The Direct Sourcing Model and Understanding What It Means in Recruitment

Establishing a streamlined direct sourcing model is essential for modern businesses.

Partnering with professional workforce talent experts, like those at High5, is the most efficient and cost-effective way of doing this.

Direct sourcing with High5 facilitates a streamlined recruitment model. This process will not only leverage your brand to attract talent, but will also secure high-quality candidate matches in a flexible way that suits your business.

Is direct sourcing suitable for all organizations?

Implementing a direct sourcing model is suitable for a range of organizations, whether you are looking to fill contingent, contract, or freelance employees.

While it is suited to most companies, direct sourcing will provide more benefits for brands that want to implement a contingent workforce, or need to hire continuously.

Organizations that will benefit the most while using a direct sourcing model often need staff on a rolling basis. This means that the company will constantly have job openings and positions available. Being able to access a large talent pool is fundamental to finding a great employee match that gives employers the freedom to dip in and out as they please.

When partnered with High5 for direct sourcing, you experience an efficient and cost-effective recruitment model that connects you to expertly vetted candidates. Therefore, introducing a direct sourcing model is extremely beneficial to businesses that require continuous hiring. 

Furthermore, organizations that require expert candidates in niche subject matters will benefit from using a direct sourcing model. A sourcer can place all their time and energy into finding a fitting and valuable individual that expresses both passion and qualifications within the selected field. Consequently, this enables the organization to directly access candidates with experience relevant to the job description.

At High5, our talent community has been thoroughly vetted by experts to ensure professional competency. Using High5’s direct sourcing model, employers will receive candidate recommendations from our expert vetters to secure a productive, satisfactory match is made.

How brands benefit from a direct sourcing model

There are many ways that brands can benefit from implementing a direct sourcing model as part of their recruitment process.

Expert Knowledge

Finding an individual that has both relevant experience and essential qualifications befitting to a specific job can be a difficult task. Additionally, if you are hiring on a part-time or seasonal contract, you may not have the time to train each new recruit individually. Therefore, a great benefit of using a direct sourcing model is being able to access experts in the field.

When using High5, businesses can be assured that our talent pool is filled with experienced and competent individuals due to our vetting system. We uniquely offer a talent vetting system performed by our 18,000 plus subject matter experts, who are able to assess over 1000 skills. Each candidate is individually tested and evaluated by a suitable expert in their specific field.

Subsequently, the expert will conclude the individual’s technical skills, providing the potential employer with a rating and skill rank based on this assessment. This ensures that hiring companies will only find the most suitable candidates.

Build A Flexible Workforce

The working environment is currently changing, with many businesses introducing a permanent work-from-home placement for their employees. As this change continues, employers are seeking more remote workers to avoid increased overhead expenses. A remote workforce does not need to work in an office, which decreases rental expenses.

A direct sourcing model with High5 draws upon existing talent that is experienced in remote working. Our talent cloud is also international, meaning that if you wish to encompass other languages or timezones within your business, you can!

Furthermore, many freelancers also work outside of the typical 9 AM to 5 PM workday hours. This can allow companies to be more flexible when agreeing to tight deadlines or taking on additional clients. As a result, businesses can optimize their client interaction and reduce staff expenses by gaining a cohesive, flexible workforce.

Decrease Time-To-Fill

An effective direct sourcing plan draws on an existing talent pool. These are individuals that are happy to be revisited and considered for future, suitable job roles.

Having access to a large talent pool will help to streamline the recruitment process as these are individuals that have already been evaluated and deemed credible.

How to launch direct sourcing in your recruitment

Launching direct sourcing within your company is easy with High5!


Think about the positions you need to fill, and how you can access experienced and qualified individuals. Write an accurate job description and share the values or expectations clearly.

Make sure you contemplate the type of staff contracts you want. While a third-party partner can offer you remote and globalized connections, implementing this strategy independently will be much harder.

Establish KPIs

Measure progress by keeping track of KPIs. By monitoring key processes, you can easily identify areas of improvement for more optimized sourcing.

Essential sourcing KPIs to track include:

  • – Time to hire rate
  • – Offer acceptance rate
  • – Candidate retention rate
  • – Candidate productivity
Streamline the recruitment process

During the planning process, consider any time or cost limitations and streamline your recruitment process with these restrictions in mind. For example, if you require candidates quickly, direct sourcing via High5’s talent cloud can improve the time-to-fill by upwards of 15% faster!

Scale as needed

Alter your direct sourcing model per how many staff you need, as well as your budget. Adjust areas of weakness in the sourcing supply chain by regularly checking your progress against KPIs.

Onboarding talent

Talent onboarding refers to businesses equipping their new employees with any crucial training to develop their skills in a certain job role.

Though basic training is generally expected, some businesses may lack the time or resources to provide thorough training to inexperienced staff members.

This is why utilizing a talent pool as part of your direct sourcing plan is so beneficial. It means that candidates are already equipped with the right skills and knowledge needed to succeed without extensive training, boosting productivity levels.


Using a direct sourcing model in your recruitment process can optimize the speed and quality of your new hires. This model works on the basis of employers partnering with a company like High5 to access a high-quality, global talent pool.

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