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Agency recruiters are experts at finding the perfect candidates for an organization. It’s their insight, resourcefulness, and assistance that enables firms to easily hire the best candidates in a highly saturated job marketplace. Agency recruiters may be the secret weapon your organization needs to gain a competitive edge.


With High5, it’s possible to take the stress out of recruiting by hiring these types of skilled agency recruiters

  • Account manager / executive (farmer)
  • Account manager / executive (hunter)
  • Campus/college/university recruiting expert
  • Candidate curator (profile matching)
  • Executive recruiter (confidential and retained searches)
  • Full-desk recruiter (all levels)
  • High-volume recruiting expert
  • Recruiting leader (manager to vice president level)

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As more data accumulates, more companies now plan to invest in big data and hire the most talented big data developers.

According to Entrepreneur, businesses that hire big data developers enjoy 10% more profit margins.

Google affirms that the demand for big data developers will reach its peak in 2021.

The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that U.S. companies may need 1.5 million more big data jobs.

Benefits of Hiring a Agency Recruiters

Agency Recruiters vs. In-House Recruiters

While the two recruiters look the same on paper, their roles differ way more than meets the eye. In-house recruiters, or corporate recruiters, have a slow and scrupulous working pace. They fill permanent positions for a single company. If the hiring manager isn’t pleased with the quality of candidates, they may repost the position and repeat the process until a hire is made. Unlike in-house recruiters, agency recruiters fulfill the hiring needs of several clients at once. They are fast-paced workers looking to fill short-term roles and they rely on talent pools filled with qualified candidates to accelerate the process.

agency recruiters vs inhouse recruiters

Hiring Agency Recruiters: What Questions Employers Should Ask

Even when a candidate is screened, sourced and vetted, companies prefer to conduct their own screening process to ask relevant interview questions. Of course, there are many critical elements you have to consider to hire the best recruiter. To spot the best performers and hire the most compatible agency, we advise you to start with critical interview questions that can help such as:
  • Are you more competitive as an agency recruiter than others?
  • Are you aware of modern strategies to find the best applicants?]
  • Last year, what was your average turnover rate?
  • How do you measure your client satisfaction?
what questions to ask vector

The Role of a Big Data Developer

Often, a big data developer is synonymous with a big data architect or a big data engineer. A big data architect is responsible for creating technical systems and tools that help businesses integrate data analytics into crucial organizational solutions. Over the years, the role of a big data developer continues to evolve.

Still, the major responsibilities of a big data architect include coding, testing, designing, and tracking applications to help businesses achieve their goals. Currently, big data developers work in a wide range of fields, such as biotech, advertising, media, finance, and healthcare.

At its core, the role of a big data architect is to work side-by-side with a team of data science specialists, programmers, and developers. Mainly, they undertake the programming or coding of Hadoop applications.

Big data architects review an ocean of data each day through programming languages such as C++ and Java. CIO.com states that almost 40% of companies prefer applicants with big data skills. It is the reason there is a high demand for big data developers in the competitive job marketplace.

However, not every role may require specialization. So, take into account what your organization needs the most right now. As long as you follow a strategic hiring process and conduct basic tests, you can save a lot of recruiting time in the process to hire skilled big data architects.

FAQs About Hiring Agency Recruiters

Corporate recruiters refer to company-employed individuals who are responsible for searching for candidates to fill various open positions. On the other hand, a staffing agency employs agency recruiters.

So, when a firm wants to fill an open position, they join hands with a staffing agency to look for high-quality candidates. Typically, corporate recruiters have an HR background, whereas agency recruiters can have account management, sales, or HR background.

For starters, High5 has had a consistent and successful track record of helping companies hire the best agency recruiters. Our staffing practices understand the diverse needs of modern companies. We can help you find an agency recruiter with experience and background in HR, IT, account management, and sales.

Besides, why waste resources on third-party recruiters when you can hire the best agency recruiters for your company? Our objective is to help companies find agency recruiters that can make their recruitment practices more efficient and effective over time. After all, a competitive job market requires a competitive agency recruiter to maintain consistent workflow and achieve a higher spectrum of success.

It is easier to adopt and embrace the new wave of recruitment practices through High5. We help companies find reliable and resourceful candidates. You can depend on High5 for screened, sourced, and vetted agency recruiters from the start.

Working with High5 means you can count on transparency, comprehensive reporting, and privacy. Your journey to finding the best agency recruiter doesn’t have to be a long or exhausting process. Follow the tide of modern recruitment standards and hire the most compatible agency recruiter that can help you find and hire candidates much faster.

