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Microsoft’s SQL Server is a popular database management system. It is reliable, feature-rich, and is used by many organizations worldwide. It provides a user interface for managing and monitoring the databases. SQL Server is built upon the core SQL standards and has adopted industry best practices to offer a stable, secure, and high-performance database. 

SQL Server provides a variety of benefits for different businesses of all sizes. If your organization works with highly complex data, you may want to hire an MS SQL Server developer.  

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Benefits of Hiring an MS SQL Engineer

SQL Database Development

An MS SQL Server engineer creates SQL databases. The SQL developer should understand database architecture and SQL, the language used to make queries, obtain data, and store data.

Database Troubleshooting

An MS SQL Server developer can debug apps or databases. Although a lengthy and drawn-out procedure, data validation is required to verify this application meets the expectations of its end-users.

Database Maintenance

A SQL Server developer manages servers effectively, requiring substantial knowledge and skills. An SQL developer will also be knowledgeable in ensuring data security and managing log files.

Data Management

An MS SQL Server engineer will know how to manage, migrate, store, and structure data for several applications. The developer will also have efficient programming skills to write stored procedures, scripts, triggers, and queries.

Database Efficiency

When building a new server that aims to meet all of an organization’s needs, a SQL developer will be able to write sophisticated queries and update data storage methods.

FAQs About Hiring MS SQL Server Developers

What is an MS SQL Server used for?

SQL Server is a database management system (DBMS) developed by Microsoft. It is a server-based database system that supports the formation of relational databases and the management of related data. With the growing demand for data, businesses have had growing data challenges. An MS SQL Server offers a solution to data management problems. It is designed to run complex queries, create complex reports, store large amounts of data, and perform many other tasks depending on your company's needs.

Why hire an MS SQL Server Engineer?

SQL Server is one of the most popular database management systems used today, and for a good reason. It has a robust set of features and is the perfect database management system for almost any type of business. However, it can be challenging to use without programming knowledge and experience in MS SQL. An MS SQL Server developer has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to help with your database needs.

What does High5 offer to help me hire an MS SQL Server developer?

High5 makes hiring an MS SQL Server developer easy. Before recommending a developer, High5 will review the needs of your company. Once your requirements are set, High5 will interview and screen candidates for you, saving you time in the hiring process.

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Guide to Hiring an MS SQL Server Developer

If you’re in the initial stages of expanding your company or need to scale it up quickly, then you’re probably familiar with the term “database.” Simply put, a database is a repository of data. It stores information and makes it accessible to users whenever they need it. The most commonly used database today is the Microsoft Structured Query Language (MS SQL) Server. This is due to its scalability and cost-effectiveness. It is also user-friendly and has a wide array of intrinsic security features essential to the safe operations of any enterprise. MS SQL Server developers can build databases on this platform and configure them to be functional, secure, and scalable.

You may realize that databases are essential but may not have had the time or opportunity to experience working in an MS SQL Server-based environment. If this is the case, an MS SQL Server developer can play a key role in the success of your business. If you are looking to hire an MS SQL Server developer, then please continue reading…

What is an MS SQL Server?

An MS SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. It is a powerful tool that allows you to store and organize data within a relational database. In addition to this capability, it also enables you to query that data in many diverse and assorted ways. MS SQL Server engineers can use this flexibility to filter out unnecessary information and allow your site to become more efficient. To maximize your site’s potential, you should consider hiring an MS SQL Server developer, as they are intimately familiar with the features and programming language used in writing complex queries.

The MS SQL Server is one of the most popular database management systems in widespread use today. It is ideally suited for an extensive range of applications, including websites and large-scale enterprise operations. You can also utilize an MS SQL Server to run your own business or develop an app for personal use.

