Talent Clouds: How Acquisition Software Helps With Hiring

Talent clouds have helped many companies create communities of prospective employees that have the potential to add value to their businesses. As growth expectations continue to rise company by company, it’s important to have the infrastructure in place to meet those expectations.

Part of that infrastructure includes the people whose skills can transform a product’s current state into a game changing experience released into the market, which will enable the type of growth necessary to meet high forecasted targets.

If you’ve never used talent clouds before, you might be asking the question: what exactly are talent clouds, and how can they specifically benefit your business? That’s what we’ll help you answer in this article.

What are talent clouds?

Talent clouds are a modernized method of attracting quality talent to your company. Rather than relying on traditional staffing firms to expand your talent pool, you can use technology to build your own virtual talent cloud of qualified candidates.

Talent clouds encourage remote or international professionals to develop an interest in your company. By using talent clouds to recruit capable candidates, you send a message to your talent pool that your company embraces and encourages flexible working environments. Flexibility and greater autonomy are among the most important benefits that would-be job candidates search for in a company, which increases your brand’s competitive advantage.

Benefits of talent clouds

Now that you know a little more about talent clouds, the next logical question to ask is how will they benefit your company? Why should you incorporate this technology into your established hiring practices? Here are a few key reasons why talent clouds should be at the center of your recruitment efforts.

Scale up and down your teams on an as needed basis

It’s not uncommon for companies to solely focus on revenue and costs to outline the future direction of the business. Unfortunately, these types of companies hinder their own growth and sabotage their potential by adopting this business model. There’s a difference between focusing on profitability and focusing on growth; the truly successful brands do the latter.

If your company has high growth aspirations, you need to bolster sales revenue for the business. To reach those targets, you need a viable product to take to market that can solve people’s challenges. And to build that product, you need a capable team of talented professionals with the skills and vision to transform your existing offer into a unique value proposition that can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Growth is achieved when the right people come together to create a unique experience that can change the market. It also means utilizing people’s skills and experience in a way that best helps the company. By using talent clouds, you can scale up or scale down the number of people on your team depending on the needs of your business at the time. Hiring talent on demand is a great way to accelerate growth, manage hiring costs, support your talent community, and achieve results.

Hire professional talent faster and easier

Speed of hire is so important in such fast-paced high growth industries. Every second matters in competitive spaces as a delay in your own product development could give your competitors an opportunity to develop a new feature before you can. It’s so important for your own growth aspirations to find the best talent that can put their skills to good use for your business.

Talent clouds are not restricted by local or geographic considerations. You have the ability to connect with professionals across the entire world if you choose to do so. This is a great way to expand your hiring abilities and potentially hire professionals 4x faster than using traditional hiring methods.

Additionally, talent clouds are more cost-effective and scalable for your business than relying on traditional hiring firms. You also have a managed services team at your disposal to oversee the communications and relationships with all of the people in your talent pool. This added benefit means your in-house team can remain focused on big picture goals while delegating the day to day tasks of community management to outsourced professionals.

Fill specific skills gaps on your existing teams

One of the biggest challenges on any team is finding people with specialized skill sets. No one is a jack (or jill) of all trades, and there are niche development requirements that only certain types of coders will be able to provide. Finding the right talent to deliver on those requirements is a big hurdle for any team.

Talent clouds like High5 have expert professionals who can help vet your candidates with a proven screening process. The process includes interview questions, technical skill tests, and even qualified recommendations based on the responses to those inquiries.

You’ll receive an assessment from the experts so that you can directly connect with the professionals whose skills will help fill the gap on your existing team. Once they’re onboard, you can integrate them into your department and build that roadmap towards high growth targets.

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