How to Hire Quality Talent by Leveraging a Tech Hiring Platform

A Tech Hiring Platform That Incorporates Vetting and Curation is The Best Way to Hire Quality Talent for Technical Roles

If you are unsure how to hire for technical roles or just want you and your team to improve the effectiveness of your tech talent hiring, it’s time to study up. Not only can making tech hires be expensive, but it can also take a while – about 52 days on average. With such a major time and cost investment it’s important to make the right tech hires the first time around.

Fortunately, we have decades of global staffing expertise and we’ve seen what’s worked and what hasn’t when it comes to making quality tech hires. Here are some useful hints you can use, and some obstacles you’ll want to avoid when making tech hires for your organization.

5 challenges you will face when hiring for technical roles

Making the perfect tech hire isn’t always easy. If you’re searching for fully-qualified tech talent, or to hire tech experts, you might face a few challenges along the way. To ensure you’re aware of the difficulties you might encounter when trying to take on top tech talent, here are some of the notable ones.

1. Hiring talent quickly/reducing time to hire

Challenge number one – your goal is to reduce time to hire when making tech hires without losing top quality, technically skilled talent. Why is reducing time to hire important? Three reasons:

  • It’s better for your talent as they will advance through the hiring process faster, which enhances the candidate experience.
  • You’ll benefit from lower hard and soft costs associated with hiring.
  • Most importantly, faster deployment with highly qualified talent means your projects get out the door faster, so you get more stuff done. 

It’s a win-win-win.

2. Figuring out the best way to assess/vet technical skills

The second challenge you will face when making the best tech hire is that you’ll need to assess your talent’s technical skills quickly and reliably to save time and make hires that will fit well within your organization, and produce amazing work results. You’ll need to consider your skills gaps and hire suitable tech talent to plug those gaps.

There are many ways to assess top talent, but the best way to do it is to use tech hiring platforms, like High5, that will provide you with objective and transparent vetting options. Keep reading to discover our tech hiring platform’s many perks.

3. Making sure your talent has the range of skills that match your job

To hire tech experts that can make a difference to your organization, you’ll also need to consider technical skills and soft skills when vetting top talent. Soft skills are important to your organization, which includes the ability to adapt to change, effectively communicate with internal and external partners, and work in an agile environment. The challenge is ensuring that when you make tech hires, they fit well into your organization and will be able to grow within the role by using a range of skills.

4. Considering talent outside your local market

Scaling your talent search is another challenge you might encounter when sourcing top tech talent. It can be the key to company growth and progress, as you might not always find the best tech talent in your local market. Remote, or virtual tech jobs are more common and more popular than ever.

Furthermore, full time hiring is not the only way to engage talent. Contract, contract to hire, and project based SOW work models are very common in technology functions and offer more flexibility to both hiring managers and candidates alike when it comes to finding talent and work. That’s why thinking about scaling beyond your local market and just full time hiring is important – you’ll start reaping the benefits of greater talent supply for sourcing quality talent.

5. Thinking of ways to avoid fraudulent information submitted by talent

The final challenge we’ve got to mention is avoiding fraudulent experience and skill misrepresentation when hiring for technical roles. It’s a big one, too, considering that 85% of candidates misrepresent their skills and experience via job sites. You’ll need to try and avoid these fraudulent resumes, which can lead to mishires. And the most shocking thing about mishires is that they can cost your company 30% of your employee’s first-year earnings.

To achieve this, assessing or vetting your talent is vital. You’ll need to find out if your candidates genuinely have the skills required for the job, and top talent vetting and global staffing and tech hiring platforms like ours are key to this. High5 Vetted Talent’s video interviews, which are carried out by our vetting and curation experts will ensure that your talent genuinely has the skills they say they do.

Vetting, curation and tech hiring platforms: a critical step in hiring for technical roles

Taking into account the innumerable amount of difficulties companies face when making tech hires, using vetting and curation tech hiring platforms like High5 is an ideal way to make hiring simpler.

What is a vetting and curation tech hiring platform?

You’ve probably heard of vetting and curation tech hiring platforms before, but what exactly are they? In simple terms, vetting and curation tech hiring platforms make recruiting high-quality talent effortless. They are your best link to direct sourcing and help you access pre-identified talent with exceptional tech skills, and hire tech experts.

Who uses vetting and curation tech hiring platforms?

Hiring managers, staffing professionals, and businesses like yours all make use of vetting and curation platforms. In simple terms, if you’re an organization looking to find and hire tech technically-skilled talent, vetting and curation platforms are just what you’ll need.

What are the advantages of vetting and curation platforms?

You might be wondering just how you will benefit from using vetting and curation tech hiring platforms. The short answer is – in many ways. Platforms like High5 are:

  • Low cost compared with inefficient traditional staffing firms
  • They leverage your brand – (which is key to drawing in top talent)
  • They reduce your time to hire, and
  • Increase the quality of your candidate pool
Why High5 is the key to hiring for technical roles

Hiring top tech talent is no walk in the park, but using High5 is the ideal way to make quality tech hires and make the entire process easier.

High5 provides the best solution to attracting tech talent by leveraging your brand, reducing your time to hire, and lowering the amount of recruiting activities required. Our platform provides industry-best talent pool technology to help you hire tech experts.

How is High5 unique?

High5 is a superior vetting and curation tech hiring platform. We’re an industry-best global staffing platform and we make hiring simpler. We’re also unique. And, yes, we know all platforms say the same thing. But to prove it, here are some of the things that set us apart from other vetting tech hiring platforms:

  • High5 covers Full Stack, Cloud, and Big Data, which represent 80% of all tech hires, across the world
  • We help you meet your diversity and inclusion initiatives, which is a key concern for candidates as well as your organization
  • We’re the ideal choice for any type of contract and any technical role
  • Our 18,000 industry experts will video interview your talent, ensuring you make quality hires every time you choose High5
  • Our community or talent pool building and tracking mechanisms help you monitor your talent efficiently

Get hiring with High5: a world-class candidate vetting tech hiring platform

We know that making the right tech hires is difficult. But leading vetting and curation tech hiring platforms like High5 are here to help. Take a look at some of our top features and start adding exceptional talent to your team today. Get started now >>

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