MS SQL supports the following features:

  1. A comprehensive set of tools and data manipulation enhancements, including Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).
  2. Concurrency control mechanisms are designed to support optimal concurrency (consensus) levels based on the workloads being processed.
  3. An enhanced query optimizer that uses cost-based inquiries to execute queries on the server efficiently.
  4. Full-featured backup support and a recovery solution with such capabilities as complete database backups, file mirroring, replication, and high availability.
  5. The ability to quickly scale and grow your business using the built-in Business Intelligence (BI) tools or those available through third-party vendors such as Tableau or Qlikview.

SQL vs. MS SQL vs. MySQL—What are the Differences?

If you’ve been researching SQL, you’ve likely run across several SQL-based acronyms. They can be a little nuanced if you aren’t familiar with databases, so let’s break them down:

SQL: As acknowledged earlier, the abbreviation SQL stands for Structured Query Language. This language is used to access, change, and/or retrieve database information.

MySQL: MySQL, owned by Oracle, is an open-sourced SQL-based Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

MS SQL Server: The MS SQL Server, owned and developed by Microsoft, stores and accesses data for other applications running on networked computers or the server’s PC.

MS SQL or MySQL—Which is the Better Option?

The answer to this is not always straightforward. It involves taking several factors into account. For example, what level of cloud support do you need? What’s your overall operating budget? What are your performance and operating system requirements?

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • MySQL is an excellent option if your Linux business already uses the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) software stack.
  • An SQL Server is the logical choice if you utilize Windows, .NET, and other Microsoft tools and environments.
  • The evidence favors an MS SQL Server if you’re starting from point zero. Microsoft is constructing Azure and embracing open-source and Linux. The SQL Server offers superior tools and performance values. An MS SQL Server engineer can assist with implementation.
  • Whether you use an SQL Server or MySQL, your database must connect to your IT infrastructure. You’ll need an Application Programming Interface (API) layer to link your database to the front-end User Interface (UI).

Why Hire an MS SQL Server Developer?

Many developers are conversant with databases, so why should you hire an MS SQL Server developer? MS SQL Server engineers are the most knowledgeable and up-to-date with Microsoft environments and the functions and features of MS SQL Servers.

An MS SQL Server engineer can eliminate data redundancy, limit data rearrangement, enforce referential integrity, and boost your system’s performance. MS SQL Server developers construct high-performance database apps by utilizing smart database architecture, thus generating safe and effective database creation while reducing the total project time. Using a best practices approach, these developers help businesses optimize the deployment and utilization of their applications while supporting future expansion using their extensive knowledge and experience.

Skills and Responsibilities of an MS SQL Server Engineer

Ready to hire an MS SQL Server developer? Before even posting or distributing an application, be certain to outline exactly what you’ll need from this position to maximize your database management system.

Here are several basic skills you should look for during your employee search:

  • Computer Science or Engineering degree—or equivalent experience
  • Excellent T-SQL and SQL Server knowledge.
  • HTML/JavaScript aptitude and proficiency.
  • SQL Server Reporting, Analysis, and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) experience.
  • NoSQL/NewSQL database practical experience.
  • Experience with testing and troubleshooting.

Here are some typical responsibilities of the engineers:

  • Develop high-quality database solutions.
  • Use T-SQL to create, implement, and optimize stored procedures and functions.
  • Examine and understand current business report requirements and how they relate to database needs.
  • Create meaningful and relevant reporting deliverables.
  • Examine current SQL queries for speed enhancements and upgrades.
  • Make new inquiries.
  • Create data migration methods and scripts.
  • Supply management reports.
  • Look for any exceptions to asset movement.

Final Thoughts on Hiring an MS SQL Server Developer

Databases can be complex and challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technical jargon used throughout the industry. If hiring an MS SQL Server developer seems daunting, High5 can help. We understand the skills, aptitude, and experience necessary to become a highly-rated MS SQL Server engineer—and will only recommend professional, fully-vetted engineers for the position.

If you are ready to hire an MS SQL Server developer or another talented cloud engineer, contact High5 today.

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