Agency Recruiter Hiring Guide

A professional agency recruiter knows how to identify the needs of an organization and then search and evaluate potential candidates. In fact, organizations concur that agency recruiters reduce the stress and time to find new candidates. Finding and hiring the perfect agency recruiters, however, is a task in itself.

Read our guide to learn how agency recruiters can play an integral role in matching eligible candidates and streamlining the hiring process for your organization.

How Can Employers Hire the Most Compatible Agency Recruiters?

As an employer, you have to hire an agency recruiter who understands that “your” staffing needs and helps you represent in front of potential candidates. You need to focus on:


The best of the best agency recruiters have direct access to job seekers. In fact, experienced agency recruiters manage a well-informed network that places various candidates in different jobs. It is an effective way to get connected to new hires. For instance, you can use this broad network to reach out to millions of potential candidates who want to work in traditional office settings or remotely.


You can’t just hire an agency recruiter with a few names of potential candidates and basic insightful resources. Instead, you need an agency recruiter who has had a successful track record of helping businesses just like yours drive growth.


If an agency recruiter doesn’t understand your company’s needs and business nuances, then it would make it harder to find the right candidate for the right job. Companies should opt for agency recruiters who can provide comprehensive industry expertise and understand the hiring environment.

For instance, some agency recruiters are aware of passive job hunters who are willing to switch roles. In an unpredictable economy, it can serve as a win-win for organizations.


Employers should hire agency recruiters who understand your business’ unique staffing requirements. It may sound straightforward, but this attention to detail and willingness to make a commitment can make all the difference. Through the legwork of an agency recruiter, you will no longer have to deal with bad hires, and that means more saved money for your business.


Benefits of Hiring Agency Recruiters

When you partner up with an agency recruiter, it makes it easier for the company and hiring managers to look for suitable candidates. Here are some benefits you can expect from hiring an agency recruiter:

Extended Network

It is crucial to understand that not every candidate is hunting for a new position. So, agency recruiters reach out to passive candidates. Without an agency recruiter, it can take a lot of time for a company to find passive candidates. On the other hand, an agency recruiter knows exactly how to reach out to candidates and help a company personalize incentives.

Instant Hiring

One of the best perks of hiring an agency recruiter is to cut out the added time it ordinarily would take to hire a new candidate. Companies are often surprised at the extent of a reduced time to fill open positions.

In short, an agency recruiter can speed up the process of finding and hiring candidates for companies. That’s because agency recruiters have a vast network and database of connections that become accessible to employers. It also makes it easier for businesses to look for people with specific hard or soft skills.

Extensive Knowledge of the Job Market

Due to consistent conversations with candidates and companies, agency recruiters acquire a ton of knowledge about their specialized sector. In most cases, agency recruiters can offer valuable insights and wise advice. In fact, it is one of the most fundamental aspects of an agency recruiter’s job.

There is more than one parameter that is usually not visible to companies.  But when you are an agency recruiter, you gain their knowledge of career expectations, accessible skill-sets, salary rates, job market trends, and modern hiring complexities.

Expert Recruitment

It is natural for your company to change, grow, and evolve over time. However, new changes mean new recruitment standards. An agency recruiter can improve your in-house recruitment practices and help your company conduct more complex interviews.

Ordinarily, an agency recruiter has a dedicated staff that possesses expertise in recruiting. Furthermore, agency recruiters have a thorough understanding of the technical skills and roles required for different jobs. Agency recruiters can also identify transferable skills that are often invisible to most organizations.

High-quality Candidates

When you avail the services of an agency recruiter, you can opt for high-quality candidates. Agency recruiters have access to a large pool of referenced and pre-screened candidates. This means your company gets to meet with talented candidates that have been interviewed and assessed before.

The truth is that agency recruiters deal with more candidates on a daily basis than companies realize. Your firm can avail the expertise of an agency recruiter to understand the requirements and needs of a specific candidate and make a perfect match.



At its core, your firm needs to look at the energy level, reading skills, employee sourcing, marketing skills, client development, and drive of the agency recruiters throughout the hiring process. Most agency recruiters have extensive networks and operate as search consultants and maintain long-term relationships with managers.

It would be fair to state that it is an exciting time for organizations to operate. The modern recruitment landscape is varied and wide. Through agency recruiters, companies can now look for specific attributes and qualities that can improve the bottom line of the firm.

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