Hire a Hadoop Developer

Big data serves as the foundation for Hadoop developers to program and code a wide range of applications. Hadoop stems from the open-source Apache Foundation with Java software framework. It allows organizations to process extensive data on complex systems at a fast rate. Essentially, these systems process data in a large data environment.

Benefits of Hiring Hadoop Developer

In a modern sense, a Hadoop developer performs programming and coding of Hadoop applications. Organizations can utilize Hadoop to their advantage in order to store, analyze, and manage an ocean of unstructured and structured data. It’s also a fast, affordable, and reliable solution for small and medium-sized businesses that may typically experience challenges when managing big data.

Once you hire a Hadoop developer, your organization can expect to:

  • Build flexible and scalable solutions through Hadoop
  • Develop more mobile-responsive sites
  • Offer consistent support to queries and requirements
  • Deliver understandable and readable source code
  • Offer errorless implementation
  • Get familiar with the design patterns
  • Improve coding standards and adhere to standard guidelines
  • Effective combination of tools that ensures successful business operations
  • Process unstructured data in minutes.
  • Increase the overall security parameters of your existing system.
  • Stream more information in real-time through a cluster and then dive into analysis.
  • Effectively manage and implement HBase

FAQs About Hiring Hadoop Developers

How can High5 help me hire a Hadoop developer?

At High5, we understand the growth of the Hadoop market and how it can make a positive impact for organizations across the U.S. Our objective is to help companies find talented and suitable Hadoop engineers to solve complex analytical issues that revolve around big data.

Our platform can help you find the Hadoop engineer who can think outside the box and surpass your needs and expectations. Hiring a Hadoop developer is ideal for SMBs that deal with complex and distributed analytical issues.

The essence of the High5 platform is to bring companies with specific needs and requirements close to specific Hadoop developers. Even in a saturated job marketplace, organizations can use the High5 platform to opt for Hadoop engineers with specific skills. It means less traditional hiring costs and a greater focus on high performance.

After matching, you can expect carefully screened and vetted Hadoop developers that can help your organization transition faster. You can count on High5 to help you find the “perfect” Hadoop developer

What are the skills required for a Hadoop developer?

There is a good chance you may have heard of Hadoop developers being referred to as big data engineers, Hadoop engineers, big data developers, Hadoop lead developers, or Hadoop architects.

Hadoop developers typically possess the following skills:

  • Apache Spark
  • HDFS
  • Java
  • Hadoop Basics
  • Offer errorless implementation
  • Get familiar with the design patterns
  • Python
  • Mahout
  • Kafka
  • HBase
  • Ambari
  • Sqoop
  • Spark SQL
  • GraphX
  • MapReduce
  • Apache Hive
  • Flume
  • ApacheOozie

Are Hadoop developers in demand?

Marketwatch affirms that the Hadoop market will continue to maintain its growth trajectory until 2025. Part of the progression of the Hadoop market revolves around the rise of big data. In fact, big data propels the demand of Hadoop engineers and creates more Hadoop-related jobs..

Reach out to High5 today to find talented developers skilled in Hadoop and more.

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