Why You Should Use Online Recruiting Services Like High5

Many companies, especially in the tech space, use online recruiting services like High5 to expand their company rosters.

Online recruitment is an ongoing process for companies all over the world. As new products are developed, new markets are tapped into, existing talent leaves the company, and so many other factors; there needs to be fresh talent brought in to fill the gaps.

Companies on high growth trajectories must be able to produce revenue to achieve those targets. In order to increase sales, there needs to be a viable product that can deliver real benefits to customers who opt to buy from your company. Without a viable product to take to market, those revenue targets will never be achieved.

That’s why so many companies, especially in the tech space, use online recruiting services like High5 to expand their company rosters. Brands that truly excel and achieve high growth targets follow a mantra of the 3 Ps; people, product, process. By investing in and hiring the right people, companies develop products that become the pillars of their core businesses. And when product sprints outline the development path, the processes are put in place. Over time, this sequential flow leads to the 4th P: profits.

So how do online recruiting services like High5 help companies achieve their high growth aspirations? Read on to learn more about our solutions and the benefits they provide.

Professional talent clouds are the future of recruiting services

The fact of the matter is that people’s motivations to work for companies have changed drastically in recent years. People want to be heard; they want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. They want to believe that they work for companies with values aligned to the ideas of behavioral, cultural, and organizational transformation.

Brands that recognize these trends use online recruiting services like High5 to facilitate that brand reputation and identity. High5 allows companies to create customizable curated talent communities that allow brands to build networks of highly engaged prospects with quality talent.

These communities are how you amp up the interest and engagement of individual prospects. High5 has dedicated account managers to oversee the day to day of these communities. They can share updates from your company newsletters or announcements, and they can provide insight into the inner workings of the company. This is a great way to showcase culture to a prospective hire and get them excited about the idea of joining the team.

Online recruitment services are powered by AI

Professional talent pools are also a great way to filter down to only the most qualified candidates who can bring genuine value to the organization. Traditional hiring practices force recruiters to waste time filtering through candidates who are not the ideal fit.

High5 is powered by AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technology. Our platform allows you to create an ideal candidate profile that’s then fed through the algorithm to search only for experienced professionals who have the potential to become your dedicated development team.

This is a huge benefit for companies with high growth expectations and little time to spare in pursuit of that growth. First of all, you attract only the most qualified candidates whose skills and experience best align with the needs of your organization. Secondly, it means your in-house recruiters spend less time disqualifying people who will not benefit your brand.

Private talent clouds include professional managed services

The technology provided by online recruiting services like High5 is a huge boon for companies in need of more streamlined hiring processes. The AI does the cold calling on your behalf, allowing you to build a large talent pool that can become a thriving community of both past, present, and future prospects to join the team.

But the best part of online recruiting services like High5 is the dedicated support provided to your business. Our account managers vet and qualify the candidates as they come into the talent pool. We handle the background checks, the skills tests, the initial interview questions, and provide a summary of all of those findings to your company.

That means your recruitment team is only required to review and sign off on the candidate as someone worth keeping in your online talent community. Once that work is complete, it’s up to you to decide whether to hire that professional on as a full-time employee, a contractor or freelancer, or to pass on it entirely.

In the meantime, we take care of your known talent, capture your existing 1099s, and ensure your interns, retirees, and top performers are engaged until their next project. This allows you to keep the talent pipeline flowing with top professionals until you have need for their skills again.

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