11 Tips To Improve Your Direct Source Recruiting

Direct source recruiting is an optimized solution for finding suitable and knowledgeable candidates on a continuous basis.

Connecting with the best candidates for job roles means being able to directly access them. Direct source recruiting is an optimized solution for finding suitable and knowledgeable candidates on a continuous basis. Direct sourcing can be most efficiently maintained when utilizing experienced providers, such as High5

There are several expert tips and techniques that businesses can immediately practice to improve their hiring team’s use of direct source recruiting. Consistently and proactively seeking out these methods is fundamental to achieving great results. 

Not only does direct source recruiting ensure that a qualified and suitable candidate can be identified, but the method can also develop and support other aspects of the business, such as hiring cycles, all while minimizing costs. 

Sourcers vs Recruiters

Firstly, it is important to understand the difference between the role of Sourcers and Recruiters. Sourcers actively seek out talented and suitable candidates by stirring up brand interest, utilizing social media and other research tools to access prime, prospective employees. 

Recruiters, on the other hand, enforce a more reactive role. They are responsible for assisting candidates with the job application process, such as arranging interviews. Recruiters also liaise with the business employer to produce candidates in a specific time frame. 

The main difference is in quality. Recruiters tend to work with applicants who have already applied for the job or shown interest, resulting in varying talent and job suitability. Sourcers strive to initiate application interest by researching high-quality individuals and inviting them to learn more about the offered role. 

Consequently, the employing business can gain access to multiple vetted individuals through direct source recruiting, for a larger talent pool.

Design a direct source recruiting strategy

To practice efficient direct source recruiting, it is best to design a direct sourcing strategy. This will ensure a thorough and widespread search of compatible individuals in which to reach out.  

Your direct source recruiting strategy will depend on several factors, including the types of candidates you are looking to hire, as well as the resources available to you. 

In your strategy, you will want to identify the platforms you will use to source potential candidates. With this in mind, you can utilize the following tips to produce a strategic approach to direct source recruiting. 

  • Research the job role

Understanding the job role and task requirements is fundamental to finding a great recruitment match. Not only will this prevent sourcing unsuitable candidates, but it will also stop you from falsely advertising job positions. 

To truly understand the best types of candidates to message, you will want to look out for similar prior experience, compatible traits, and work ethic.   

  • Look at previous candidates

To avoid overlooking potential fits, stay in communication with previous candidates. Keep those interested informed of matching job descriptions by sending emails. 

Previous candidates are likely to have already been vetted, enabling them to be a more reliable source. Using High5, you will have access to a professional talent pool that you can dip into at any time, offering great convenience. 

  • Always be looking for candidates

Stay on the lookout for candidates! Whether you are scrolling through your LinkedIn page or searching for candidates for a specific role, take note of any qualified individuals.

This is essential for those continuously recruiting, as it will offer greater access to a range of fitting candidates when demand is high. 

  • Broaden searches

Use multiple platforms to source potential candidates. Search on social media sites, look through recruiter databases, and listen to referrals. 

Additionally, consider extending your geographical search location to source more applicants. The right candidate may be willing to relocate or work remotely. 

For international or remote businesses, broadening your search is crucial. High5 offers global coverage to ensure the best, high-quality results are achieved for your business. 

  • Monitor recruiting metrics

Analyze how successful your direct source recruitment approach is by measuring key metrics. Monitoring these metrics will also make sure that you stay within any time and cost budgets. 

Setting up KPIs within this will facilitate a continuous tracking of metrics to observe performance.

These include:

  • – Hiring cycle 
  • – Cost-per-hire 
  • – Acceptance ratio 

If your hiring metrics are falling below standard, High5 can help. With a submit-to-hire ratio of 2:1, High5 utilizes its global scale of expertise to produce high-quality results without compromising on speed.

  • Develop an employer brand

To effectively source gifted individuals, you must be able to entice them with the hiring brand. In direct source recruiting, you are scouting talent, meaning that some will not be actively seeking out new employment opportunities. 

Consequently, consider how your employer brand attracts candidates. Contemplate what job candidates will be looking for in terms of working in specific industries, and communicate this effectively. 

By helping candidates understand the unique working environment of the employing brand, a more streamlined integration process can be achieved should they be hired.

  • Look internally

Internal recruitment suggests finding suitable candidates within the existing workforce. Successful internal recruitment can save time and money for hiring firms. Additionally, the staff member is already experienced within the business and work culture, aiding a smoother transition. 

Promote the role internally and reach out to befitting staff members to source them directly. 

  • Launch a referral program

Utilizing employee networking for recruitment is an optimized way of discovering new and existing talent. 

Launching an internal referral program for staff recommendations can speed up the recruitment process and create interest for positions that have been difficult to fill. 

Furthermore, employers can gain insight into staff with more specialist areas of expertise while encouraging a healthily motivated working environment. To ensure high-quality referrals, create a referral policy that is both professional and pragmatic. 

  • Use technology

When it comes to direct source recruitment, social media is your best option for scouting talent. Platforms like LinkedIn and Fiverr provide a general overview of an individual’s level of experience and background, while also supplying contact details for direct communication. 

In Summary

Incorporating direct source recruitment into your hiring process is a proactive way of reaching out to qualified and experienced individuals. Accessing individuals this way facilitates an open communicative bond that can be revisited for future positions. 

To do this successfully, remain observant by optimizing your use of social media and recruitment strategies. 

Partnering with platforms like High5 enables a streamlined hiring experience, engaging with the most qualified and suited candidates for your business. Contact High5 today to access talented and vetted individuals, to see how they can improve your business.

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