What Do Job Candidates Look For In Tech Recruiters

For tech recruiters, you need to commit to open and transparent communication with your candidates.

As a tech company, your recruitment strategy is often designed with the needs of your business at the forefront of your mind. You want to make sure that you’re filling open positions that need new bodies, adding additional support to existing teams, and creating career paths to help established employees take on new challenges and responsibilities.

However, to build a recruitment strategy that attracts the right quality of talent, you need to ask yourself: what attracts professional candidates towards a new company? You need to know what is most likely to garner engagement and responses from the types of professionals you want to work for your company. That’s the best way to amplify your recruitment plans and help scale the growth of your business.

Tech recruiters should place a premium on communication

Transparency is always appreciated. In personal and professional lives, people respond well when they’re given straightforward facts about a situation. They’re far more likely to trust you if you’re open and honest with them.

If a professional candidate has entered your recruitment process, they don’t want to wait around for weeks on end wondering about the status of their employment prospect. They want a yes or no response as to whether their application will move forward in the hiring process.

For tech recruiters, you need to commit to open and transparent communication with your candidates. That’s why platforms like High5 are so valuable for fast-growth companies. You can build vetted talent pools of professional candidates, and then you can use the platform to maintain ongoing dialogue and relationships with each member of the talent community. If someone is applying for an open role, you can send a quick note indicating the status of their candidacy. Then, that candidate can decide whether they should keep holding on or move on.

Transparency makes all parties happier and well-informed about the status of the process. Companies that take the time to provide open communication with candidates are far more likely to find and hire the right professional for the job.

Candidates want to know if they can reapply in the future

Transparency is important, not only to provide candidates with peace of mind in their current application, but also to help leave the window open for another opportunity down the road. It’s not uncommon for companies to find multiple professionals who could be successful in an open job only to have to turn down all but one of them as the candidate that gets hired.

However, that’s the benefit of building professional talent pools using High5. If you have to turn people down for an immediate opening, it doesn’t mean you have to end that prospective relationship as well. You can use High5 to maintain your community and keep those candidates in the pipeline for openings that may happen further down the road.

This is especially important if you found a very qualified candidate, who likes your company culture, and whose experience could be a great asset for your team — given the right opportunity. Never underestimate the importance of hiring someone whose personal values align with those of your company. These are the people who will go the extra mile and utilize all of their skills to help your entire team achieve growth targets and scale the business.

Modern hiring practices help candidates and tech recruiters

In keeping with the theme of transparency, it’s important that tech recruiters have the tools necessary to provide clear and concise updates to potential candidates. One of the reasons candidates get frustrated with hiring processes is the speed at which they receive information.

Traditional hiring processes take a lot of time and sap plenty of energy away from excited people eager to be hired for a job. Candidates don’t want to wait around for weeks on end to hear the news about their potential future with your team.

That’s why smart tech recruiters use their own tech, such as High5, to speed up the communication and decision making processes. High5 provides easy-to-use solutions that allow recruiters to properly vet candidates and provide feedback. This enables the whole recruitment process to become far more streamlined.

In the end, technology increases the efficiency of your company’s ability to hire for open roles. More efficient decision-making means candidates spend less time waiting in the wind for responses from your tech recruiters. As a result, your company can accelerate your speed to hire rate when bringing on the right talent for the job, and those candidates who aren’t selected can quickly move on to the next opening that might be a great fit for their skills.

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