How to Hire a Dedicated Development Team for Global Growth

Flexibility is Necessary When You Build and Hire Dedicated Development Teams

Technology and globalization have allowed companies to expand their reach, their market share, and even their workforces to international levels. For companies focused on hiring the most qualified professional talent, platforms like High5 are a boon for their potential growth.

Geography or proximity to an office are no longer mandatory requirements to hire capable people. While some companies still prefer in-house employees, it’s no longer a mandate for others. Many firms are willing, and actively do choose to hire the most capable person for the job at hand, no matter where they may be located.

Geography doesn’t matter when hiring quality developers

Companies with business models built around digital platforms and online products need trained capable developers to transform their companies into powerhouses that can manage international growth. If you’re one of these types of brands with an eye on owning a share of the global market, you need to hire a dedicated development team that brings your ideas to fruition.

Over 85% of developers admit to working remotely for at least part of their jobs, while a full third of developers work remote for most of their jobs. Flexible work environments are considered essential for professional developers, and that kind of flexibility is necessary when you build and hire dedicated development teams. People need to know that they can enjoy a healthy work-life balance before they agree to come aboard with your organization.

The fact is that companies must step into the 21st century and embrace the modern ways of engaging with existing or future employees. Think about all of the platforms to connect with workers in real-time:

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • FB Messenger
  • Google Chat
  • Chatwork
  • CA Flowdock
  • Etc.

You have the resources to sync up with workers from anywhere in the world as long as they have a stable internet connection. Why limit the potential growth of your business by searching for coders for hire on a strictly local level?

International teamwork speeds up development time

Suppose you have a very aggressive timeline for your product roadmap. There are many features and capabilities built into the plan for your platform, and you need to get all of those developments working seamlessly together in an integrated capacity in order for the platform to go to market.

That means you need to when you build and hire dedicated development teams that can deliver tangible results as fast as possible. Believe it or not, this exact challenge is a major selling point for an international talent acquisition strategy when searching for coders for hire. It’s also one of the reasons for companies to keep up with the pace of technology by hiring the most capable talent.

Benefits of employing dedicated international developers

Think of it this way:

  1. If you have developers working all over the world, it means various stages of the project to expand your platform can move along 24 hours a day.
  2. Once you brief each new hire on the specifications of the project, and the ultimate vision for the platform itself, each team member can work in sequence across time zones.
  3. This allows the development work to seamlessly transition from one time of day to another, completing deliverables at faster rates so the platform can go to market.

Multiple projects can be completed simultaneously

In addition to accelerating work on one specific project, you can use your international team of coders to complete multiple projects over the course of a handful of sprints. As companies build larger portfolios of integrated solutions, there are greater opportunities to scale revenue so the company can achieve growth targets at faster rates.

If you hire the right professionals, they can balance multiple projects at once and still deliver exceptional results. A study by Stack Overflow analyzed how often developers work remotely and compared their flexible work schedules to their skills as professional coders. The results show that 12% of respondents admit to working remotely full-time, and that they possess nearly 60% more years of professional coding experience than developers who never work remotely.

The most skilled professionals have years of experience attached to their reputations, and all of that experience means they’re quite capable at handling multiple tasks simultaneously. If you want to hire dedicated development teams that can deliver results, remote talent will help your business build effective solutions that clients will be knocking down doors to buy.

Hire dedicated development teams with trusted talent vetting platforms

Since you can use technology to stay engaged with remote developers at any time of day, it makes perfect sense to use technological talent vetting platforms, like High5, to hire dedicated development teams and set your company up for success.

Solutions like High5 enable you to build and hire dedicated development teams and, more importantly, find and hire talent that’s curated and vetted for your company’s specific needs. The technology is powered by AI and machine learning capabilities to assess the validity of coders for hire so that you can pinpoint the most skilled professionals, evaluate their credentials, and hire a dedicated development team of experts.

It’s not easy to find the perfect professional to add to your team. But leading vetting and curation tech hiring platforms like High5 are here to help. We excel at direct sourcing, redeployment, and diversity initiatives ⎯ among other capabilities ⎯ to help you hire dedicated development teams. Start adding exceptional talent to your team today. Get started now >>

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