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Hire developers online with an updated approach as traditional methods are ineffective

Qualified, prevetted talent has never been more critical than it is today in the tech industry. U.S. employers came into 2021 looking for more talent in emerging technologies, with job posts rising from 57,500 in December, 2020 to almost 65,900 in January, according to a CompTIA review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, comprising 28% of all new IT posts.

Historically, traditional recruiting performed by IT staffing firms favored volume over quality, requiring an updated approach to hire developers online effectively. Assessing the skill competency and role fit of tech talent was nothing more than a short conversation about a specific role with a recruiter who had little expertise on the skill sets necessary to perform that role successfully. There was limited accountability for the candidate experience, and relationships often felt impersonal, transaction-based, and reactive. This often resulted in bad hires, retention issues, wasted time and money, and an overall negative experience for all involved. 

What’s more? A recent McKinsey survey found that 60 percent of global executives expect that approximately half of their organization’s workforce will need retraining (be it reskilling or upskilling) or replacing within five years. More than one-third said their organizations “are not prepared to address the skills gaps they anticipate.”

This lack of access to global, qualified talent and limited vetting and curation at scale, combined with the flexibility to fill ALL forms of work through one resource, results in a massive drain on internal stakeholders. It also creates a prolonged process for finding, vetting, and employing quality tech talent, higher turnover, wasted time and money, project delays, product delays, and digital transformation delays — the list goes on and on. 

Because curating and vetting tech talent has traditionally been ineffective, IT hiring managers are overwhelmed with hesitance about how to hire developers online in an effective way. They are left to weed through dozens of resumes and are the first and last line of defense in determining whether the talent is qualified and have the requisite skills to do the job. A job in many cases (because of the speed at which technology is accelerating) they have not done themselves. 

High5 is doing things differently and expecting better results

Finding qualified candidates who will meet your mission-critical project requirements and deliver quality outcomes can be tough, but hiring developers online doesn’t have to be hard. In every industry, organizations are going through digital transformations and relying on technology like never before, making tech talent in higher demand, globally, than ever before; but there hasn’t been an objective way to vet that talent for any job, with any skill, and in any location, at scale. Until now.

The technical talent subset of High5 Vetted Talent is talent that has been vetted and curated by technology experts well-versed in Java, Full Stack, Cloud, Big Data, Cyber Security, and hundreds of other in-demand skills. Not only can you hire developers online with considerable time and cost savings, but as a busy hiring manager, you’ll have the confidence knowing when a resume comes across your desk, they are qualified and ready to make an impact. This talent has gone through a thorough screening, interviewing, and skills assessment process by experienced subject matter experts before they are submitted for a role.

At High5, we provide a thorough screening process for all developers including technical screenings with our in-house SMEs. Once a person has worked with our clients, we require feedback of the talent’s performance and if they did not perform at a high level, they will be removed from our High5 Talent Clouds for future consideration. 

Vetting is Critical To Hire Developers Online Effectively

The competition for top talent remains one of the most challenging for organizations to get right. The demand for tech talent in almost all market sectors exceeds available talent. 

“An increasingly spread-out organization will also generate more data points, requiring a bigger team of data scientists and AI talent to produce quality analytics from this bigger volume of data,” Dave Padmos, a technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications at EY said

Finding and hiring developers online through innovative talent channels, such as High5, is becoming increasingly necessary to take the guesswork out of hiring — be it full-time, contingent, SOW, remote, onsite, or off. 

Here are the core components of expert-vetted, curated talent that bring immediate value to an organization:

1-Quality of Tech Talent

If you’re used to seeing 10+ resumes for every open position, you know what a waste of time and resources it is. We’re talking about dozens of hours spent conducting interviews. The lack of vetting in traditional screening processes puts the onus on the hiring manager to do the heavy lifting with limited time to devote.  

High5 Vetted Talent allows you to certify, test, and interview talent at every step of the hiring process. It means talent is interviewed by an objective subject matter expert (SME) about a given tech skill. This includes tech assessments, scoring, ranking, video recorded two-way interview, and a write-up that a hiring manager receives to make a more informed decision. At High5, we have over 18,000 SMEs across 1,000+ skillsets powered by a talent delivery team of 1500 recruiters.

High5 Vetted Talent means 2-3 resumes per opening, cutting 70% of the screening time out of the selection process. It provides the confidence of knowing they are the right fit — both in experience and brand. 

2-Talent engagement

Engaging with prospective talent is critical. Employers must engage and communicate with them in ways they want, when they want. This means building personal relationships, making sure they have the information they need in all parts of the hiring process, and that they feel connected to both a role and a company’s brand.

Tech talent now and in the future are working differently — oftentimes remote. “Companies must think holistically about their benefits packages and ensure that they are relevant to today’s workforce,” Adam Naor of Free Code Camp said. At High5, we take the time to understand what these benefits are and communicate them to all prospective talent to keep them engaged and excited to work. 

3-Speed & flexibility

At High5, our global talent delivery team “follows the sun”, sourcing, screening, and vetting talent 24 x 7 x 365. We combine our technology with the most comprehensive suite of services that allow you to hire developers online with confidence, and engage with technical talent however you want, wherever you want. From full-time to part-time, contract, contract-to-hire, SOW, on-site or remote, from gig-work to big work — it all gets done with High5.

At High5, we’ve invested heavily in an innovative and thorough curation and vetting process that benefits all parties. We look forward to partnering with you through the entire journey of hiring developers online.

If you want to learn more about High5’s global work enablement platform and learn how we find, vet, and curate talent, please visit

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