How To Use Modern Recruitment Services For Your Business

Modern recruitment services allow you to leverage technology to forge intimate and personalized connections with prospective candidates.

Every high growth business is always in need of talent. Companies with strong values and dedicated visions follow a mantra of the 3 Ps; people, product, profits. When you hire the right people, you build exceptional work cultures. Those cultures are what breed quality products that you can take to market. Once you have a working product in the market, the profits will come.

But it all begins with the right talent, and you need to use the right resources to connect with that talent. Modern recruitment services allow you to leverage technology to forge intimate and personalized connections with prospective candidates. These relationships become the backbone of your professional talent pools, which will help you add new professionals and scale up growth as needed.

So what are some of the underlying benefits of modern recruitment services for your business itself? How can you use these solutions to deliver the type of growth you need for your brand? Let’s look into some of those benefits.

Save your in-house recruiters time, energy, and money

Here are some harsh statistics about how overburdened in-house recruiters are in today’s fast-paced environment.

  • Talent acquisition professionals spend nearly one third of their work week sourcing candidates for a single position
  • Over 25% of recruiters spend over half of their week sourcing for one role
  • Over two thirds say that more automated solutions would increase their own productivity

That’s the micro picture. Now, look at those same data points from the macro level. Your company invests a lot of time and money into traditional talent sourcing. The energy and productivity of your talent acquisition team is pushed to limits to keep up with the changing needs of the business.

Modern recruitment services remove much of that burden

Imagine if you could make one purchase that could transform the way your team sources, recruits, hires, and onboards professional talent.

Modern recruitment services like High5 are built to give your business that exact experience. The biggest advantages of modern recruitment services relate to the relief they provide to your in-house team, enabling them to spend less time sourcing candidates for each individual role.

Instead, they can tap into talent pools of qualified and vetted candidates to find the right person for a particular job. The time they save on sourcing can then be reallocated towards larger needs for the business.

Don’t limit your recruitment to just job promotions 

Let’s face it. People are motivated to work for companies that have real visions, real passions, and a reputation for making change in the world. An individual job within the company is less exciting than becoming a part of something bigger with a plan to impart positive change that can improve people’s lives.

It’s hard to promote that kind of brand culture within a job description. Even for descriptions that provide insight into the work culture, it’s still only a small window into what your company is truly all about. That means people who are looking for a personal reason to take an interest in working for your brand may opt not to move forward in the recruitment process.

Modern recruitment services help you recruit for your brand

Instead of promoting individual roles on job boards, across social media, and other channels, invest in a modern recruitment service like High5 to change your approach to recruitment. You can build robust talent communities that encourage ongoing engagement between your brand, your candidates, and among the other candidates themselves.

This is the primary benefit of online talent communities. You can provide detailed insight into how the company culture influences the type of person that works for the brand. You can create updates about new product developments, incredible staff achievements, updated roadmaps for the company, and even an ongoing joke channel if you feel like it.

The point is to facilitate ongoing relationships with all of your connections. This level of engagement keeps your brand top of mind with qualified candidates, and you can then offer exciting opportunities to those candidates whenever an opening is made.

Don’t let good candidates be the ones that got away

Sometimes, a talent acquisition manager will find an exceptional candidate who’s fully qualified for an opening. Unfortunately, due to there being no available jobs, a geographical barrier, or some other obstacle, the opportunity can’t move forward. In all likelihood, that candidate is lost and you won’t be able to add that talented professional to your company roster.

This is a frustrating challenge for brands of all shapes and sizes. It may seem like the stars are about to align on a qualified hire, but something comes up to ruin that breakthrough. In the end, you lose that opportunity and often have no chance to reconnect with that candidate again.

Modern recruitment services help you create healthy pools of talented hires

Do away with this limiting challenge by utilizing modern recruitment services like High5 to build and maintain your online talent communities. The best part is that, once you build the profiles for your ideal candidates, the platform does the rest of the work.

High5’s search parameters leverage the details in your candidate profile and expand them to search on a global level. This means you can connect with the most qualified professionals no matter where they’re based in the world.

This is an amazing way to speed up time to hire. In fact, we’re proud to say that we’ve decreased time-to-fill for new hires by up to 15%. We also have objective third-party interviewers on the platform who provide an independent assessment of potential candidates. This vetting process ensures only the best candidates make it through to your specialists.

The best part is that the talent communities are always accessible in real-time. You can retain relationships with past hires and consider hiring them again for future jobs. This ensures that you always keep a viable number of qualified candidates on file, both past and future talent. In the end, this strategy will help your business gain the resources necessary to scale growth.

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