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Growth at scale. It’s a phrase frequently thrown around in the tech space to describe the aspirational visions of many companies. The desire to build a product that changes how businesses operate on a day to day basis is the vision for so many brands in the tech industry. Some brands have been very successful at scaling product development quickly; others less so.

That’s why there’s such high demand for skilled product developers, who have the technical skills and knowledge to build out platforms that allow companies to fulfill their pledges. Talented developers, or coders, are among the best hires that any tech company can make, but finding them can sometimes feel like looking for a diamond in the rough.

However, thanks to platforms like High5, there are ways to simplify your search for professional coders for hire. Here’s a quick guide on how you can use technology to connect with the best developers in the business and scale product development to further grow your business.

1. Why use total talent experience platforms to hire coders

Talent experience platforms like High5 host networks of trusted, talented professionals who can bolster the capabilities of your existing in-house team. Think of High5 as an extension of your own organization, providing additional support to connect your brand with the most capable product or app developers in the marketplace.

If your plan is to build a product and scale up development as fast as you can, you need the right professionals to support your existing team. You may need to hire full-time developers or retain a professional on contract for the duration of a particular project. You may even want a pool of freelancers to hire when needed to shore up your in-house team and get more development work completed at faster rates.

Create filters to find only the most qualified developers for hire

One of the great things about platforms like High5 is the talent vetting process that works in conjunction with the needs of your hiring managers. These processes do the vetting on your behalf, discarding less qualified candidates and ensuring only those whose skills align with the needs dictated by your hiring managers are contacted for an interview.

Speed to hire is a measurable benefit of talent experience solutions

According to research from ISG, a whopping 64% of surveyed organizations say they have achieved measurable business value by incorporating talent experience technology and other SaaS solutions into their operations. One of the measurable ways to benefit from platforms like High5 is the speed at which coders for hire can be onboarded and put to good use. You’d be amazed how far into your product development roadmap you can go by bringing aboard outsourced professional talent to move the needle along at faster rates.

Offload internal work to the talent experience vetting team

Unlike traditional staffing firms, which delegate much of the vetting process to your hiring managers, High5 does this work for you. It frees up invaluable time for your in-house staff to screen the candidates who do qualify for an interview, and assist the company with larger, more strategic business objectives that further enable growth. Technology should make the lives of your existing team easier, and that’s what you can expect from solutions like High5.

2. Hire a full development team to accelerate growth plans

Building a new product is a massive undertaking, and it involves multiple moving parts between the start and finish lines of the process. There are elements of the work that require particular coding skills, including specialities in Javascript, CSS, PHP, HTML, etc., in addition to other skills developers require to scale product development.

Naturally, not every programmer can complete the work alone. A team of developers is far more proficient at building products at scale. It’s difficult work that requires particular knowledge and skills to accelerate product development. That’s why it benefits companies to outsource work to independent professionals with advanced skills and who bring fresh ideas to the table.

Outsourced professionals help accelerate product development

There’s a recurring theme in this post and that’s the theme of speed. By hiring outsourced talent, you can get more work done faster so that the product can be tested, optimized, and rolled out en masse on or ahead of schedule.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the employment of software and product coders for hire will grow by over 20% between 2018 and 2028. As demand for developers increases, many coders will offer their skills for hire to companies willing to pay their fees. It allows the developers to remain somewhat independent, while enabling companies to add new resources to their teams and get more work done faster. Why not capitalize on this growing demand by putting these professionals to work on your behalf?

Fresh eyes may bring new ideas to improve the product’s capabilities

It’s not uncommon when you’re deeply entrenched in a project to succumb to tunnel vision. You only see what’s on the agenda and tick off each item necessary to move one step further towards the end goal.

However, this may cause you to miss out on ideas that could improve the product above and beyond what you initially mapped out in your product roadmap. An outsourced professional, looking at the scope of work with fresh eyes, may see new ideas for features and capabilities you hadn’t considered, which could give your product a competitive advantage in the market.

Outside talent brings a wealth of experience to the table

Companies thrive using data, insights, and market research to differentiate themselves from the competition. They also benefit from experienced professionals who bring fresh ideas into the organization. Be it a full-time hire or a contracted professional, you can inject new ideas into your product vision that could help transform the nature of your company’s business.

Outside coders for hire bring a breadth of experience and creative ingenuity that may creatively inspire your current team. Your existing developers could adapt the product roadmap and build a more effective solution that improves your customer’s satisfaction rates and helps scale the growth of your business to new heights.

3. Business benefits of coders for hire

Finally, strictly looking at outsourced professionals from a business perspective, what are the underlying benefits of bringing these talented developers into your fold? We’ve touched on many of these points but, as a summary, these are the principal reasons why coders for hire should be the types of talent on your radar.

  • Faster development and quicker product rollouts
  • Optimized customer experiences with the platform
  • Additional resources to update or modify your product
  • Faster rollouts mean increased usage, feedback, and customer reviews
  • Product-driven revenue is generated based on user interactions
  • Higher growth means improvements to your bottom line

Ultimately, what’s best for the business is to scale product development as fast and efficient as possible. That’s why platforms like High5 benefit organizations all over the globe by supporting whatever type of employment you require. Be it full-time, part-time, contract, contract-to-hire, SOW, project-based, freelance, or any other category, we’ll connect you with experienced talent capable of turning product roadmaps into tangible deliverables.

Using solutions like High5, you can get more work done faster and increase the capabilities of your product with fresh ideas brought to your whiteboard meetings. The more that the product can deliver, and the sooner it can get done, the greater potential for your business to achieve revenue targets. And if revenue is coming in, the business is growing to new heights.

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