewing candidates in the talent cloud.

What is cloud technology in simple terms?

Cloud computing means to store and access data over the shared network with a provider. You can use cloud technology instead of piling information into hard drives. The “cloud” is just a metaphor for the vast internet networks that professionals can use to gather candidates into a talent cloud.


Overall, talent cloud solutions are great for building and developing your talent community. You can partner with a third party staffing provider like High5 to share secure cloud computing networks. Safe connections are the new way forward in recruiting talented and engaged candidates.

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