Keeping Up With the Pace of Technology: Hiring In-Demand Tech Talent

The need to hire tech talent that is in extremely high demand, and keeping up with the pace of technology, is more important than ever

Tech-savvy. At High5 we think that’s one word that describes our multi-dimensional talent vetting process, particularly as one of our main focuses is technical talent. After decades of experience in global staffing, we know that having talented individuals with the most in-demand technical skills in your organization is more important than ever.

We know how essential it is to source and hire tech talent that boasts those all-important emerging tech skills. And we’re also aware that technology is constantly changing and developing. So how should you respond? As a tech company hiring top tech talent, the answer is to move with it and hire tech talent that is the best fit. Here’s how.

2 key reasons why tech skills are in-demand

There’s no doubt about it – tech skills and tech hires are in-demand. There are thousands of tech companies hiring tech talent and looking for technically skilled talent, or top tech geniuses, or technically gifted superstars… Whatever you like to call them, there are two key reasons why top talent with exceptional technical skills are in-demand.

Tech skills contribute to easier and faster company growth

In 2021, technically-skilled talent is driving company growth all around the world. Tech skills make growth far easier to achieve. Why? Because the more technically adept your talent is, the faster you’ll achieve your goals and the faster you’ll grow. 

Talent that can use current programming languages with ease, for instance, or who have dabbled in big data, or have cloud computing skills are likely to be familiar with the key tools required to make dynamic changes to your organization. 

An added bonus? The more your talent has in terms of technical ability, the less training they will require, and the faster they can hit the ground running.

Adaptation is key with changes in technology

Technology is constantly changing. This is another reason why tech skills are in demand. Talent that boasts technical skills will have no problem adapting to the fast-moving, ever-evolving changes to technology. 

They will adapt comfortably and be fully at ease in an agile environment – which is characterized by a team’s ability to collaborate, grow, adapt to change, and use technology to constantly improve their company’s processes.

Which types of technical skills are sought-after in 2021?

Tech skills are ‘in’ right now, just like the biggest fashion trends. Everyone wants to hire tech talent and take on the most technical experts in their organization, but they often struggle to achieve this. 66% of those polled in a Mckinsey study mentioned that addressing skills gaps related to digitization in their organization reached the top 10 of their priorities. But the demand for tech skills goes beyond this. Not only do tech companies looking to hire tech talent need to address their skills gaps by retraining and reskilling, but they also need to do so by hiring new technical talent with in-demand technical skills. Some of the top technical skills that organizations and businesses are looking for are cloud computing, programming language skills, and skills in big data.

Cloud computing skills

Cloud computing is on the rise. As companies are increasingly looking into and embracing cloud services, the need to hire tech talent with exceptional cloud computing skills is also growing. At the end of 2018, it was estimated that 88% of SMEs had been using at least one cloud service, and this figure is even expected to rise. 

Some of the most sought-after cloud computing skills include: 

  • Java
  • Amazon Web Services
  • DevOps

Programming language skills

The number of tech companies hiring talent for computer coding skills is also increasing. As user experience design, mobile development languages, and progressive web apps are software development trends that will soon dominate the industry, it’s safe to say that programming language skills are highly sought-after. The most in-demand, technical programming language skills include:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Go

Big data skills

Big data is another field that’s getting bigger and bigger. Well – in terms of the huge demand for big data professionals, that is. 75% of IoT providers are prioritizing big data and analytics skills in their hiring decisions. And some of the most sought-after big data skills include:

  • Knowledge of database structures
  • The ability to create web services suitable for data tracking
  • Skills in writing MapReduce jobs

Which emerging skills will be needed due to developments in technology?

It’s not just the current, in-demand tech skills you’ll need to look out for in your candidates. Tech companies hiring need to keep abreast of new developments and be aware of new and emerging technologies. Some of the emerging skills you should be looking for when hiring tech talent are data science and machine learning tech skills.

Data science

Here’s the data on data science – there has been a 348% increase in demand for data scientists since 2013. Yes, 348%. With that, it’s clear that this field is incredibly popular and that the emerging tech skills needed in this industry are also in-demand. We’re talking about skills such as:

  • Data visualization
  • Preparing for production
  • Knowledge and experience with tools such as AutoML

Artificial intelligence/machine learning

You guessed it – artificial intelligence is a dynamic field that’s growing in demand. 50% of those surveyed in a Mckinsey study mentioned that their companies have used artificial intelligence in at least one business function. And it requires an emerging set of advanced tech skills including:

  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms
  • Neural networks
  • Natural language processing

Vetting talent for all of these tech skills is not a job for traditional approaches or strategies. It simply goes beyond a resume screening. For tech companies hiring talent, it’s also challenging to assess applicants’ who apply to vacancies via job sites, with 85% of applicants lying on the resumes they submit. 

And yes, you’re going to need more than a non-technical recruiter to evaluate your applicants’ skills in these areas… Simply put, if you’re a tech company hiring, vetting these skills requires an expert platform that will help you hire tech talent that not only experts, but the absolute best fit.

Why vetting and curation platforms are the answer you’re looking for

Considering the myriad of challenges tech companies hiring face today when it comes to finding quality technical talent, partnering with High5 for vetting and curation will offer a range of benefits. Not only will we reduce your time to hire – (and who doesn’t want to hire quickly?), we reliably give you access to exceptional tech talent that can make real changes to your organization and help it grow.

How High5 vets technical talent

At High5 we know what’s required to help you access top talent. Our platform goes beyond resume screenings and job boards, with our selection of products and service solutions enabling companies across the globe to find, assess, and contract remarkable tech hires. 

Not only do we reduce the chances of companies hiring candidates who have misrepresented their tech skills, but our interviewing platform also helps you guarantee that you’ll hire tech talent that is the best fit every time. 

Our 18,000 subject-matter experts are on hand to carry out in-depth video interviews with your potential candidates so that they are reviewed and ranked in detail. And as our platform is global, you’ll even reap the benefits of being able to source remote, technically skilled candidates – which is essential in the tech world.

High5: the top solution to sourcing and assessing top tech talent

Technology is constantly changing. But don’t panic. Your goal is to meet these changes and hire tech talent to ensure your organization continues to grow and thrive. By choosing High5, sourcing and assessing exceptional tech talent is a breeze. 

We cover full stack, cloud and big data, which represent 80% of all tech hires globally. Discover how simple it can be to hire tech talent that is the absolute best fit with High5 and keep up with the pace of technology like never before

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