How To Recruit Employees And Talent Candidates

Current best practices for how to recruit employees and professional talent lie in talent communities and platforms like High5.

When it comes to recruiting professional talent for your organization, you want to make sure that you hire the best. And in order to hire the best, you need to be able to connect with the best. You need to be able to demonstrate to the best that yours is the company they should commit their own time and energy towards.

What are some of the best practices you can follow as to how to recruit employees and professional talent? Well, first of all, you want to have a community of people you can turn to whenever jobs open up. Using a platform like High5 allows you to build exclusive communities, called talent pools, and maintain ongoing dialogue with each member of that community.

This is how you forge real relationships with the people who could come to work for your organization one day. You can send them updates about projects being worked on, newsletters about the company culture, and even occasional gifs just to have some fun with them. Regardless of the tactic, your focus is on building a relationship with someone who’s skills and expertise could help elevate your company to a new level when the time is right.

Treat candidates like customers

To begin with, take off your recruitment hat for a moment and look at the situation from the perspective of an in-store sales clerk. When a customer walks through the front door, a polished and quality rep will be there to greet the customer and offer their service to help them find whatever it is they need. That level of service and dedication is what motivates many shoppers to part with their money and buy the item in question.

Now, use that same approach with how to recruit employees and professional talent. Show your interest in the candidate and offer personalized support to help answer any questions or concerns they may have. It’s said that 60% of job candidates will look elsewhere if they fail to get responses or any support from a company so make sure your communication skills are up to par when hunting for your next superstar candidates.

This level of personalized support also helps cement your company’s brand reputation. A strong brand identity with a supportive culture helps reduce talent turnover by 28%, and it can also lower the cost per hire for your company by 50%.

Excite candidates with amazing job descriptions

Job descriptions are like first impressions whenever you meet someone new. The vibe you create when making those introductions sets the tone for all that follows in your relationship with that person. Job descriptions are your introductory greeting with a working professional, and the context of those descriptions will determine if that candidate decides to move forward in the recruitment process with your company.

Exciting job descriptions capture people’s attention and make them intrigued by what your company has to offer them. In your talent management strategy for how to recruit employees and talent candidates, you should document exactly how you’ll communicate the details of the job, the strength of the team, and the values of the company. Make it a captivating statement that motivates people to want to learn more about their potential future with your organization.

However, make sure the description doesn’t oversell the experience with your company. If the description is out of step with the culture of your company, candidates are 2-4 times less likely to apply for the job, or the task at hand. You want to make the opportunity sound exciting, but you also need to ground it in reality. Don’t overplay your hand and risk misrepresenting the company to the candidate.

Consider past candidates in your talent pool

What did we mention at the beginning of this post? You want to have a community of past, existing, and potential candidates who could become the next asset for your organization. These talent communities are a new basic building block for how to recruit employees and talent candidates. These communities are called talent pools, and they form the bedrock of your talent acquisition strategy. You always have a network of prospects to rely on when new jobs open up.

More importantly, you’ll have a community of former and existing talent who have proven their ability to contribute to your company. If your product team is developing a new feature or application for your platform, they may require additional support to deliver the new asset on time and on spec.

As a talent manager, you can streamline the recruitment process by tapping into your talent pool. Connect with a past candidate who completed work for your company and explain the details of the new requirements. If they’re interested in contributing once again, your product team will have the support they need to deliver expectations as promised. In the end, this leads to higher growth, greater revenue, and more profitability for your business.

The perks of hiring talent on demand are that you decide when you need these professionals, the duration of their employment, and whether to extend a more permanent contract if needs arise. When you maintain a talent pool of highly vetted professionals, you always have the option to add more talent to your team on a freelance, contract, or permanent basis. If there is a “rule of thumb” for how to recruit employees and talent candidates, it’s keep your options open and good things will come!

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