Top Benefits of Using Business Talent Solutions Like High5

Business talent solutions like High5 provide resources to connect with candidates, vet qualified talent, and ensure the right people are hired

Companies all over the world are coming to recognize the benefits of business talent solutions to grow the size of their workforce. According to the 22nd edition of the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, over 50% of companies determined to improve their hiring practices will make significant investments in talent management solutions.

Many companies are in fast-paced, high growth industries with increasingly diversified competition. They need the ability to acquire, retain, and move on from talent at faster, more efficient rates to achieve their growth targets and stay one leg up on their competitors. 

Business talent solutions like High5 provide companies with the resources they need to connect with candidates, vet qualified talent, and ensure the right people are hired for the right jobs at the right times. They help modernize your approach to talent acquisition, ensuring you bring on the types of people you need to build your organization. Here are some of the fundamental benefits of using business talent solutions like High5, and how they can help your company.

Timely availability of skilled people for specific jobs

As technology continues to knock down geographic barriers between offices and workers, the potential workforce for your company’s needs has truly excelled to a global pool of potential. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that remote workers are perfectly capable of maintaining or even improving their productivity and efficiency.

While the trend began long before COVID-19, the pandemic forced most companies to accept remote work as a necessary requirement. As a result, many companies are growing more and more comfortable with hiring talent based in different cities, countries, and even time zones than their principal offices.

Business talent solutions like High5 help facilitate these remote relationships. The platform functions as a curator partner, helping you tap into untapped networks of international talent. This is especially helpful for companies that require coders for hire as programmers are very comfortable working within their own homes and still deliver results.

Fundamentally, this expands your company’s ability to hire exceptional talent without worrying about geographic restrictions or limitations. The net benefit is that you can hire talent on an as needed basis, tailored to the right jobs, and done at scale.

Improve relationships with existing and future candidates

As hiring managers, one of the most important elements of the job is the ability to attract the right types of professionals. If you want the best talent, you need to show them why they should come work for your company.

In today’s increasingly awakened society, workers are more concerned about shared values with their companies. In particular, independent contractors or part-time professionals are becoming very selective about the types of organizations they partner with for one-time or recurring jobs. This is why it’s so important to demonstrate your company’s culture when connecting with potentially valuable talent.

Business talent solutions like High5 allow you to curate highly selective talent communities to foster those burgeoning relationships. You can transform your talent pools into active communities of highly engaged prospects.

Use the platform’s managed services to create and distribute special newsletters tailored to your talent pool. Make the focus of the newsletters about employee achievements, shoutouts, and special releases to demonstrate your culture and brand identity. You can also mention issues that the organization is passionate about and how you demonstrate that passion by taking a stand for the cause.

All of this information will attract more qualified professionals eager to make a difference. They’ll become very excited about joining such a passionate community of workers which, in turn, will speed up the rate you can hire for specific roles and grow the scale of your workforce.

Business talent solutions even help with career succession planning

Sometimes, the most practical reason to hire new talent is to replace aging or departing employees. Studies show that more employees spend an average of 4 years or less with one particular company before moving onto a new challenge. At the same time, lifelong workers eventually must retire, and their longstanding responsibilities must be maintained by new talent.

We’ve mentioned how business talent solutions like High5 allow you to create highly engaged communities of prospective employees. Once you have those active talent pools, you can always pull particular skilled workers from that pool to vet and interview whenever a new opening is made available. Rather than relying on a traditional hiring agency to start the search from scratch, half the work is already done by using talent solutions like High5.

You can prepare for succession planning by hiring a temporary professional to fill the gap while deciding on the future of the position. If the move appears to be a good fit, you can extend a full time opportunity to that candidate. They may opt not to become a full time member of the organization, but you can retain them as a contract hire until the needs of the job are complete.

By using talent solutions, you can build a successful talent management strategy that’s consistently focused on delivering results. This will help your company achieve high growth targets at faster, more predictable rates and build a legacy to be remembered.

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