Why Your Company Needs a Talent Management Strategy

Embrace Technology. Streamline Your Talent Management Strategy.

Talent management is meant to improve business performance. It’s how brands attract professional talent, qualify the most capable experts, and arrange interview processes that transform would-be applicants into successful hires.

So what is a talent management strategy? A talent management strategy goes beyond the initial hiring process to include the onboarding, development, cultural engagement, and even retention of quality workers. A successful strategy attracts the right people, captures their interest in what the company has to offer, and retains that talent for extensive periods of time that help grow the scope of the business.

Many companies have embraced technology to help streamline their talent management strategies and connect with potential hires in markets from all corners of the world. Developers, in particular, are in high demand with proven skills capable of helping produce exceptional products and services that give brands opportunities to cement unique identities in the market.

The benefits of talent management software

A platform like High5 simplifies your search for the best product developers so that you can smoothly execute your talent management strategy. Talent management software directly connects independent coders for hire to your in-house recruiters, bringing a breadth and depth of experience to help your company fulfill its business objectives for growth.

Optimize and profile top product developers

The ultimate goal of a talent management strategy is to hire the people who can add the most value to the company. Platforms like High5 collect and store data on recent hires, making it easy to identify patterns in the types of people with the most to contribute to your company. Using this data, you can modify and optimize your hiring strategy by profiling the most successful recruits. Then you can use these profiles to optimize your search for new hires moving forward.

Improve onboarding experiences

As you refine your recruitment process to fill new positions, you can enhance the quality of your onboarding experiences. Analyze the performance of recent onboarded developers and refine the welcoming package.

  • Are there elements of your onboarding process that are redundant? 
  • Are there gaps in the process, and could there be more added to the experience?
  • Would greater emphasis on company culture help new coders for hire feel more welcomed and comfortable when they come aboard?

Lay out career and development paths

Using the data in your talent management platform, compare the quantity of new hires with the longevity that those developers retain their positions with your company. Segment each of these hires into different categories like freelance and contract developers, contract-to-hire and part-time employees, and full-time committed coders.

Then, you can build development programs tailored for each category. You can build the types of support programs to help short-term hires complete the jobs and projects they were hired for so that they can use their experience with your company as a reference for wherever else they choose to go. You can also build career paths for part-time and full-time hires so that they have opportunities to take on new challenges, accept more responsibility, and earn new titles as they further develop their coding skills. Also, you can even create career paths for remote workers.

All of this is achievable with a fleshed out talent management strategy, and a platform that helps you execute that strategy to the best of your abilities.

Global talent experience platforms scale up hiring rates

So how do you implement those programs? A talent management software can coalesce with your growth strategy to help streamline the search for candidates, the vetting process, and the performance analysis so you can make effective business decisions with speed and precision.

Talent management platforms are designed to fulfill the needs of both the hiring company and the independent professionals under recruitment. Using these platforms, you can achieve a submit-to-hire ratio with coders for hire that’s 5x more effective than traditional staffing agencies.

Benefits of talent management platforms

At a high level, talent management platforms function as an extension of your in-house team. It’s like a new limb grown on your company family tree; an extra set of hands that can take some of the logistical burdens of hiring professional developers off your in-house resources.

When you integrate a platform like High5 into your talent management strategy, you’ll benefit from additional resources like:

  • Objective third-party interviewers whose job is to vet, pass on, and rule out coders
  • Scoring, rankings, and write-ups of interviewed candidates to help you build your profiles
  • An extra set of eyes that ensure only the most qualified developers reach the late stages of the interview process

How talent management software optimizes hiring strategies

Remember where we began with the notion that an effective talent management strategy improves business performance? Using the right software, you can fulfill that objective and build a strategy with proven results.

Using a talent management platform to hire coders speeds up the process. You can have multiple positions posted across the platform at one time, and the experts who manage your account will oversee all of the incoming activity across each of those postings.

That means if you’re in a quarter with a strong hiring quota, you can fill each of those roles at faster rates while ensuring only the most qualified developers become official candidates. In addition to the benefits of accelerating your hiring plans, you can take the burden off your in-house team.

Hiring managers have a lot of pressure and expectations. They have to prove results by hiring qualified professionals, and they also have to maintain a high degree of employee retention to satisfy their superiors.

By removing some of the sourcing and qualifying requirements from their own shoulders, hiring managers can focus on optimizing onboarding and promoting employee retention to maintain long-term positive futures for the company. The account managers of the talent management software can focus on acquisition, and in-house teams can shift their efforts towards delivering growth and results for the business.

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