How To Search For Qualified Job Applicants And Scale Growth

Looking for how to search for qualified job applicants? Talent community platforms digitize the recruitment process and improve candidate quality.

As a growing business, one of the biggest questions you need to answer is this: how to search for qualified job applicants so that you can scale measurable and achievable growth for the company. The people you hire are vital to the success of your business, and you need to bring on the right professionals with the right skills to achieve those targets.


When it comes to how to search for qualified job applicants, creating a strategic hiring initiative goes well beyond preparing for how to interview qualified candidates. Before you even get to the interview stage, you need a pool of interested, capable, and talented professionals to vet and qualify. Creating that talent pool requires the right resources to bring it to fruition.

What are talent communities?


Talent communities, or talent pools, include a wide variety of qualified talented prospects who each have specific job skills or requirements. A healthy talent community strikes the right balance between quality and quantity: quality measured by the skills and experience of the candidates, and quantity measured by how many prospects could realistically become new hires for your business.


Talent communities are a great resource to help companies solve the challenge of how to search for qualified job applicants. For example, a national digital services firm based in Chicago reported a 46 percent increase in inbound applicants courtesy of talent communities.


The benefit of talent communities is that they allow your company to maintain a thriving community of interested candidates that could become vital to the growth of your business. You always have a network of interested candidates to tap into whenever the need arises for a new member of the team to fill a specific skills gap.

How to search for qualified job candidates in talent communities


Talent community platforms are the best modern solution for how to search for qualified job candidates. Unlike traditional hiring methods that require you to use multiple channels to grow inbound prospects, talent community platforms use direct-sourcing strategies to connect with candidates from within a global pool of talented prospects.


Hiring needs have evolved in the post COVID-19 world as highlighted by the President and CEO of Amazon in this interview. For established brands like Amazon, this meant adapting to a new colloquial definition of how to search for qualified job candidates. No longer is a 9-5 in-house work schedule the requirement for these companies; in 2022, and beyond, remote work is more universally accepted.


This is where talent community platforms alter a brand’s hiring strategy. Through these platforms, you have access to a truly global network of skilled professionals. You no longer need to restrict your hiring strategy to a geographic area based in and around your home office. Instead, you can use these platforms to connect with talent on the other side of the planet if they happen to be the best person suited to fill a particular skills gap.

Benefits of talent community platforms to hire candidates


How to search for qualified job applicants using modern technology can provide your company a significant advantage over the competition. With talent community platforms, you can improve benchmarks related to speed to hire, reduce manual time spent on recruitment, and ultimately improve the evaluation experience for candidates.

Improve speed to hire rates 4x faster than traditional hiring methods


Speed to hire is an important metric to evaluate how to search for qualified job applicants. Talent community platforms accelerate your ability to search, vet, qualify, and interview professional talent.


Using platforms like High5, the right person can come aboard your team 4x faster than by using traditional hiring practices. It allows new candidates to be onboarded faster so that they can help build a path towards sustainable growth for the business. Growth is the ultimate metric to justify new hires, and platforms like High5 will help you produce growth at faster rates.

Reduce in-house time spent managing recruitment


Recruiters spend hours each and every week sourcing potential job candidates. Unfortunately, 73 percent of potential candidates are passive job seekers, which means they’re less likely to respond to job postings or engage with recruiters. This is one of the reasons why in-house recruiters spend so much time simply trying to source candidates for open positions.


Talent community platforms like High5 all but eliminate this challenge. Candidates within talent pools are actively searching for new or exciting opportunities, and they’re more plugged into a company’s direct communication channels. It allows recruiters to build a healthy pool of prospects and make faster hiring decisions so that valuable time is not lost sourcing candidates.

Transform the candidate experience and improve retention rates


In the end, how to search for qualified job applicants is successful based on the experience provided to the candidates themselves. Talented professionals don’t want to waste time on endless vetting processes or to feel misled by the company’s vision, mission, values, or tactics for how to get things done.


Talent community platforms allow companies to switch from reactive to proactive recruitment strategies that also allow for more transparency regarding company culture. Candidates who have a firm understanding of how the business operates before they come aboard are more satisfied by the hiring experience and likely to stay with the company for longer periods of time.


This is exactly how one global medical equipment manufacturer measured success when using High5 to modernize their hiring strategies. The process was so successful that employee retention rates improved from 25 percent to 73 percent.


 In the end, the methods you use for how to search for qualified job applicants will vary by the unique needs of your company. However, the benefits of using talent community platforms like High5 far outweigh any costs associated with those solutions. More importantly, they help you expand your network of viable candidates so that you can scale growth for the business.




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