Hiring Online Programmers is Better with a Curation Partner

To Hire Online Programmers and Have a Much Better Experience, Leverage a Curation Partner

Vetting and curating tech talent is critical if organizations want to stay competitive. This is true of all forms of work — full-time, part-time, contract, offsite, or on.  

To summarize, the technical talent subset of High5 Vetted Talent is tech talent that has been put through a thorough screening, interviewing, and skills assessment process by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) before they are submitted for a tech role. This translates to higher quality talent, faster speed-to-hire and considerable cost savings.  

If you’ve been looking for ways to hire online programmers and are frustrated traditional recruiting methods aren’t working, it may be time to investigate how a curation partner can help. Curation partners should provide objective, transparent, unbiased vetting of tech talent combined with a fast, personalized experience. This results in improved quality, faster, and at a lower cost for organizations.  

Sourcing tech talent directly through highly vetted and curated channels is becoming increasingly necessary as organizations partner with work enablement platforms that take the guesswork out of hiring. Many companies are finding the ability to hire online programmers through a curation partner like High5 is easier, results in higher quality tech talent, and faster speed-to-hire. 

How a curation partner can help you hire online programmers 

There are a few core components that should be considered when you need to hire online programmers and select a curation partner. There are a lot of technologies and organizations that boast rigor around how they find, vet, and engage top tech talent. Still, very few have a scalable subject matter expert pool large enough to continuously curate and pipeline talent, and understand emerging programming languages like Java, Java Script, C, C++, and .NET on a global scale.  

At High5, we identify at a granular level the tech skills needed to build value for our customers. As roles become more specialized, the need to truly understand the industry becomes critical for success. We work with companies to identify specific needs based on current and future technology projects to ensure we are pipelining the exact talent needed.  

1-Proven process 

Having a strategic, systematic, tailored process that tech talent can depend on will make it a successful experience for them to find programming opportunities online. They’ll also be more apt to tell others in their network about that experience, which means they’ll refer other quality talent to join your network.  

Ensuring your curation partner understands your brand and can effectively communicate that out to a curated network of tech talent will also help improve your chances of hiring online programmers. Because of their job’s technical complexity and need for creativity, your curation partner must also know what benefits and perks will attract talent the most effectively. 


Companies need more than scouring job boards or receiving talent that’s had a brief conversation with a recruiter who doesn’t possess the requisite tech skills before being submitted — a standard practice of many IT staffing agencies.  

To hire online programmers in the most effective way, you need a partner that has a scalable, agile interview process that is transparent and interactive. This process should be supported by objective subject matter experts (SMEs) trained in emerging technologies like AI and automation, Cloud, DevOps, and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This should include a tech assessment, scoring, ranking, and a write-up that a hiring manager receives to make an informed, unbiased decision.  

At High5, we have over 18,000 global SMEs across 1,000+ skillsets powered by a talent delivery team of over 1500 recruiters. This means we can scale up or down quickly, continuously find top programmers to fill your pipeline, and deliver support on a global scale.  


You can’t have a scalable process without world-class technology to support it. At High5, we use advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and blockchain to provide a data-rich experience, making it seamless to hire programmers online. 

At High5, we match new jobs to available, qualified programmers and candidates to available jobs by creating talent profiles in real-time. Hiring managers can instantly view, sort, and organize programmers based on language, project (back-end vs. front-end), and for initiatives like diversity and inclusion. 


Tech talent is demanding more than simply scouring job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed or submitting their resume and never hearing back.  

A recent Microsoft report estimated that the total number of “technology-oriented” jobs would increase from 41 million in 2020 to 190 million in 2025. If they aren’t hearing back, they are quickly moving onto other opportunities.  

They are also demanding engagement, flexibility, a sense of community and belonging, and meaning and purpose in every interaction, especially as more and more tech talent will be remote in the future. You need a partner that not only understands how you will deliver this, but continuously communicates this to prospective talent.  

At High5, we’ve invested heavily in an innovative and thorough curation and vetting process that benefits all parties when it comes to hiring online programmers. We look forward to partnering with you through the process. 

If you want to learn more about High5’s global work enablement platform and learn how we find, vet, and curate tech talent, get in touch now

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